Tuesday, January 24, 2017

++the one who itch with ie

Udoh udoh le tu guna ie.. tlgla guna firefox or chrome ...😂😂😂😂😂

Monday, January 16, 2017

++the one who is now 36

and i havent settled down, or
maybe, just maybe i am already settled, with this kind of life.
yaknow, this 'no partner, no kid/s, no big commitment''s life,
and i can migrate to whichever place, whenever i want to (except of course i dont have the money & maybe the energy).
last weekend when i discussed the idea of saving, with abcxyz, i told him i dont have the asb saving.
if i die tomorrow, i think my insurance can cover my debt (creditcards), (nih i think), and i dont have any children, so dont have to save money for their education watsoeva.
giler narrow minded kan.

but that's that.
that's when i am so content with my life that i dont think i am being rational.
what if i dont die, but i met with an accident and paralyzed.
wah takotnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok entry ini ter stop disini kerana saya sudah jiwa kacau pula nya.

currently listening to:stay the night
currently feeling:scared
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhh

++the one with new hair

i know how lameeeeeeee (and bbnu) this post is.
but i've colored the crown recently.
and i love the color and for the first time in my mid 30s, i felt like keeping it long and i wanna do it again, with many shades.

well picture was taken right after the hairdresser hairblowed my hair.
now that it wasnt, ia mcm mop lantai yg gersang dan kering. ahahahahhahah

currently listening to:konayuki
currently feeling:kenyanggggg
i wanna be:supermodellllll

Thursday, January 12, 2017

++Hello 2017!

i have like a million emotions right now.
but i dunno where to start.

but here is my only wish for this year, i wish someone will hold my hand, strolling in the aquaria.
yeap. as simple as that.

2017, pls be good :*