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LTE deployment continues: All the world is not 5G | EDN

LTE deployment continues: All the world is not 5G | EDN
A good read on 5G

LTE deployment continues: All the world is not 5G

-July 13, 2017

Hardly a day goes by that I don't hear hype relating to 5G. Indeed, the theme of this year's IEEE Microwave Symposium was "5G: Catch the wave" and 5G summits seem to take place monthly. Much of the 5G technology and technical standards are still in development, but that doesn't mean that wireless carriers are sitting around waiting for it. There's plenty of activity on the 4G/LTE front. Carriers are still bringing flavors of LTE online and the test industry is responding.

Although LTE deployment began in 2011, it's far from complete. LTE-Advanced and now LTE-Advanced Pro are maximizing speed and connectivity in LTE networks.

Recently, I've run across new products aimed at testing LTE and have even been personally disrupted when my wireless carrier changed its U1900 band from 4G to LTE. The result: my data rates dropped to 2G speed (about 80 kb/s), forcing me to upgrade my iPhone 4S. Fortunately, my carrier gave me 50% off the cost of an iPhone SE. The 4G-to-LTE transition is part of T-Mobile's $51-billion upgrade to keep the carrier competitive.

On July 3, GL Communications—a manufacturer of wired and wireless telecom testers—announced that it had upgraded its software for the company's LTE tester to test the LTE X2-AP application interface (Figure 1). The X2 interface handles communications between adjacent eNodeBs. The X2-AP interface is used for handing calls from one eNodeB to another.

LTE map GL Communications
Figure 1. The X2-AP application interface lets LTE nodes communicate with each other. Source: GL Communications.

This week, Anritsu announced new hardware and software for its MD8475B base-station simulator (Figure 2). Aimed at the physical layer, this instrument tests 4x4 MIMO with 256QAM high-order modulation and four-component carrier aggregation.

Anritsu MD8475B cellular base-station simulator

Figure 2. The Anritsu MD8475B tests 4x4 MIMO using 256 QAM modulation. Source, Anritsu.

Because the so-called Internet of Things (more hype) is coming, engineers, developers, and even makers are adding wireless modules that bring connectivity to many devices. To serve that market, Telit in June made two announcements for LTE modules.

On June 3, the company announced the LE910-NA1, which the company says is certified by T-Mobile to operate on its LTE network. The module adds low-speed (64 kbps) data connectivity to embedded devices on the T-Mobile network for $20/month. As with cell phones, the LE910-NA1 will also operate on AT&T's network, though Telit did not mention any such certification in its announcement. LTE-M has a 1.4 MHz bandwidth with peak data rate of 1 Mbps.


Figure 3. The LE910 from Telit adds LTE capability to any device. Source: Telit.

On June 27, Telit announced the LE940A9, an addition to its family of automotive-grade modules. The LE940A9 adds 450 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds with "extremely low latency and advanced security," which is needed for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. The company doesn't define "extremely low" in the release nor on it's website. You must personally request a data sheet for this module.

Because those developing connected devices won't wait for 5G, Verizon and AT&T announced the launching of their Long-term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) networks. LTE-M—part of 3GPP Release 13—adds low speed, low power connectivity to devices.

Now that I have an LTE-capable phone (two if you count my iPhone 6 work phone), do I really need LTE? Not really, for I keep LTE disabled (Figure 4). After all, 4G without LTE is fast enough for watching any streaming video, so why shorten battery life.


Figure 4. Disabling LTE results in longer battery life.

Martin Rowe covers test and measurement for EDN and EE Times. Contact him at Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn page

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The one with the new mrt

The new mrt services is finally here.
Do u know that i was the advisor, for this project?
Because i live in mut1ara dam4nsara and i always commute to k4jang, so i proposed this new line. 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻🙄🙄🙄

Ahahahhaha kidding.

But, commuting from d4mansara-k4jang is soooo much easier now!!!

