Friday, June 6, 2014

++The one who doesnt go fat

while window shopping-ing at the nearest cheapo bazaar today,
we (3 fat people, i am lucky to have same size mates) jump into our ex team mates, and she is so thin eventho she has 4 children. and then we saw another one, who also has children, i am not sure how many.
and then another one to whom we called 'kecik'
i dunno whats her real name, but she's being called 'kecik' since day one.
so my fren said "maybe sbb name dia kecik, org dok panggil kecik, tu psl dia menten kecik kot"

so i came out with an idea.
"why dont u guys call me kecikp4h?"

yeah, why not? people?

currently listening to:ed sheeran - sing
currently feeling:lovely
i wanna be:a supermodel

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