Saturday, March 29, 2008

++189 the one with weird sounds

korang rase kepale korang pelik tak?
i swear to god that i always felt like there are sands in my head, that i could feel a bug or something is walking in the sands in my head. i dunno how to describe, but please please do imagine the sounds of some little bug digging the sands, pasir sungai yg kering to be exact.
pelik bodoh.

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i wanna go karaoke again!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

++188 the one with the deals

It's not all the same no it's never the same
if you don't feel it too.If you meet me half way
If you would meet me half way.It could be the same for you.

ok, here's my deal.
i love my current job, not that i love it to the extend that i want to marry it, but i think with this current job, i can stop thinking about other things, likewise: pekare2 yg mendatangkan darah tinggi.
thing is, i think the boss is giving me too much loads, and its like piling up floor by floor each days. i can barely breathing, tetibe ek-eh dah pkol 12, lunchtime, ek eh, dah pkol 5 dah kene balik, which was by far, tak penah dpt lah kan nak balik tepat pade masenye, always late. i was once known as kaki-chat at office hour, now, i had to ignore they windows. and, i had to always melewatkan zuhur to combine the wuduk time with asar prayer. i have nvr been so busy. every single second is important. there.

and, here's my 2nd deal,
the previous of the previous job is offering a position in they company lah, i said, u mean an opportunity for me to engine-neer-ring again? i dunnooooo. i was scared to do the headacher-job again. and thats not the main reason, there's this one oldman who kept bugging me there, u know which type of bugging here, ye, that type, the gatal type, which i think, oh, to actually face u on my every single days? sgt takot ok.
and there's this another offer, which came from the main-con of the previous company ituh. i was overwhelmed! its a BIG company, and i'm screwed to actually dream about joining even before i graduated, buttt, the pay was sooooo sandal vincci. not that i dont wear vincci, but, its like more than ratus2 diff from the current salary, ko bayangkan lah! even rm100 does matter to me.

now, here come my 3rd deal of the day,
i had my car un-serviced for almost 4months now, and i can no longer go to 'muaz proton service centre' and biarkannye disitu diservice , and go back to office, and then pegi amek kete bile dah siap, because the current office location is sooo faraway.
i dont like doing any service on weekends, thanx for asking.
so, ade tak sesape sudi antar ai gi keje dan servicekan kete, dan kemudian amek ai balik dr keje? :D

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i wanna be: colbie callait :D

++187 the one with the promnite

pressurenye tatau nak pakai ape utk prom!
help help!!~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

++186 the one with the stadium gajah

first of all, do u know why liverpool kalah?
because i din wear the jersey lah :D

so, people were questioning me, why the susahpayah going all the way down to sunway to watch a screen-match je pon, while i can sit and relax in front of the tv at home kan. i dunno, maybe because of the environment, or the people we tend to meet at those places [if not elephant stadium, we will always watch at hartamas square]. boleh saling boo-memboo, if u sit at home, ko nak boo sape kan? especially on a big match like liverpool vs mu ofcourse.
u'll be like superfanatic [walopon ko takder ahh die hard fan mane pon, sekadar berbasi basi je mcm guek], and u'll tend to speak the 4 lttr words, [some with the extend of mengeluarkan tgn yg mencarot, read:atuk].
and at the end of the day, u'll be going back in the same car with the opponents. heheh.


lastweek, i almost hit a motorcyclist :(


i took the matsaleh sebelah atuk's shoe, which was made from wood. and when they all walked, ketang ketong bunyi dia.

football legend from liverpool, arsenal, mu, and chelsea. [if only michael owen dah jadi legend huhuhu]

ek eh, tetibe terase sedih dtg..

