Tuesday, March 31, 2015

++the one with kuih sam's grocer

aku rase aku dah tekene sumpahan kuih sam's grocer.
diorg ni mesti letak samting ni (standed typical malaysian, asal sedap sikit nak tuduh kedai tu pakai pelaris, lol).
mmg betul sedap manis le ting.
aku suke.
pelik, selalunye tiap jenis makanan (even kuih sekalipon), aku suke snap gamba before.
nih dah 3 kali aku beli kuih sam's grocer, aku lupe amek gamba dan terus licin.
manis dia, mmg cukop utk aku yg kuat manis kencing manis nih.
ape brg kuih melayu tp tawar, ye tak?
satu, kuih bingka ubi dia. mmg sedap.
lagi satu kuih golang (kuih keria) dia, mestila manis dah name salut gula. takkan salut gula tp tawar kan.
sedap, aku suke. lulus kemanisan org n9 yg kuek manih.

kuih nyonya kuih yg kat midveli tu xbleh celen. yg ni menang.

hidop kuih manis!

(dah berpenyakit nanti tau la ko videl, nangih pon xdo guno)

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Friday, March 20, 2015

++the one who needs new area-mate

what should i write when i dont travel?
most daily activities were already posted in instagram or fb.
about me? nothing's new
about you? nothing's new too.
about diet & exercise? i havent and i havent.
i mean who eats nasi for breakfast and nasi for lunch and nasi again for dinner?
me and me and me again and again.
im not depressed nor stressed. i am happy. but i dunno, i'm lonely i dont have a significant other to be with, so, i eat?
that's not the reason.
admit it, i am just lazy.
and not motivated. and not kiasu to kurus.
and prolly sbb xde geng setempat tinggal kot.
kalo ade housemate or maybe area-mate yg rajin ajak aku jogging & what not kan mesti best dan semangat.

meh pindah area mut1ara d4mansara pls.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

++The one with sipokpek

recently when i was back at the hometown with sipokpek and sicendawan, i wore a torn tshirt at home. sipokpek bising with that

sipokpek: kenape aunty ngah pakai baju koyak ni?
AN: aunty ngah xde duit huhu aunty ngah miskin huhu
sipokpek: abistu sape nak baya kite makan nanti?
AN: aq1d la. aq1d bayar kan yeh?
sipokpek: ok aq1d bayar kan. kesian aunty ngah kan..
AN: huhuhu
sipokpek: auntyngah mintakla duit dari makwe auntyngah..
AN: auntyngah manede makwe..
sipokpek: ade. aq1d pernah jumpe. auntyngah mintakla duit dari dia..
AN: mane auntyngah ade makwe...
sipokpek: ade tu aq1d tau.. yg tu. auntyngah mintakla duit dari dia., bukan curi.. auntyngah mintak je..
AN: *cakar kudis*

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Friday, March 13, 2015

++The one with modern fam s06.ep16

i was thinking about updating my list of current tvseries addiction, but i forgot now. 
maybe laytah.
but, for now, i remembered about last-last-(maybe another last (ofcourse i forgot))-week's storyline in modern family of the latest season, 
which, i think, the most inspiring/creative/gadgety episode of all modern family 
or maybe the entire tvseries (that i watched) episodes.

Claire is stuck at an airport and trying to digitally track down Haley after an argument.

and boy she did just awesome.
about all the whole 45minutes of this very episode. is mainly streaming from the eye of claire.
i love it!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

++grey's 11-10

interesting conversation between the ladies.

It feels weird to sleep alone. I'm not used to it. I don't know why.
He used to go away all the time, but this time, he's...
He's gone, and I know he's gone. And the bed feels lonely.
It's like I don't know how to sleep alone.

You don't.
I mean, before three months ago, any time I called your house or came over or skyped or
whatever, Cristina was there.
There's no way you ever slept alone. I mean, you had Derek.
And if you didn't have Derek, you had Cristina.
I'm guessing if it came down to it, you were, like, the middle spoon in the middle of a very
weird spooning situation.
I've never met a less alone person than you used...

Used to be.
I have to learn to sleep alone.

Ben snores.
And he sometimes talks in his sleep. And he's hot. Like... a furnace. Like flames shootin' out of him.
He's lucky I love him. And he's a resident and hardly home at night. Or he'd be dead.

I miss sleeping with a man in my bed.
You know, facing away from each other, barely touching expect for just the arm thrown over
your waist. When I'd wake up at night, terrified of... me,
I liked knowing he was there and I wasn't by myself.

