Thursday, October 20, 2011

++the one who is playing the roseonline

getting old is when u sleep at the rite time everyday,
but still, u cant resist feeling sleepy at works!
not even a lil bit.

the problem with my work-life-balance nowadays is im addicted to the online gaming
(yeah if u heard me before, ive been addicted to that game since 2005, but after awhile, i stopped, then addicted again at around 2007 or 2008 cant remember, and now, after 4-5years, the scenery is back! )

during the first few weeks unto this game, i slept around 2-3am sbb kiasu gile nak naikkan level until max.
(plus my in-game-partner,, ialah paling kiasu & langsi giler, dia sanggop berabih duit RM beli certain medals to double up the exp to make us levelling faster)
(and 4-5am during weekends that is..)
now that ive reached max (lvl 220 at this point), i only concentrated on the union wars,
which lasted 30mins and occurs every 2 hours.
oh i tell u wht, this war is very very addictive,
i didnot go to lunch (tapau only) semata2 to attend the war during lunch hour! ok!
so, to stick to my sleeping schedule, my last war is at 12-1230, so by 1240 i'll crawl back to the bed.
itupon sometimes i slept in between the wars, (the 2nd last war was at 10pm, abis at 1030, so i had 1 hour before the next war, kalo penat sgt, i'll nap in these hours lah)
(which i dunno what's so penat, nak kate aku keje buroh tak juga, i dont go to site/s, i work in an office, which dont require me to even walk (if i can tahan tak pegi toilet or lunch or buat air), tataula ape yg penat sgt, tp sgt penat, kdg2 i didnot drive pon pergi/balik kerja but still rase penat jugakkk,..).

this is calling for the body fitting.
i realised that my body is weak, day by day. letih without even making up.
i realised that the 10mins walk to-from lrt station - office, or sometimes, carpark - office are no longer enuff for me.
and i slept like an elephant. i dunno howwwwwwwwwww the hell that happen!
but i am stressed!

so, the solution is, i need to exercise.
oh dear lord. why is exercise is not as exciting as playing the online game?

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Pojan said...

chepahhhh, aku paham sgt ape yg ko lalui. I used to be like that jugak masa main ghost trappers dulu2. tido tak nyenyak sbb nak bangun utk key in password game utk continue hunting. password tu muncul every hour. damnit.

anyway, sejak duk kl, aku rasa aku value masa tido aku lebih. so aku takda la main ghost trapper tu hardcore sgt. so i sleep. mampus lah, ranking turun ke, miss chance nak dpt barang best ke. I sleep.

btw, menurut pakar weight mgmt kat Oprah, salah satu key components nak turunkan berat badan adalah tido yg cukup. bile tido tak cukup maka akan naik lah berat badan. adakah itu benar? wallahualammmmmmm

videLcute said...

ape punye game kene masok paswed every 1hour!!! tensi gilerrrrrrr kalo itu macam..

haah aku dah dgr byk org ckp gak psl tido is a key comp to lose weight, tp, bagaimana pula dgn yg terlebih tido mcm aku???? ahuhauahuaha
tido aku skrg rasenye mcm cukop dah, tp, makanan kot yg sgt tak membantu, which is, huhu how do people stop taking rice? how?????????

Pojan said...

hipnosis? please please please. please hypnotize aku supaya tak suka carbs.

videLcute said...