Tuesday, November 22, 2016

++the one who loves EZTV

The best thing about being single is, u can binge-watching all your favourite tvseries back2back tanpa rasa bersalah, after works, or on the weekends/holidays.
And the thing about me is, i am like a nomad, whenever Mama is back in this side of this country, i'll sleep at her house, and when she's not here, i'll be back at my own home.
So, whenever that happens, it affected my tvseries-watching schedule. Begittewww.
I couldnt finished all my favourite ones, and at her side of home, there's AB, and he shared the same interest in watching tvseries, except all my chic-lit ones (Chick lit is genre fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly.),
so, i have to stop my chic-lit series and watch the ones in common.
Well, i dunno why i tell u this.

But, anyhoo, we finished mr.robot, daredevil, agent carter, sherlock recently, and they were allllll veryyyyy goooood tvseries, pls lah watch. and i'm currently on Fargo (pon best!).

Ni list of my favourite tvseries (tolong tgk):
Name  Status  My comment
Breaking Bad  Ended  best giler
Game of Thrones  On break, returns: 2017-06-25  best giler
Sherlock  On break, returns: Unknown  best giler
House of Cards (2013)  On break, returns: Unknown  best
Fargo  On break, returns: Unknown  best
Marvel's Daredevil  On break, returns: Unknown  best
Mr. Robot  On break, returns: Unknown best
Prison Break  Ended  best
Modern Family  Airing: Wednesday  best
Big Bang Theory, The  Airing: Thursday  best
How I Met Your Mother  Ended  best
Orange Is The New Black  On break, returns: Unknown best
Marvel's Agent Carter  Ended  best
Gotham  Airing: Monday  best
Rules of Engagement  Ended  best
Brothers and Sisters  Ended  best
Dirty Sexy Money  Ended  best
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23  Ended  best
Friends (1994)  Ended  best giler (tgk ulang2)

And these yg biase2 (mostly chiclit), best best kuku yg dah abis tgk dah:
bonnie & clyde, chuck, awkward, happy endings, wedding bands, lovebites, gossipgirl, the crazy ones, cougartown, the exes, friends with benefit, perfect couples, marry me, bestfriend forever, gf guide to divorce, 2brokegirls

These yg best2 kuku, but i havent finished sbb focus kat yg best2 yg kat atas tadi:
californication, limitless, chasing life, devious maids, dropdeaddiva, two and half man, mistresses(US), married, girls, the affair (yg ni mindfucked, tp sbb byk sgt beromen, jadi kami stop tgk, tp aku bakal sambung seordir), suits, shameless, homeland, brooklyn nine-nine, the flash, scandal, arrow, new girl, pretty little liars, crazy ex gf, the royals, scream queens, single ladies, dexter, downtown abbey, greys anatomy, married, divorced.

These yg mcm best dan dah dlod dan belom start tgk apepe pon lagi:
westworld, true detective, arrested development, rita rocks, narcos, sons of anarchy, weeds, masters of sex, empire, threesome, marvel's guardians of galaxy, togetherness, marvel's agents shield, last man standing, falling skies, marvel's avengers assemble, melissa and joey, happily divorce, under the dome, supergirl, best laid plans, bestfriend whenever, bad girls club, the royal bodyguard, the wire, coupling, dc tomorrow

And finally, these yg blom dlod dan blom tgk dan nak tgk bebile nanti:
key and peele (baru tgk beberape episode and sukee), the gf experience, band of brothers, the sopranos, better call saul.

wow. BZ nye sayah!

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Friday, November 4, 2016

++ Closer (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. Halsey

man! can u atlis use a fncking autotune T_T
but halsey, oh halsey savesssss the show! i love her!
and rabaan at 3:11.. love it! ahahahahahha. gatai.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

++the one who struggle taking picture

the other day, we did our annual (if not monthly) quarter-the-GC's meeting,
at a new hipster place in ioicm.
the place so hipster, u wanna instagram every inch of it.

while everybody's busy taking everybody's own insta-worthy picture/s,
there's this little friend struggling, capturing the flow of her tea, from this very nice pot.

as i was looking at her screen, instead of her teapot, this happened:


we laughed like hell. mcm kedai abah aku.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

++North New Zealand | Day 14 | Auckland EdenStad & Skytower

DAY13 : Auckland and back home:
  • we were from: Overnight in Thames Avalon Motel
  • Return to Auckland (Free & Easy) (113km from motel)
  • Eden stadium tour (free, actual NZD15)
  • PARKING in Auckland downtown (NZD32.60)
  • Skytower (NZD28 perperson)
  • Must fill in PETROL full
  • Return Motorhome at Mangere
  • Departing Auckland back to Malaysia!
F&B DAY14:
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
Lunch halal lamb Kebab at auckland NZD9
dinner: in-flight meals (i bought 2 meals per each leg :D)
-pilot WR
-copilot MN & MMTK
today s the day we'll be going back to hometown.
since we have clean up the motorhome lastnite, and readily packed all luggages,
we went straight to auckland which was around 113km away from the motel, right after breakfast.
dunno why, but we felt the echoing sound of sadness in heart on the way. yelah dah berseronok2 2minggu kot kan! esok dah sampai malaysia pastu dah kene keje weh! malasnyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

the first stop before really reach the heart of auckland was at the fanous All Blacks stadium, the Eden park.
we were lucky, we stopped and asked the officer there about the tour inside, and he happened to marry a malaysian, wow.
and he asked his staff to bring us inside with tour. SUKA giler!

and then we went downtown and parked motorhome and walked to the skytower.
MMTK & MN didnot join us, they went souvenirs shopping, me&WR&IR went up the skytower for NZD28 perperson. the same excitement of climbing any other skytower. gamba lawa. view lawa. dan blablabla.

and after that, we went down to the queens street and met up with MMTK & MN and tapaued halal kebab for lunch and zasss, driveback to the motorhome office in mangere.
we have to fill in the fuel full before returning the motorhome.
we were being sent to the airport by the airport shuttle, provided by the motorhome center.
groceries leftovers. + sampahsarap.

ready for the journey back to auckland

outside eden park stadium

with the tourist guide in eden park

inside the player's changing room

to the coaches box

at player's pathway utk turun padang. gempak seh.

players' path

inside eden stadium

beza artificial & natural grass

inside eden park stadium

inside the coaches box

in the coaches box

inside the coaches box

inside eden park at netizen's seats

at netizens' seating

the boss in red-tie married a malaysian woman yow. tq guys! for giving us the tour inside eden park stadium!

posmen NZ. fuh fit giler.

parking for today

nice sky today

fuh kakoi gilosssss

outside auckland skytower

up in the skytower

walking back to the queens street


 at queens street

waiting for halal kebab (tapau)

tuh diah luggages kami. ready to return the motorhome.

our flight back home. ostrich2 dah bersedia nak tidodulu

my meal 01

my meal 02
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