I cannot sleep with someone lying next to me. Literally cannot.
My one serious guy? Dean.
Dean just loved to spoon and snuggle, and I would just... lie there, Staring up silently, counting
the seconds until he would fall asleep and I could sneak off to sleep on the sofa.
And then I'd sneak back into bed before he woke up in the morning.
Yeah, people think that's a cute story. It's not a cute story.
That sofa was hard as a rock. I was exhausted.
Dean is a really sweet guy. He's tall and kind. Civil rights lawyer. He's funny.
So when he proposed, I explained to him about the sleeping.
I said, "you know, maybe you could sleep in a room down the hall."
I wanted to sleep alone.

And what happened?

Well, he is now married to someone who loves to spoon and snuggle.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

++the one with the limit

aku pon same!!!
aku pernah rase tu.
perasaan nak pergi jauh.
nak keluarkan semua duit yg ade (jika ade), nak jual kete, emas, furnitures, electricals, jual segala harta.
dan merantau,
atau travel.
tanpa plan.
tanpa sempadan.
nak bawak 3bungkus maggi yg ade 5pek didlmnya tu.
sehari kalo makan se pek, boleh atlis hidup for 15days. selang seli dengan 15days makan bread or something.
kalau mmg bebetul tanak balik in anytime soon lah.

tapi aku takot.
takde telor katenyer.
aku takot kene rogol.
which is not necessary. aku gemok. takde sape berani dekat.
aku takot menderita.
which is not necessary, aku pasti happy tgk gelagat org kan?
aku takot sepi.
which is not necessary, aku disini pon sepi selalu.
aku takot dirompak.
which is not necessary, kat malaysia kadar jenayah lebih tinggi.
aku takot lepas beberapa hari dah x selera makan maggi.
ya, mungkin itu? sbb dah biase mkn nasi. tiap hari.
ah itu boleh je kot. sedangkan dulu mase study time sengkek tiap hari mkn je maggi, hidup je lagi.

jadi ape yg aku takot sgt tu?
aku xde komitmen. sgt. kot?

aku takot jauh? ke? dulu boleje jauh.


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Thursday, March 5, 2015

++Morocco | Day10 | Casablanca to Abu Dhabi to KL

- take train from casa to aeroport (40 MAD)
- transit at Abu Dhabi (10hours :(( nangih). eat rice here at 9euros :(( nangih lagi!
- touchdown at 10pm on 27th/oct malaysian time in KLIA

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

++Morocco | Day9 | Casablanca

actually, by this day, we were already screaming tiredness and the urge to eat proper rice back at home were already piled up there. but, today was also the day where we booked the most expensive hotel rooms for this whole trip. so it was a yin yang situation afterall.
from Fes, we hired the same driver who send us to chefchaouen to the train station.
i had omelette set breakfast and accidentally mishandle it, and my fresh o tumpah.
one of the worker helped me clean it, but scare me into tipping him.
i didnt. because i think it is rude to paksa like that. huh.

the train from fes to casablanca took us at almost 4hours.
after checkin in the hotel, we quickly took the cab to morocco mall, said as the largest mall in Africa.

- taxi to gare de fes (Fes train station) (20 MAD)
- breakfast in Gare de fes (Fes train station) omelette set (50 MAD)
- train from Fes to Casa (4hours)(110 MAD)
- checked in hotel al walid
- morocco mall (largest mall in Africa)(cab 30 MAD)
- had laduree + shopping in the mall
- lunch thai food in Maroc Mall foodcourt (ginger beef rice 64 MAD)(tak sedap!)
- beach Casablanca - Sidi Abderrahmane (facing atlantic ocean)
- hassan II mosque (2nd largest mosque in Africa)(floating mosque on atlantic ocean)(cab 10 MAD)
- souk in old medina of casablanca (taxi 10MAD)
- first time tram experience (7 MAD)
- dinner at hotel's cafe (beef kebab 90 MAD)
- overnight in hotel al walid (Casablanca) (hotel tips 10MAD)
pictures of us:

Fes train station.

my omelette set

semperit is a brand here i think.

our hotel in casablanca. alwalid hotel.


inside morocco mall

wow ade la fayette

a percussion performance by the locals.

wow ade laduree!

jumpa nasi! (tapi x sedap nak mampos).

mmtk's nasi kfc.

at the casablanca famous beach. sidi abderrahmane (kot), the beach faced the atlantic ocean.

hihi w4rrie x sempat lari masuk dlm gamba

at hassan II mosque, 2nd largest mosque in Africa. it is a floating mosque on the atlantic ocean sea.

jalan jalan at casablanca old medina souk

first time tram experience.

me n mmtk's room.

dinner at the hotel's cafe. apparently all other outside;s cafe were already close by the time we reach our hotel. :(

my beef kebab

jakon weh.

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