Wednesday, August 13, 2014

++the one with no rant

about everyday's ranting.
aku pon mcm pelik juga, tiap2 hari aku mcm xde cerita nak diceritakan.
am i that lifeless?
my bestfriend will tell me atlis something's up at the end of his day, during my ride home, or during gaming, or during dinner, every single day.
eventho mostly about work, his boss this, his colleague that, he scolded him, she scolded him, etc etc etc, but mine, empty.
normally when he asked me whats up today? awak buat apeje arini kt ofis?
i'll lie. aku ckp aku busy. ade byk projek nak kene siapkan. dia akan gelak besar because he knew what's my project is, mostly my photobook's projects.
to be frank, i dont hv that much work at the mo, sudahlah begitu, that little work i have pon dont have that many issues.
if it is not because of this photobook projects im into right now, i can finish 2-3 movies easily.

not only about work, relationship wise, or friendship wise too, i dont have anything to share.
i dont have new boyfriend or crush. i dont have a secret admirer too.
i have this very close circle of friends who 've been regularly met up at mostly paradigm mall or swiming pool kj/um before this, but, we seems to, well, being busy?
ajak p paradigm x dilayan, ajak sukiya x dilayan, ajak berenang pon x dilayannnnnnn doooooooooooo.
but then, they ask me to update blog. regularly.
pffft sgt.
when i told them (satu org je sebenanye) that i dont have anything to rant, or is it because i have very little story and i am afraid that uolls dont understand the story because i am not a good storyteller, lagi ade hati nak ckp, biar kami boring bace rintihan2 yg kami x paham, daripada boring tgk utube2 yg ko post.
kuajiaq sgt. ahahahahhaha

nasebaik we are still actively joking or updating life in the whatsapp group.

ifnot, oh kill me already.

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aku ler.. said...

ahahahahahhahaha nasib baik entry ni tak boring. tapi sape suruh xnak layan aku gi sunway pyramid when u in shti? pfttt!

videLcute said...

ape brg sunway pyramid pffffttttt