Wednesday, September 26, 2007

++129 the one who trembled

ok, i started watching ghost whisperer today, i mean, just now. 1st season 1st episode.
and ohmaigodddd.. is that u michael scotfield???
yg jadi hantu dlm first episode tuuuuu????? omg omg, urut dada ku bekocakkocak. :D. ok, i'm so ketinggalan zaman.

prison break 3rd season semakin bestest nak mampos!
heroes 2nd season semakin bestest jugak jugak.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

++128 the one who just started to want to watch ghost whisperer

funny that i fell in love with this song the moment i saw the lyrics
[mulasal from mashoo's ym status]..
she put 'and try, and try to understand me, and try to understand what i say when i say i cant stay'.
and then, whah, syahdu nye.
no, im not running, and no, atuk din runaway from me. :D.
i'm sooo gonna watch ghost whisperer. kot.
thanx mashoo.

midnight hour - running away

Don't lie and say that it's OK.
It's alright here, there's nothing more to say.
So I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

Don't tell me, I don't want to play.
It's too late for you to make me stay.
No, I won't stay.
So I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

And faster than you can follow me from this lonely place.
And farther than you can find me, I'm leaving
Yeah I'm leaving today.
And I, I'll never let you find me.
I'm leaving you behind with the past
No, I won't look back.
And I don't want to hear your reasons.
Don't want to hear you tell me why I should stay.

And try, and try to understand me
And try to understand what I say when I say I can't stay
I, I'm moving on from this place
I'm leaving and I won't quit running away.

I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

++127 the one with ikea and marche buffet ramadhan

the past few days before weekend, i had to cook to save budget for our serangan-keatas-buffet which occurred on saturday and sunday. mmg sgt blast.

1. we attacked ikea-buffet ramadhan again [again is for only me] on saturday eve. we, as in, me and atuk and his geng, and abg kpd encik sid sefamily and umi's cousin's and gang. and total up, we bought like 25 ikea's buffet coupons. and yup, ofcourse we conquered the whole line from bottom to top of the line. sgt meriah, and menghiborkan hati, being with them. owh did i mentioned that one of them is d4fi's sister [umi's cousin]. hehe, ok, tak penting sebenanye. just look at the pictures:

*ps: tlg jgn pegi buffet ikea pade hari wiken, kerana the queue was like since 5pm yoh. and the people were like, like so many.

us all, the whole line of the table, dr hujung ke hujung.

our foods

our coupon's price..

only matter.. atuk and me and pake and zhaf and ayie and jojo..

2. and then, sunday's buffet goes to marche, the curve. yup in case u din know, this year marche pon buat buffet wor. mmg sgt seswailah kpd mereka yg suke western/europian's food. lazat dan berkrim. sgt sukeee, because for me, apalah ertinye buffet kalo takat deretan lauk pauk je kan? i preferred western/jap/chinese's food buffet [only more expensive ke ek?], malay cuisine sikit2 sudeyyyh.
aq1dd is so adorable, we even still mentioning his name when we got back. or when we sleep.
bergilir2 pegang, lame2 aq1dd ialah jadi roti canai.

among foods. byk lagi agaknye yg tak ku amek gamba.

uncle zul and uncle yance attemp to gelakkan si dompot.
pup pup pupp main sedut2 tgn sendiri.
atuk yg sgt sengal =)) tolonglah wajah tuh..

3. bubblebreaker in my pda is so my new toy, main sehingga tidor dan mimpi. aneh.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

++126 the one who sleep early


i told my officemate about me wanted to slimming down.
me : i nak kuruskan badan, apa cara paling cepat ek?
him: senang je, u tidor cepat.
me: tidor cepat? as easy as that?
*sambil pikir oh tidur awal maybe betul kot, dr segi proses pembuangan toxic dr badan dan sebagainye kot*
him: ya lor, the early u get to bed, the early u can dream.
me : ^$%$#%^%@TGT^@$#^$%^

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

++125 the one with ikea buffet ramadhan

hehehe, sengih sebelom berkate apepe ialah kegemaran saye :D
the journey of lastyear's ikea-buffet contoh ini dan contoh ini doesnt end, significantly, this year's buffet is a way to go. and yesterday, we had a tripple round of them foods. yay!
watch out the gorilla-s of us... grrrr

our table's

the artists: ainul and videl and amy and mai and mas

i somehow felt kurus in this gambar [this gambar alone]. but i actually look 10kg weighter on the outside of the picture, huhu. terpaksele letak gambar ni kat serate dunia e.g:frenster, facebook, myspace, fotopej, hi5, multiply, ringo, bla bla bla...

the kerabu sotong is my favourite.

ainul and me and amy.

more photos as usual in my fotopage
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

++124 the one with choc cake

1. aaamamamammamamamama ... 8-x
saitan yg direjam telah menguasai benak mindaku, [walopon setan2 ialah diikat pade bulan ramadhan? adakah ini bermakne diri sendiri ialah saiton??]
nafsuku berkata "buatlah sekelet kek, buatlah sekelet kek", tadaaa: i made choc cake last saturday. atuk & oag said ia sedap. yay, i love u both.

