Monday, October 29, 2007

++138 the one from kpil4h to rembau to a famosa waterworld

1. went to jln TAR saturday afternoon wiv k.4nn k.uj3n & atuk, after mrs.bespren decided not to go to our fren's openhouse at anjungvillacondo. hehe. went to the jalan TAR naik lrt, rase mcm dah lame gile tak naik lrt. k.4nn brot setempayan baju kurung, and, oh, i bought sepasang kurung biru kurung thai silk ke apetahh yg tak sabarnye nak gi tempah kat akak sapura kerinchi.
2. mufida was organizing a potluck cum openhouse pade sebelah malamnye, i brought some trifle which i forgot to take pictures of, warrie cooked lontong, wow! sbb itu mcm sebuah masakan yg sgt dewasa and i dont think i cn do such cooking :D.
and ade sebuah kekcokeletbanana yg sgt lazat mcm cibai.
3. later that nite, jessie the hairstyler [atuk's bespren] came to the house to do k.uj3n's hair, end up, he did all of us hair. termasuklah mempotong rambut ria n k.4nn's hasben's.
4. we had a one day journey to n9 on sunday. first to my kg halaman, mom masak lemak cili padi, im glad k.4nn sefemili and oso atuk and oso me suke mkn.
then, we went to her bro in law house in rembau plak. my mom n kklong oso ikut to tunjuk jalan bekoz the n9 girl *me* sgt tidak tahu jalan2 di n9. 8-}
5. actual plan was to go to pokdiksen, tp, sbb mcm tak sempat, then we all went to a famosa waterworld yg bedekatan, tp, mcm telah nk tutup, so, we only took pictures around..

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i wanna know! what im not knowing, plis tellme

Friday, October 26, 2007

++137 the one with not enough time

huh, i dunno whats wrong with me organizing time. i think, i thought, i hv very little time. i mean, i hv tons of things to be done, but, yet, im still as lazy as an ass [ass lazy ke? sbb ass adalah besa, make ass ialah lazy :-??]
but, every now and then, im still feeling bored, as boring as mr.pakcik 'rajalawak' yg suke nak buat suara kanak2 which i dun find it funny langsung tuh. i mean, who would laugh at such jokes anymore? i think yasin [ex senario] is 1000times funnier than he is. his face alone made people wanna laugh, no?

back to my time.
i hv lots of thing, lots of thing unfinished yet.
what happened to my time actually, not like i hv too many things that i did accomplished pon kan. pelik lah.

i havent even finished the 5th episode of 'gossip girl' yet. what happened? it only took 45 mins or less kan? damn.
i hv yet to finished the whole episodes of season 1 'brothers & sisters'
and my season 4 'the OC'
and my season 2 'kyle xy"
and i din even finish watching gilmore girls finale, yg last season tuh.. the last 2-3 episodes of season 7. which i really need to finish. the urge is there, but the time.. nvr there.
and ohmaigodd my naruto yg drpd episode 13 tak tesambung2 tuh. and bleach. T_T.
:-s, time to reorganize?

nasibaik prisonbreak and heroes and greys anatomy and bionic woman and private practice tuh semua i watched sejurus selepas didlod.

i hv stopped watching ghost whisperer since episode 5 kot tho, i dunno, i found that series agak stereotype. ke caner? :-s.

and i hv this big lust to watch supernatural, i don even hv the time to dlod. speaking of free-tickets to anything by doing torrenting :D..

i think, its time to sit and concentrate. and be serious. cewah.

but i had more open houses coming this weekend. tsk tsk. and weekends semestinye bz sokmo.
and i dun think i can sacrifice the only time i got to see atuk [becoz we r so far to each other], becoz i already missed him [tho we had just seen each other lasnite, watched 1408 at oneutama, and then crawling scaredly on the couch watching nang nak together. takut takut takut. ]

and oh, *cried intensely*, i havent done the laundry since last weekend. segunung in my laundry bag :((. and the stacked-after-stacked unfolded clothes in the storeroom.
what happened to the neat me???
god help!
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

++136 the one with the shoot em up

i hv no mood to do anythingggggggggggg
help meeeeeeeeee.
i'm sleepy

went to OU-gsc, watched shoot 'em up lastnite.
i'm sleepy.

oklah, nak tgk gossip girl kejap [lunch hour]
i'm sleepy

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Monday, October 22, 2007

++135 the one who rawks the 1st raya weekend

1. oag and me @ tony roma.





atuk and me and mai and amy..

amy nak terkam makanan punye wajah. 8-x

sememeh :D

3. haa's openhouse @ ampang..

and auntie videl with dalily & aq1ddompot

si dompottttttttttttttttttt

muke pemalas

4. myteam vs indon lastnite @ bkt jalil stadium with k.uj3n & atuk.

see penyokong indon over the red-rows of balloon tuh. we played baling2 botol air mineral dgn riang ria nye [in inverted commas]. myteam supporters [or more to malaysian supporters actually] were sitting here, before the red-rows of balloon tuh..