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Friday, March 21, 2008

++185 the one with the facebook

pening kepale aku bile tatau nak buat ape nih.
rewinding lagu yg same 88kali since came back from work.
and eat nonstoply.
i think im gonna get the carls jr lah esok.
andddd, pening kepale gak dgn fesbuk ni. byk sgt applicationnyer, pastu guek main accept je seme2 invitation, patu kat profile dah mcm nak pecah dah loading bapak lame. haih.

ape aku merepek ni?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

++184 the one with teambuilding

extremely tired + my legs hurts + kejang sane sini.
on top of that, we were being bred with good, nice, hi-carbo, foods.
that was my first time in 5 years of working doing team-building,
was hoping to get to know new people around the office-globe, ending up, being the same group with olehbusuk dan ida. damn.
wat else, did i enjoy it? see the picture lah kan.
[i bet that my pictures will let u know how i felt, as i smile/menyeringai almost linearly in all pictures, same pose, same centimetre mouth opening :D, takkire bersuka or berduka. there goes my confession.]

just, enjoy..

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

++183 the one with the big pink

entry specially dedicated to warrie.
somehow, i felt annoyed with they band name. the big what? sounds so satyr. ke pervert. ke. hehe no offence ya warrie, suruh asrif tuka name band :D
im ok with it sebenanye, tp, bayangkan penerimaan err maybe my mom :-s. argh sebok je lah, sukehati diorg lah kan.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

++182 the one with the charity concert

1. see below, very low quality video of the gig a MMU grandhall the nite before the voting-day. i ran out of memorystick summore, too bad i cant record all of the good good ones. there were yuna, couples, akustika, bittersweet, meet uncle husin, oag and hujan.

2. too many 'budak2 baru nak up', i think most of them masih di bangku skolah, plislah peminat2 bittersweet n hujan tuh semua. they even shuffle to hujan's song, apekejadahnyeee kan nak shuffle dgn lagu hujan?? bak kate don: "shuffle lagu hujan lagi bodoh drpd shuffle depan mcd, shuffle depan mcd dah bodo dah, ade lagi bodoh rupenye"
[mcD = mcd kat starhill, yg mane korang bleh tgk bebudak ni shuffle, ade yg siap pakai mask, pastu dikerumuni budak2 lain]

3. mc yg bername echa tuh, eii, sorilah, she had a very annoying tone. pastu, time hujan tgh soundcheck, dia dgn gembirenye menyanyi2 dan instead of thinking that the crowd actually screamed for her to stop, she continued singing sbb rase mcm org jerit2 sbb suke dia kot? padan muke pastu AG mcm tak layan dia.

4. there were few budak2 baru nak up nih duduk depan our seats, who tried to complain about akustika [sbb diorg tak sabar nak tunggu hujan pefom], and then atuk sound sekali, terus terdiam. padan muke. kecik2 tanak... dot dot dot.

4. AG cute.

5. i wish i was younger.

oag - generasiku
meet uncle husin - lagu untukmu hujan - pagi yg gelap hujan - bila aku sudah tiada hujan - aku scandal bittersweet - capital e akustika - no one akustika - rama-rama more fotos here: currently listening to: matta - ketahuan currently feeling:T_T i wanna be:a supermodel~

Monday, March 10, 2008

++181 the one who cares

THAT! was the sweetest thing i've ever heard for the last couple of years..
*menari2 setempat sambil membaling2 baju yg dipakai*

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

++180 the one with tgif and carls jr

1. we heard them rite, carl's jr ialah satu lagi trend makanan burger tersedap abad inih. apart from that, the frenchfries[yg di top kan dgn cheese+meat+watevasauce] pon sedap mcm cilaker. i published this entry to invite people out there to become fat together-gether. meh gemok meh.
i dare to promise, the kenyangness bertahan seharian.
[but dont! do not eat fries tuh b4 mkn burger, u'll end up like atuk, nak temontah kekenyangan]

2. office-thing: we celebrated 4 in 1 party [february birthday, valentines day, cny and new hire welcome party] at TGIF. as usual, tgif staff will do the birthday singing carol tuh seme, and birthday girl/boy kene bediri ateh kusi n pegang kek n can onli tiup lilin after they finished the singing with hentak2 kaki part.

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