2. popia sira madu at pak ya @ param TTDI masih seperti lastyear, beratur sepanjang 20mins to get it. [mcm biase, gerai dia mcm hujung2 sekali]..
huhuhu, i dunno why, but, i kinda heart it. walopon ia keras dan liat, tapi sebenanye, dia kalo garing dia sedap gile, sbb kuah dia kot. bile beli rase mcm satu pun tak cukup, bile dah makan, 1 is more than enuf. jgn tamak kawan2. maybe, i shud try the basah one.
3. apparently nothing much kot nak ckp. hmm, tu je ah.
*tambahan tambahan tambahan
recipe kek sekelet kakcyn
2 ¾ cwn tepung
2 cwn gula
3 biji telur
2 biji telur [kuning sahaje]
1½ cwn mentega
1¼ cwn serbuk koko
1¾ cwn air
1½ sudu esen vanila
1½ soda bikarbonat
**cwn = aku tatau dow 1 cwn bape gram, aku main belasah je 1 cwn=135gram :D
adunan A:
cairkan mentega, pukul dgn gula hingga kembang, masukkan telur satu2 and pukul rate.
adunan B:
tepung+soda bikarbonat+serbuk koko dicampur dan ditapis 3 kali [aku tak tapis langsung sbb malas :D]
now, masukkan adunan B kedlm adunan A sikit2 selangseli dgn air ituh.
setelah rate, bakarlah hingge hangus :D.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

++123 the one with overdose bedding

at first, we bought for ourselves only. and then we went back to kak.4nn's house to try those out, and people are interested, and the next day we went again to harvey norman for another 3. so, total up, we bought 5 queen feather quilts, yoh! tsk tsk. lucky they din sell the king size. because i was looking for king size actually. more sales please!~

and then, we found cheap cotton-sateen quilt covers at aussino. orgasm!

this.. is the feather quilt, the quilt's bag sudah dibawe balik oleh mamayan to put her collection of kurung. soccay, the HN's plastic bag is suffice.

5 plastics:

atuk being obsessed with his quilt yg sudah disarongi cover:

same quilt cover, we had.

and me, being obsessed pula. somehow, the smell of feather bedding items mmg tidak begitu menyenangkan kan? mcm bantal pelok biru from our airlines tu.

kh4er pon suka quilt inih: nampak sedap kan..

haa, ini masih ada bag dia.

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i wanna be: a millionaire! [hehe, sue, my supermodel's intense is still there, only lower :D]

Friday, September 14, 2007

++122 the pasar ramadhan

d4mansara perdana ada pasar ramadhan yayyyyyy!!!~
[[dekat depan tropics]]
jgn jeles yo! jgn jeles yo! jgn jeles yo!!! yak aw aww!!~

*penat2 menapak pegi param ttdi semalam**
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i wanna see atukkk

Thursday, September 13, 2007

++121 the one who complains

1. our pr0tel license is expired. im stuck. i mean my work.

2. people are currently addicted to facebook, and i dont want to be left behind. but thing is, i dont understand that system. and, i dont know yet where it goes, im not addicted yet, but i tried to, by spanking people, by adding application here and there, by biting, by bermcm2 lagilah. sorry people if i tried too much, that it finally annoyed you. [knowing me, if people invited me to join something, i'll simply join, and if the time is right, i will simply cater all those necessory information without complains. ]
well, maybe later i'll get addicted, or maybe later i'll enjoy that thing, but for now i felt like it was a waste of time. ke caner?
*reminder: i always change my mind about something, especially something that i just started off*
**baru add: shyt, nampaknya i telah terjebak dan semakin terjebak lebih jauh. no wonder 'membuangmase' is my middle name. duh.

3. manjalara : hehh, ok, first off, dont make that look about people who watch malay drama ok. oklah, mmg agak sengal jugak ah sbb tgk malay drama, but, im a bit addicted to this one hehehe. lantakla ko nak gelakkan ke apeke.
at first i watched the few episodes simply because niesa berlakon, so, mcm nak tgk ah dia kan.
2ndly, because we accompanied niesa to one of the shooting [part manja salin baju kat fitting room satu ketika dahulu]. the day when i get all puked out to see gelagat pasangan sedang bercinta 'u know who' tuh at the set.
3rdly, after one episode, it led to another, and then i cant stop. hehehe.
4th, i likeeeeeeeeeee zaza. zaza u rawk laaaa. ai sgt suke abby abadi in this drama. she is so gedik and funny that i like her that way.
and finally, because most of the location is around my office and my home area. :D

4. sahara ialah setan gondol. ya allah, jauhkanlah aku drpd perempuan seperti itu. amin.

