Sunday, March 8, 2015

++grey's 11-10

interesting conversation between the ladies.

It feels weird to sleep alone. I'm not used to it. I don't know why.
He used to go away all the time, but this time, he's...
He's gone, and I know he's gone. And the bed feels lonely.
It's like I don't know how to sleep alone.

You don't.
I mean, before three months ago, any time I called your house or came over or skyped or
whatever, Cristina was there.
There's no way you ever slept alone. I mean, you had Derek.
And if you didn't have Derek, you had Cristina.
I'm guessing if it came down to it, you were, like, the middle spoon in the middle of a very
weird spooning situation.
I've never met a less alone person than you used...

Used to be.
I have to learn to sleep alone.

Ben snores.
And he sometimes talks in his sleep. And he's hot. Like... a furnace. Like flames shootin' out of him.
He's lucky I love him. And he's a resident and hardly home at night. Or he'd be dead.

I miss sleeping with a man in my bed.
You know, facing away from each other, barely touching expect for just the arm thrown over
your waist. When I'd wake up at night, terrified of... me,
I liked knowing he was there and I wasn't by myself.

I cannot sleep with someone lying next to me. Literally cannot.
My one serious guy? Dean.
Dean just loved to spoon and snuggle, and I would just... lie there, Staring up silently, counting
the seconds until he would fall asleep and I could sneak off to sleep on the sofa.
And then I'd sneak back into bed before he woke up in the morning.
Yeah, people think that's a cute story. It's not a cute story.
That sofa was hard as a rock. I was exhausted.
Dean is a really sweet guy. He's tall and kind. Civil rights lawyer. He's funny.
So when he proposed, I explained to him about the sleeping.
I said, "you know, maybe you could sleep in a room down the hall."
I wanted to sleep alone.

And what happened?

Well, he is now married to someone who loves to spoon and snuggle.

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