and if u successed to notice, lihatlah padang yg dipenohi sampahan2 yg dibuang drpd kami. not to mention too those firecrackers out of nowhere yg saling berbalas2 pantun. hehehe, i just lurve seeing pesta pegaduhan within them. kehkehkeh. there's this one small youngsters dibelakang kami who letopkan few mercun roket to the field, dan selepas meletop diudara, they will lompat2 kegembiraan, sgt comel ok kelakuan mereka. mcm tuhlah jantan, berani buat berani tanggung kan. unlike those scumbags who threw cups of filled-air-wanewani to us crowds, pastu blahh sbb takut. bongok ok, buat cemtu. kalo ko student aku, konfem aku fail kan ko.

5. i dont see why my frens were not proud with our first malaysian going to the angkasaraya. kenapakah korang tidak ade semangat patriorism seperti aku ek? ehehehe. i mean, how often we did really get this kind of achievement pon kan, semangat ah skek wey. not like we were so maju to even own our own rocket, so, little2 things like this kite kene ah besyukur, tak begitu? sometimes [or maybe for once only], we should stop being mendabek dada with own self-accomplishment [whatever it is], and be proud with our own country lah.
and, alhamdulillahhh, dr muszaphar selamat mendarat semalam. im proud of u malaysia [i dun care sape yg pergi tuh, as long as malaysian]

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

++134 the one with hari raya 2007

huhuhuii.. hows raya dewddddssss??
mine, penoh hingge ke liang roma. i mean foods, i eat all the served-foods very well.
well, see if i can reject all the upcoming open-house invitation later, so far got 2 already on nextcoming weekends. duh, sakitnye jiwa, rejecting food-gala-going is a sick thing kan, tsk tsk.. nvm about that. about raya

1. i leftttttttttt a.k.a tertinggal a.k.a terlupaaaa a.k.a stupid sgt a.k.a 've forgotten my dearest choc chip cookies ituh! at my house here in d4mansara :((. when i arrived at kg halaman at kualapil4h, that's the first thing i searched in my car, and couldnt find it, then, i called oag asking if she saw the cookies, yupp, the cookies was left alone on the table on my living room at d4mansara sane :((. i cried histerically. inilah balasannye jike menjadi anak yg berlagak kpd mak nye ttg kepoweran nye membuat choc chip cookies. duh.

2. atuk dan kcyn&hasben dan kujen&ria telah dtg beraye pade malam raye 1st :*. sayang dia lah.

3. i should start work on wednesday, so i went back to pj on tuesday afternoon, and spend the nite with atuk dan sister at them house at desaaman and i cant sleep all nite because of flu. mukus mengalir mcm air terjun sgt. and the next morning, mmg masih seperti air terjun, so, i got m.c.
come thursday, i cant woke up too, because of the un-sleep-able nite too. so, i smsed my boss about not going to work. butttttttt, the best thing is, boss saye yg sgt jeles telah mengcall kg halaman dan bertanye dimane has1fah kpd org yg menyambut panggilannye di kg tesebut dimane org di kg ialah tatau aku nih mc :(( tensyennnnnnnnnnnn gile.
bongok sial. tensyen sial.

4. so, have about 222 choc chip cookies stranded here. chilaker betul.

5. for me, movie raye tahun ini dimenangi oleh 'berbagi suami'. [walopon ia tade kenemene dgn raye, tapi, sbb aku tgk time raye, considered movie raye].
itu citer paling best kot, or so i thought. hmm. its about lelaki yg ade byk bini, located around jakarta. 3 stories in 1 movie, which connected to each other. the 2nd story yg paling ngeri kot, there are 2 rooms in this jantan keparat's house, 1 room for all the wives + anak2 to sleep, another one is for the jantan keparat to sleep with bini yg bertugas pade malam tersebut. and, 2 drpd bini telah berhubungan intim sesame sendiri [port diorg dlm bilik air], and they finally runaway from that house together-gether. ngilu ok. nauzubillah.

6. gambar2 boleh didapati dlm versi fotopejes ataupon slideshow yg kamu tidak mahu tenok:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

++133 the one with hariraya aidilfitri

from deep of my heart,
selamat hari raya aidilfitri dan maaf zahir batin to all.
dgn ucapan: ai sukeee laksa johor, kalo buat laksa johor ajak ah i dtg rumah yeh :D. nasi ayam pon ai suke!
[ lemang tuh semua tak main ;)) ]

sekian, selamat menjamu mate dgn kueh2 keluaran i nih:

1.beskot konflek [yg mcm tak cantik sgt. recipe courtesy from hehe belakang kotak konflek]

