Wednesday, November 25, 2015

35days to 35...

The struggle is... Real.

Monday, November 23, 2015

++the who is envy

i am soooo full of envy.
someone close is on her way to iceland and might be capturing my super ultimate goal of a lifetime: to watch the aurora.
i felt sooooooooooo miskin now.

*perlahan lahan bukak lazada lagi*

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++the one who cried

it's been such a while since i last crying yg terhinggut hinggut esak esak meratap kind tuh.
until last night.
i dont normally did it in front of people.
still do.
so last night, something happened. aku tatau kenapa aku rase sedih sgt, aku nangis tp senyap je,
nangis yg diam, ngerti nggak?
sambil makan, air mata mengalir je tp mulut still kunyah nasik sampai licin.
maybe sbb ade org didepan dan disekeliling. aku tahan.

tp, sejurus selepas aku seorg diri dlm kereta, nah hamek kauuu,
aku meraungggg yg teresak2.
i totally broke down. rasa yg sgt helpless sengat lah.
fuh kalo dpt duduk kat hujung bukit dan menjerit sekuat hati, aku dah menjerit dah.
but still, melalak dlm kete tu pon dah buat aku rase sgt puassssssss

itu sahaja.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

++the one with recent issues

i've been meaning to write few issues bothering my mind as we speak.

1) same case like on the road, when u see a strictly unmoved condition when using an escalator, (when the person/car in front is also not moving), u stay the fncking calm. u dont get to honk the car in front, or in the escalator situation, u dont get to PUSH the person in front, no u dont!
cant u see it is not moving?
if u r that speedy, go use the staircase.
(well, of course unless no one standing in front of me, yes i can easily move to the side and give u way)

2) a guy who didnt eat pissed the hell outta me.
it didnt run well in my family i guess. ya, maybe that's why i am fat, but u r not fun.
bowring ok keluar dgn org diet. u r no fun, again! (emo)

3) car problem/s are my year 2015 major issues. the many number of times it broke down,were not only how much number that my heart brokes down, but also tripled, if not quadrapled.
simple example:
it went to workshop = 1) i cant move, 2) i am helpless 3) had to ask other's help 4) had to bertahan with other people's bullshitness, yada yada yada.
see, 1 issue leading to more than 4 stupid crankiness.

4) and then, there's this part of me feeling urghhhhhhhhh, i hate everybody. but then i have this one close circle of friends of mine who also hates everybody and we were like in a solidarity for hating everyone else except us. oh thaaaaank god sangat, aku x merengsa seseorg..

5) see, i've never talked or wrote about my stalker? yeap, i wont.
you know she/he existed, but ive never wrote about her. so pls keep it that way.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

++The one with telco

Its not so funny.
Most people who knows my line of work often mistaken me for holding the subscriber's data.
Which is, i am not.
Most recently was from a not so close relative.
He said he wanted to track down his anak angkat.
He has the number, so he wanted the address.
I told him i dont have the access to customer's database. Never had. I am not at the end user's line of work. I am the core. The network works.
He sounded displeased. Or so i thought.
Its not that i didnt want to help him.
But i cant.

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