5. one of the ring is broken into pieces. terjatuh di bilik air. the red ring. atuk said, that is 'wealth ring'. huhuhu, adakah saya akan bankrap dlm usia yg muda jelita inih?
*my another ring, the black ring, is 'success ring'*

6. u have something to say to me, but u dont know how to say it? write me an email la bongok.
i hate people who suke sorok sorok. bongok mcm keldai.. do you love doing sorok2 thing hah?

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currently missing atuk mcm nak mampos
i wanna puasa cukup sebulan dan tidak period ditgh jalan 8-x

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

++120 the ucapan dari seberang :D

' Sujudku pun takkan memuaskan inginku
utk hanturkan sembah sedlm kalbu
Adapun ku sembahkan syukur kpd Mu Ya Allah
Utk nama harta dan keluarga yg mencinta
Dan perjalanan yg sejauh ini tertempa
Alhamdulillah pilihan dan kesempatan
Yg membuat hamba mengerti lebih baik ttg makna diri
Semua lebih berarti apabila dihayati
Alhamdulillah³ '

Dengan segala kekurangan dan kerendahan hati serta keikhlasan dengan semua kekhilafan dan kelalaian yang pernah saya lakukan,
baik secara langsung maupun lewat dunia maya,
Jauh didalam hati yang senantiasa didalam genggaman Allah, Saya mengucapkan :
" Marhabban Ya Ramadhan, Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin. "
Semoga Allah mengampuni semua dosa-dosa kita dan memberikan Barokahnya di Bulan penuh Hikmah ini.

Wassamu'alaikum Wr. Wb,

videl yg comel ;)

Lafaz Niat Puasa Untuk Sebulan.
نـَوَيْتُ صَوْم َ شـَهْرِ رَمـَضَانَ كـُلـِهِ لِلـَّهِ تـَعَالىَ
“Sahaja aku berpuasa keseluruhan bulan Ramadhan kerana Allah Ta”ala” Lafaz Niat Puasa.
نـَوَيْتُ صَوْمَ غـَدٍ عَـنْ ا َدَاءِ فـَرْض ِ شـَهْرِ رَمـَضَانَ هـَذِهِ السَّـنـَةِ لِلـَّهِ تـَعَالىَ “Sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari menunaikan Fardhu Ramadhan tahun ini kerana Alalh Ta’ala

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i wanna be: a supermodel~
i love you :*

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

++119 the one with kek pisang

yayy, videl yg bijaksana!
mom tapau-ed me lot of bananas last wiken when i go back to hometown, so i decided to bake kek pisang before all the bananas menjadi busuk.
but, i telah mengbakar sebuah kek pisang secare hebat hingge terbakar :D.
i mean, hangus :(( tsk tsk tsk..
nasibaik tak sampai kedalam, so, i had to cut those bitter-hangus part, and serve the insider. heh. sedap..
saya ialah tidak mahu menyalahkan diri sendiri kerana, cube lihat resipi yg disediakan ni:
Bahan-Bahan:1 ¾ cawan tepung gandum
¼ cawan tepung jagung
1 cawan gula
3 biji telur 4 biji pisang
1 cawan minyak
1 camca kecil soda bikarbonat
Secubit garam
Cara:Pisang dilenyek hingga hancur. Pukul telur dan gula hingga kembang, masukkan tepung gandum, tepung jagung dan soda yang telah diayak ke dalam adunan. Bila telah sebati, masukkan pisang, garam dan minyak, gaul hingga sebati. Bakar dengan api yang kecil lebih kurang selama 1 jam.

'bakar dgn api yg kecil' means what weyyy?? ai think, i put the light a little bit higher than 'kecil' kot, tu pasal lah hangus. phew. resipi yg jahat, nextime please be more precise yeh.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

++118 the things that i must/will do everyday..

i've been tagged by lina, things that i must/will do everyday....