2.choc chip coookies [sgt sgt sedapppp, recipe courtesy of nik nurin a.k.a yin, rumet terchenta di 2nd college]

ingredients courtesy from niknurin: 200g brown sugar, 200g castor sugar, 250g butter, 200g self raising flour, 200g flour, 150g choc chips 1tsp vanilla essence
[i add choc powder to tone down manis abt 2tablespoon n 100g hazelnut]
ps: thanx to mr. mixer yg telah besusah payah tolong pukulkan butter utk i. :*. tgn u kuat, tgn i lemah.
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currently feeling: tak sabarrrrr nk tgk baju raye!!!
i wanna eat laksa johor and nasi ayam and ketupat kuah kacang and masak lomak cili padi omak esey buek, sodap nak mampuih, tak sabarrrrrrrrrr

Monday, October 8, 2007

++132 the one with the vaio

went to sony style auction last saturday.
most items start as low as rm100, u know lcd tv, t20 digicam, vaio 11.1", handycam and all.
they even prepared some buka puasa juadah in the shoplot, because the auction starts at 7pm. 8-}.
me and atuk went buncit kekenyangan becoz of the free foods, instead of taking care of what've been auctioned. :D.
i was eyeing the lcd tv actually, but then the bid went as high as rm2900, while the retail price is actually rm2999. : nuffsaid?
and then, when the bidding for the vaio laptop starts, one person terus bid sampai rm5k :-o, dan semua crowd ialah terus beredar drpd kawasan tersebut dgn perasaan yg sadis.
[original price of that vaio type is rm7.5k, its a good bid actually, but still, not up to my own satisfaction, aku bajet rm3k aku nak amek ;)) kohkohkoh mmg tak dapek arrr jep]

but, atuk bought samting pinkish, i lurveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hingge menitis anirmate.

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i wanna be: rich! amin.

Friday, October 5, 2007

++131 the one with bora asmara

1. huhuhu, i cant sleep, and its already 2.40am here, gotta work lah tomoro huhuhu.. matter of fact, i slept rite after coming home from work just now, rite until breakfasting time.

2. yesterday, i had small gathering between us, i tot that would only gathered only us, u know, me.. warrie.. irina[yg takboleh sbb hmm.. aku tatau ape sebab dia].. mufida.. ashir.. so, the most is around 5-6 people lah kot. but then, when we arrived, rupa2nya ashir also invited some of their colleages and old frens from rpkj. so, nahh, that made me and warrie go worried, about our attitude to always take pictures during eating time. huhu.. so, atfirst, warrie siku ai, ai siku warrie, about how to take pictures nih. tatahan ok kalo tak camwhore nih. sengal satu badan.
so, ok, nasibaik they were peramah and ok, and then perasaan malu telah berlalu pergi, lalu, yay, camwhore di bufet ramadhan ialah seperti yg dirancangani. alhamdulillah.

didepan bora asmara. cantik. tp, food dia mcm biase je kot.

perasaan prasan comel kami, tapi mufida ckp dia tak comel dlm gamba ni dan suruh dilit :D

ni sebenanye tgh tunggu apek tu gorengkan keropoklekor, pastu tepakse begambar dulu. dgn budak keropok lekor ni skali amek gamba kitorg gak. maybe dia wartwan kot.

our foods, or, should i write my foods sahaje ni? :D

warrie terbakar.

niteshot yg mmg sokmo goyang hebat.
warrie mmg sokmo suke kene bakar. tgk gamba dia tebakar ni
3. penat penat. then, oag and zul bought for me and atuk resident evil movie tix, so, off the 4 of us went to one utama gsc to watch resident evil extinction, midnite movie. penat penat.

4. then, we sahur first at our favourite al-madina, and then ade plak game liverpool champs-league. tapi, my eyes were already out of the box [terlalu berat, boleh?]. so, tidak laratlah, baliklah pade pukul 4pagi dan tu
sebab tak cukup tidor tuh.

5. then, today, i had to go to jalan pasar to buy some components, penat yg sgt mcm nak mampos because had to pusing like 3 rounds di jalan pasar yg panas dan heyyy, have u been to jalan pasar?? panas ok. pfuff, then ke lowyat, then ke shah alam carik kat factory.. so, when i arrived at home just now, i went straight to bed dan tidor sampai tak sedar dah waktu bebuke. nasibaik atuk call dan oag kejut. penat penat.
woiiii, eeeeeeee, apsal mcm diary nih?

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i wanna be: err, i wanna sleep lah.

Monday, October 1, 2007

++130 the one who slipped in the bathroom

i had a major headache since yesterday.
jatuh terkelentang di bilik air, u know how hard my head hit the ground by calculating my weight over my head-area. duhh
i can still feel atuk holding me really tight rite after.
takut ok. im soooo gonna see the doc, tapi takut.
my ass ache too, but im worried sick about the head part.
i really saw the room spinning when i woke up the next day.
i'm such a dramaqueen, no?
ya allah, jauhkanlah drpd apapa bende tak elok, amin ya robal alamin.

and i think i need to jot here the date, saturday 29th september 2007. for future reference.

eh and, happy birthday imah. i'm planning an entry 'lucky no.4' for u. u better wait :-s

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