Thursday, October 13, 2011

++HANOI 2011

this is an old entry.
as many had already knew, we fly to hanoi last 2 weeks and i would like to recap few important details about the trip here.

1. bodega hostel ~usd 26 for 4days 3nites.
yupp, this is just a hostel, actually i was imagining a dormitary,
but fortunately we got a big room with 2 queen beds! with aircond + free wifi!
and bath tub and hot water and daily breakfast.

2. 1day halong bay tour ~usd25
(includes: bus ride to halong bay, boat ticket, entrance fee, lunch, tour guide)

3. 1day haolu tamcoc tour ~usd25
(pon includes: bus ride, boat ticket, entrance fee, lunch, tour guide)

4. usd 17/4person for the airport transfer to hotel.

pictures on 1st day:

pictures on 2nd day:

pictures on the 3rd day:

pictures on day 4..

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Pojan said...

ada jugak jejants yg kiut2 dalam trip ko ni ek? haha