Tuesday, August 5, 2014

++the one with projek projek videlcute

fuhhh, travelling pictures have been pilingggggggggg (in the harddisk)(bukan ateh meja)
i printed most of my travelling pictures.
the last ones were from the perth, australia trip.
bapak dah lame gilaaaaaaaaaa x print gamba.

and today, i started to sort out pictures to print from the Korea trip.
5974 photos, and i had to pick at least 1/10 of the total. tu pon still banyakkkkkkkk gila kottttttttttttt.
pegang tudung kepala dan tarik2 dan guling2 atas lantai kepeningan.

and then, i look at my other folders, i have yet to print siemreap, pd, tawau, tokyo & ireland pictures.

skrg pengsan. jatuh terduduk sambil mengucap mengurut dada.


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