Monday, April 21, 2008

++195 the one with pantai penyabong. ini entry gambar byk lalala

didnt i tell u that i really need a long beach vacation? oklah, not long pon ok, but beach please. dreams come true. i was thinking of dragging someone to pokdiksen to fullfill my lust towards white sand [oklah not quite white at pd], suddenly got msg from jojo: "ch3pah, ko watpe weekend nih? nak join kitorg gi endau rompin tak?"
hv u heard about endau rompin? NO! yeahrite, but, the compromision is, there'll be a white beach. yay.
the owner of the chalet wanted us to give some sneak peview of his chalet, to promote, and we, in return, get to stay for free. another yay!
of course i dont have to really strategies my words to promote the place kan, just imagine a few queues of chalets, with private white beach, a short distance fishing place, nice barbequeu's port, ape lagi ek, pantai yg tenang sudah memadai lah.
and, few pictures, of ofcourse byk wajah saye tengkiyu.

the location: coconut inn chalet, pantai penyabong, mersing.

ade juwer volleyball court.

mcm bebas mcm nak terbang tinggi2 tapi mcm berat kot cemane nak terbang..

preparation for bbq..

bbq time...

nyummmm kan..

ikan yg fresh, bukan hasil pancingan :D

jalan2 cari port memancing, dan port mandi mande..

as good as it looks..

diriku tapak sulaiman..

pictures from duku's slr. boohooo..

our chalet back there. zoom, and u can catch us in the bushes.

almost, most important pose nowadays ek.


another the most-important-pose..

budak kacamata :D

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~chacha~ said...

bestnya kamu pg bercuti-cutian..
bila kita nak pg sesama ni sikpah..
a'a la wei..aku rasa dkt sepurnama la kita tak bersua..arghh i miss u arghh..

videLcute said...

tuh ah!
bukan sepurnama lagi, dah nak dekat seabad dah!
jom gi pokdiksen jom yuh..