Friday, June 4, 2010

++penang 2010

i didnot go to work at all lastweek. accept on wednesday, itupon pergi dan main2 bejeweled blitz from morning till evening without wanting to think of anything especially about work!
i felt numb.
so came friday morning, i did the most gamble thing i've ever done.
i packed my stuffs,
drive nearby my office
(only to find out that they had wesak celebration going on around that area, where there were packed! with cars, ah tension giler carik parking),
grabbed the taxi to puduraya
(only to find out that puduraya telah ditutop since last err 2 months? for renovation)
and quickly asked the taxi to hentian duta
and prayed hard enuff to get a ticket to penang.
actually, all the tickets were sold out, but i managed to get ticket for an extra bus. pfuf. but have to wait there for another 2 hours. yes rite, tunggu selame 2 jam di hentian duta yg panas.
demi sebuah pelarian drpd KL/PJ yg murung.
alone. seorg diri. dang~
but, thank imah & rakan2 in penang for entertaining me there.
we went for swimming at pisa, sesi makan2 here and there, and quickly conquered karnival air di alor setar near rasa sayang resort.
it was such a wet holiday indeed.
i couldnt thanx less, once again, thanx imah & rakan2!!!
yea i know, even that couldnt erase my sadness & emptyness, but alis, i had the opportunity to observe and think about migrating to that north side of malaysia.
hnm, i'll think again. just maybe. i dunno.

as usual, pictures attached.

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melloyz said...

meh la migrate di penang.. it a slow state kot..

lecoq said...

i'm waiting :-w