Monday, November 18, 2013

++He has a point

Nothing to be proud about.
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  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Mimi sadly bila polis nak buat tough kena kutuk..bila polis tak buat apa apa pun kena kutuk kena hentam.....dia mcm ni...seriously speaking mimi..wht kind of goverment do u think can bring stability to the iraqis? Democracy instill by uncle sam or democracy supported by uncle sam or absolute power in a president as before the gulf war ? Shah iran was onced asked by a westerner media what is democracy? Untill this day his answer or rather his 'question' of what is being asked stills intrigues me.If you happened to looked in the pass history many things will be answered..
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy On the lighter note i asked about iraqis since everyday we hear people get killed by bomb sunni syiah fiasco in contrast to a statement in mesia hari hari ada kes tembak.
    I can elaborate the tembak
    .but too long and lengthy
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy On the lighter note again my point with the iraqis fiasco is one system is the same and perhaps suitable for a country..what works in the EU might not works in cannot compare and apply the same human rights of the EU in mesia..LBGT? Police brutality claims? Guantanamo bays? Why?..because they are man made...not god made..god made system yes can apply to all for justice in this world and hereafter.but we knw thats not what the world is now.
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy If the mesian police could have their way of doing things according to mesia acuan aka mold call it what u want ; uninterupted by opposition who only likes to sensationalise everything for their political miliage by condemning the police insyaAllah crime can and will be reduce..
  • Mimi Fauzana A Rahman Thanks for the lengthy explanation munir. I believe you have a point there. A simple person like me has no other intentions than just to live in a harmonious & prosperous country. Dunia pun sementara saja.
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Yes sadly mimi too many people politiking too much and has made matters worst.i would be afraid now walking alone near hardrock cafe kl after i read that article.the opposition is supposed to be doing check and balance not to do the opposite of everything the goverment ;royal police as its branch said..for example a family.a good salihah wife is suppose to do check and balance to the husband..husband forgot to pray..she reminded him...husband starts savings for children edution the wife smiles broadly....say the wife is a Lim family...? Husband forgot to pray..wife say no worries 4 more in a day....husband saves money...wife says no need la belanja joli la...wife do all the opposite..why ? Cos she s a 'opposition'.make sense?
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Having said all that im not a partisan like the saying....shit (politician bn or pr) in any other language smells the SAME....!!!
  • Julian Loo Kalau tak suka, boleh keluar dari Malaysia and this the most popular slogan used by any politicians who wish to be popular.
    Paris is a dangerous city thanks to the influx of Africans migrants and as for Malaysia, for example Bukit Mertajam during week
    ends it is filled with bangladesh and nepal.
    Malaysia is a wonderful country if you like total corruption without repercussion when you are in the ruling government. Their focus is to milk all the available resources and this issue is their least IMPORTANTO.
    Yes you got it right, Malaysia memang BOLEH. APA PUN BOLEH.

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