here goes:
1. sleep more than 6 hours on wikdays, more than 10 hours on wikends yoh! :D
2.ber-sms wiv sitompok [atuk's new nick =))]
3. timbang berat badan, and cried histerically, and do absolutely nothing to reduce that, : yay!
4. open my home pc, walaupon i did nothing, just for the sake of warming it up kot? pastu biarkan dia hidop for the whole day, eventho i'll absolutely go to the office kan? ntah apepe ntah i oso dono wor.
5. go online, terase sengal2 satu badan kalo sehari tak online. macam semput dan sesak napas kot. 5 menet pon jadik ar.
6. watch japanese deroma or anime. biasenye deroma, kalo dah abis deroma utk dituntun baru tgk anime. currently hooked with hana kimi, sementara tunggu next episode, tgk hanayoridango 2nd season.
7. its either i go blogging, or i go bloghopping. either one. kalo tak blogging, mmg agak 8 jam 38 minit membloghop jugak ah. thanx to blogline, whoever invent it, that site helps so much.
8. makan nasi, nasi tuh mcm sejenis air, tanpe ia, badanku terase seperti lumpuh :D. i should and really looking forward to stop or atleast decreasing my daily intake of rice, no? :( my sister personally think i shud stop eating rice. :-s tgklah, kalau rajin :

owh, i will update from time to time, because, that's all that i can think of at the mo.
and here, i tag dela, ella, isaila, pola [nama sebenar: dela, elly, isaida, pojan] :D ey ey eyyy eyyyy [lagu umbrella-cinderella]

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

++117 the one with the nite activities **





baby n pg


donnie yg sgt sgt sengal, tolongkanlah

restoren bak kut teh ;))

bapak dah lamenye aku x basuh kete wey


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

++116 the one who hates to sign

i think my signature is changing exponentially with times.
i figured that my signature is changing for every other forms that i've been completing for my maybank card just now, at maybank.
i wonder if they [credit card centres e.g hsbc] even checked those signatures while me swiping credit card at the shopping spree. because, i think, my signatures changed, if not obvious, little by little..
i can really compare my signatures way down the year of 2003 [1st time swipe], to, todays'.
i'm not trying to complain, but, eh, i think i want to complain lah, this signature-doing-thing sucks lah, i hate it to sign. sometimes, i cant remember my own signature, like, i have to think first to get it done. or, should i checked it back from the back of the credit card first.
i'm a frequent credit card user, dont tell me that i barely swipe that i forgot my signatures easily.
susah betul jadi org yg pelupa nih. tsk tsk.

why not doing those thumb-thing. the same thing our MYKad use nowadays. [not the thumb-ink-thing, this thing is machine thing, u just have to put your thumb to the machine to reckon u]
i figure it at maybank just now, they use this machine to reckon me from my ic [MYkad]. just put your thumb at the machine, then, it'll match with your ic. kan ke simple mcm tu.
heheh, lucky that our petrol station doesnot require signaturing, if not, jenuhlah aku nak menyain [men-sign].

oklah, here i present my first cupcakes delivery, i mean, to my own stomach [n atuk]. edisi terhad. dah abis dah sbb sedap sgt. :p

the shape may look ugly, tapi, sodap tuh.
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Monday, September 3, 2007

++115 the one with the independence day

1. '2 hari sebelum 50 tahun'..
its the theme of the nite anjuran mmu sempena merdeka on last wednesday 29th august 2007.
atuk pg ayie ali and kinet with their brand new band name: metalikat performing 'pelesit kota' even better pfffuh, but as usual atuk lupa lirik, but the showmanship was awesome sgt bangat tangat pangat. hoh.
and they also played 'hati emas', pg sgt bagus kerana selalu hafal lirik. clap clap. the audience even request for more songs, so, then they performed again. lupe lirik again. but, we enjoyed them. atuk, u rock!

2. after that we lepak at seri kembangan till dawn (---bapak penipunye). we were tired when we sleep, i woke up at 4pm the next day [30th august 2007], which was: working day OMG!, so had to call the day off. huhuhu. 3. lunch at q-thai restaurant,streetmall at 4pm. bapak laparnye.

4. we were ready to go back to muti4ra d4mansara when wee called yance dan mengajak menengok fireworks @ putrajaya PICC, sebab malam ini ialah malam fireworks from japan.
huhu, my tudung sudah diponyok2 masuk dlm bag dah, i even wear a baju busuk tidur.. but, the idea of watching fireworks berdua sahaje wiv atuk was quite membosankan kan, so we decided to join wee and the gang lah.
lepak first at ayie's house, then, makan2 di terminal basten, then kami pon mempergi ke PICC, me, atuk, ayie, ash, wani, donnie. dan bermulalah acara2 camwhore yg sgt terlampau dan mcm biaselah, gedik. and then pake n mafa pon join juwer. begitulah seadanya.

and the videos of redribbon performing on that '2 hari sebelum 50tahun' nite :
metalikat-pelesit kota

metalikat-hati emas

metalikat-pelesit kota [2nd performance by request]

metalikat - gimik


akustika-unity [[akustika won 4th place over 42 bands who compete for the gegar U competition in PISA last 2 weeks, this is the song that they brought]]

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