Friday, July 10, 2009

++384 the one who needs to shout to the HOD

this is very hard to digest.
what wd u feel if one morning u arrived at the office,
and u havent switch on your laptop/PC,
and colleagues dtg dan bertanye "u mmg mintak masok team tu kannnn??"
sedih T_T
suddenly, my name was being announced to be doing some unrelevent job from some unrelevent group. without even negotiating, or discuss, or atleast tell me first.
they shud come and tell me in person first, bukannye tetibe announce satu dunia tahu without me knowing!
just because i've done a little bit of that workscope before.
i'm not that familiar ponnnnn.
nasibaik its a part-time basis je.(untuk tujuan membantu).
not like i've aggreed anything, nobody come to ask pon anyway.

currently listening to:faizal tahir - cuba
currently feeling:happy!!! atuk coming back!!!lovalova
i wanna be:a supermodel


naiza said...

huhu.. lama tak aca blog orang.. eh inikah team yang ko kena join dan ko kenal rakanku runiz?

videL kuchiki said...

naiza: aku mmg dlm team dia skang ni. tapi tetibe aku kene tlg team lame buat keje gak. demit demit.