I love you malaysia!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

++the one with the tvseries update

dah abis tgk
silicon valley - best
black mirror - it is a series of short stories, few best, ade yg bosan gak.

now watching
dexter - best
marvels agents of s.h.i.e.l.d & the affair - quite boring (on pause now)

Ni list of my favourite tvseries (tolong tgk):
Name Status My comment
Breaking Bad Ended best giler
Game of Thrones On break, returns: 2017-06-25 best giler
Sherlock On break, returns: Unknown best giler
House of Cards (2013) On break, returns: Unknown best
Fargo On break, returns: Unknown best
Marvel's Daredevil On break, returns: Unknown best
Mr. Robot On break, returns: Unknownbest
Prison Break Ended best
Modern Family Airing: Wednesday best
Big Bang Theory, The Airing: Thursday best
How I Met Your Mother Ended best
Orange Is The New Black On break, returns: Unknownbest
Marvel's Agent Carter Ended best
Gotham Airing: Monday best
Rules of Engagement Ended best
Brothers and Sisters Ended best
Dirty Sexy Money Ended best
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Ended best
Friends (1994) Ended best giler (tgk ulang2)

And these yg biase2 (mostly chiclit), best best kuku yg dah abis tgk dah:
bonnie & clyde, chuck, awkward, happy endings, wedding bands, lovebites, gossipgirl, the crazy ones, cougartown, the exes, friends with benefit, perfect couples, marry me, bestfriend forever, gf guide to divorce, 2brokegirls, gilmore girls, lie to me

These yg best2 kuku, but i havent finished sbb focus kat yg best2 yg kat atas tadi:
californication, limitless, chasing life, devious maids, dropdeaddiva, two and half man, mistresses(US), married, girls, the affair (yg ni mindfucked, tp sbb byk sgt beromen, jadi kami stop tgk, tp aku bakal sambung seordir), suits, shameless, homeland, brooklyn nine-nine, the flash, scandal, arrow, new girl, pretty little liars, crazy ex gf, the royals, scream queens, single ladies, dexter, downtown abbey, greys anatomy, married, divorced.

These yg mcm best dan dah dlod dan belom start tgk apepe pon lagi:
westworld, true detective, arrested development, rita rocks, narcos, sons of anarchy, weeds, masters of sex, empire, threesome, marvel's guardians of galaxy, togetherness, marvel's agents shield, last man standing, falling skies, marvel's avengers assemble, melissa and joey, happily divorce, under the dome, supergirl, best laid plans, bestfriend whenever, bad girls club, the royal bodyguard, the wire, coupling, dc tomorrow

And finally, these yg blom dlod dan blom tgk dan nak tgk bebile nanti:
key and peele (baru tgk beberape episode and sukee), the gf experience, band of brothers, the sopranos, better call saul.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

++the one who itch with ie

Udoh udoh le tu guna ie.. tlgla guna firefox or chrome ...😂😂😂😂😂

Monday, January 16, 2017

++the one who is now 36

and i havent settled down, or
maybe, just maybe i am already settled, with this kind of life.
yaknow, this 'no partner, no kid/s, no big commitment''s life,
and i can migrate to whichever place, whenever i want to (except of course i dont have the money & maybe the energy).
last weekend when i discussed the idea of saving, with abcxyz, i told him i dont have the asb saving.
if i die tomorrow, i think my insurance can cover my debt (creditcards), (nih i think), and i dont have any children, so dont have to save money for their education watsoeva.
giler narrow minded kan.

but that's that.
that's when i am so content with my life that i dont think i am being rational.
what if i dont die, but i met with an accident and paralyzed.
wah takotnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok entry ini ter stop disini kerana saya sudah jiwa kacau pula nya.

currently listening to:stay the night
currently feeling:scared
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhh

++the one with new hair

i know how lameeeeeeee (and bbnu) this post is.
but i've colored the crown recently.
and i love the color and for the first time in my mid 30s, i felt like keeping it long and i wanna do it again, with many shades.

well picture was taken right after the hairdresser hairblowed my hair.
now that it wasnt, ia mcm mop lantai yg gersang dan kering. ahahahahhahah

currently listening to:konayuki
currently feeling:kenyanggggg
i wanna be:supermodellllll

Thursday, January 12, 2017

++Hello 2017!

i have like a million emotions right now.
but i dunno where to start.

but here is my only wish for this year, i wish someone will hold my hand, strolling in the aquaria.
yeap. as simple as that.

2017, pls be good :*