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++THE ONE WITH CANADA | Costing & Itineraries

Hi again villagepeople..
As promised, in today's entry, i'm gonna elaborate on the costings & overall itineraries.
Since Canada is too big, and we have limited time, MMTK (as usual, our ketua tekkatan) decided to just cover the west part (BC & Alberta), non other than of course, because, admiring the rockies beauty.
The journey began and ended in Vancouver.
Day00 - KUL to Shanghai to Vancouver
Day01 - Vancouver to Whistler - Overnight in Whistler - Blackcomb Lodge by Whistler Premier
Day02 - Whistler to CacheCreek - Overnight in Cache Creek - Canadas Best Value Desert Inn & Suites
Day03 - Cachecreek to Revelstoke - Overnight Revelstoke - Frontier Motel
Day04 - Revelstoke to Banff & Canmore - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day05 - Canmore to LakeLouise & Banff - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day06 - Canmore Mt Lorette & Calgary - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day07 - Canmore ThreeSistersMountain dll - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day08 - Canmore to Lake Peyto to Jasper - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day09 - Jasper to Maligne, Medicine & Pyramid Lake - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day10 - Jasper to Valley of 5 Lakes - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day11 - Jasper to Clearwater - Overnight in ClearWater - Watauga Village Cabins and Suites
Day12 - Clearwater to Kamloops to Lytton - Overnight in Lytton - Lytton Hotel
Day13 - Lytton to HRC to Vancouver - Overnight in Vancouver - Atrium Inn Vancouver
Day14 - Vancouver - Overnight in Vancouver - Atrium Inn Vancouver
Day15 - Vancouver (the night is the night we went back home KL)
Day16 - Vancouver to Shanghai to KUL

(about table above: the column for "RM per group of 3" is actually just the total number of "RM perperson" times 3. Yuolls can take the RM perperson budget only. bukan tambah dedua)

And then about the costing.

Firstly about why we chose china eastern/shanghai airlines.
Of course, because of the price, this one offered the cheapest price with only 1 stopover. (i personally dont really like many stopover, if the journey is too far, let it be over with, fast!, dont want to stop stop here and there). And, i think most of the reviews given online that i read, are, ok lah. takdela teruk sgt kot.

The short leg flight from KUL to shanghai (around5hours) was with a smaller aircraft (about the size of domestic airasia aircraft), comes with free 1 meal allowance (we can select option of muslim food during booking) and 23+23kg luggage allowances.

The stopover at Shanghai (Pu dong) Airport was frankly quite a tense one.
The wifi at the airport is superslow (or maybe because they blocked the fb/ig? i dunno, i have yet to check this out).
and even though we are just transferring, within the airport (inside the immigration area), we still have to go thru all the queuing up of immigration counter, hand-luggage checkings, and also i dunno for how many times queuing for passport/ticket check. tiap tiap lengkuk jalan dia nak cek.
letih ahkak!

For me, there are toooo many checking, i've been transiting to too many places before (at aussie during NZ trip, at vietnam, at abu dhabi, dll), trust me, this one is the longest and tooo many!
and, we actually had a 6 hours transit time and thought that we can go out and go visit the old town of shanghai during this transit time (we can go there in 8minutes by the fast train), just to take picture and then go back, but, after queuing almost 2hours at the "transit counter", the officer told us we cant go out. ek enneeeee kecohnyeeeeeeee!

The long leg flight from shanghai to vancouver (canada), also came with 23+23kg luggage allowances. and with 2 main meals and 1 snack meal (sandwich)(muslim food can be ordered during booking). the in flight services were quite good. everything good, the seat & leg space is ok, i think it is the same feeling like when i travelled with etihad. the meals are also nice.

And when we arrived in Vancouver, OMG the process at the airport, from the luggage collection, the immigation counter, the officers are all very very fast and nice! ah i just fall in love terus with Canada. sangatla berbeza nya dgn kelembapan kat shanghai tadi tuh.
the immigration officer at vancouver just ask me where will i go in canada, and said to have a nice stay, bye! senang sgttttttt. xde pon nak kekwat2 mcm kat shanghai tuh!

ok back to the costing.

2ndly about the visa. Almost all of the info and how to, we got it from this website:
The price are self explanatory in the picture/table above.
The Visa fee is 100CAD (RM324 based on my cc transaction that time)
Since the visa documents are to be submitted at VFS agent in MCA building jln ampang, they will then send the visa to be be processed in VFS singapore. Hence the VFS agent fee of rm154 tuh.

3rdly on the car.
We rented the car via, the total price for 15days are around RM1908 per car, and it is a normal sedan car. (since all of us is getting 23+23kg luggage allowances, it is advisable to take and pay for a larger car, nextime)
we had hard times jigsaw puzzling on how to arrange our luggage in the boots! haha!
Petrol & parking were mostly by creditcard (so that we senang tayah bawak cash bebanyak).

Lagi ape yg perlu di terangkan ek.

Overall, about the accommodation,
Canmore hotel that we stayed in gave the best view (of, ofcourse, the rockies) (tapi xde kitchen),
Jasper's hotel that we stayed in gave the best soap and ade kitchen and katil yg sodap (tapi view biase sejjah),
whistler's hotel that we stayed in ade semua tu tapi parking mahal sehari 17dollar.
Atrium inn in vancouver tuh ade free breakfast everyday, but no kettle/microwave in room. bowring.
Yg lelain, motel/hotel biase2 yg mostly xde microwave, kettle dan xde kitchen. (hotel kat cache creek tuh paling berhantu. We even heard some bunyi2 aneh. huhu. i cant sleep that night.)

For FNB (food and beverages), we did went out and have dinner in a proper restaurants, i think around 4-5 times gak la, other than that, we just eat bread with tuna or eggs or some instant noodles that we bring. i think most traveller already knows how to eat within budget, so i dont think this needs explanation. pepandai korg la kan. we did bring tuna from malaysia (sbb nak perisa cili, mostly tuna omputih ni are tuna in oil or plain tuna je), instant noodles, crunchy anchovies in chillies delimas (sedap).
there is no declaration for anything to enter canada, so u can bring anything u want (ofcourse except drugs). sgt mudah dan senang. i love canada weh!

and for shopping, we found 2 factory outlet, 1 in calgary (cross iron fac outlet) and another 1 in vancouver (mcarthur vancouver fac outlet). the one in vancouver is better, but since i dont have spaces aymore in my luggage (which was only 23+15kg jeee)(nextime kene bawak 2-2 beg beso!), so no shopping at vancouver tuh. ah rugi.

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