Monday, November 26, 2012

++accidentally in perth 2012

as mentioned in previous entry, perth was soooo adhoc. unintentional. unintended. lastminute. unplanned. accidental. spontaneous. shocking. bidang terjun, random!, unexpected, impulsive, automatic.
but i did it nevertheless.
i bought perth tix few days before departure and i was there 6 days.
i dont even know what's to look/expect for at perth. tak sempat ni nak kaji2 bagai.
and if u watch adam&hawa, seriously, i dont even know they shoot that drama at perth and i was abit confuse when someone commented "adam & hawa sangattt" at my post-picture.

for me, perth is rather a calm country. aman dan tenang.
not because of the temperature (temp was like 6-8 degrees at nights, 16-20 degrees at days), but because of their people's unwillingness to live like a  machine like here.
i saw less traffic jams (maybe because wanneroo is 20mins away from perth city), no bugs (nyamok, semut, lalat), people minding their own business, everything seems automatic, and okla i admit, because of the temperature too lah. sejuk suam2 kuku. not to the extend that we have to wear winter clothes all the time, tp sejuk2 genting highland gitu.
and if people ask would i go back, doing instantaneous trip to perth again, i would! (kalo ade duit la ofkos)(not like i got money this time, everything creditted to hsbc card :( sobs)(now had hard times paying the debt)..

as usual, i'll let the blog kept my itineraries and here goes:

1st day - LEPAK DAY
- 1st day basically nothing, i arrived at perth airport at 3pm and mas&husband&kids fetch me, and they brought me to one of the mall nearby wanneroo (where she lives)
- and eat pretzel (one of the yummiest ive ever tasted (maybe because im damn hungry)(and regretted didnot try the churros sbb takot tak kenyang)(tapi aku beli 2 pretzel besaq gila))

2nd day - PERTH CITY DAY
- runiz arrived at perth on my 2nd day there, but at 6am, so we had to get up really early lah kirenye.
- tanpa begitu berehat pon, after breakfast at mas's (her mom cook), we both went jakoning at the neighborhood. oh i love their compound, but of course. kan!
- we went to harbor town (a VERYYY (for me) heavenly place to shop)(tp bukanlah brg bejenama2 sgt).
- we didnt have ample time shopping so we decided to go to that place again if we have time.
- ate nice kebab at ispa kebab's (at harbor town)
- went to king's park (very nice perth city view)
- temankan mas finishing her night's job hahahhahahah (she has to substitute her friend yg balik indo)

- we planned to go to fremantle by train, but mas got stuck at work, so we went to fremantle by driving instead.
- otw, we managed to stopby at scarborough beach and lepak amek gamba first
- went to fremantle prison & fremantle market
- had dinner at kailis' fish market cafe (the cafe was featured in adam & hawa, said my colleague). mmg sedap!
- bergambar hebat at fremantle town afterwards secara sorang 88ribu keping gamba
- went back home and its barbeque time!
- the beef steaks were awesome! and the sausages (sgt lain dari ours) pon sodap!
- cant biliv im loving the salads too (maybe because of the dressing, sedap sampai beli bawak balik salad's dressing tuh (AUR6.99)

4th day - PINNACLES & SAND BOARDING DAY (AUR100 per package)
- aur100 is a package by malaysian agency, most packages runiz did went thru in internet are atleast 150 dollar.

- trip to Yanchep National Park ----ade kaola bears, kangaroo, parks, binantang2 lain
+ Lancelin Sand Dunes ---sand boarding (sgt bestttttttt)(wajib pergi!!!)
+ Lancelin Beach --whr we eat lunch (yg dipack sendiri from home)(yg sedap gila)(puji diri sendiri)
+ The Pinnacles Desert ---really a dessert yg panas, no need to bring coats/jackets
+ Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour --another shopping outlet but my mind was already hooked into harbor town kot.
+ eat at mas's SIL ---which was actually a birthday party for her daughter but we ate mcm byk gila becoz sedap gilaaaaaa
(i'll write later, dah malas)

- trip to harbour town ---tempat shopping2
- Caversham Wildlife Park ----tempat main2 dgn kangaroo secara hebbat & kaola bears etc etc
- we learn how to take train from edgewater (the nearest to mas's at wanneroo) to harbor town and it costs us aur4.90 single way.
- i became defisit ofcourse. i bought 2 pairs of jeans (aur10 each!), a pair of shoes (5dollars) dan jacket dan beg & sunnies & shawal & baju & hoi banyak lagi rupenye aku beli matilah kuh!
- caversham park fee is aur23 and it is recommended to go there in the morning because (....ok dah malas nak pikir & menaip), because last show is at 5pm, park tutup kol 6pm kot tah tak ingat...

6th day - BALIK
balik sobsobsob 

1st day:
b4 begerak di subuh hari.

inilah nya pretzel sodap tu

2nd day
amek runiz at airport pakai baju tido sudeyyyy

dan kemudian camwhoring at mas's neighborhood

before we begin our jalan2 at perth town & harbor town outlet..

singgah at mas's inlaws first.. oh gosh the surroundings are even prettier!!!!!!!

at harbor town factory outlet

pastu gi lepak & camwhoring kt king's park

3rd day
while waiting for mas to pick us up for fremantle trip

singgah at scarborough beach ontheway towards fremantle

camwhoring at fremantle prison

at fremantle market

dinner at kaili's fish market

camwhoring at fremantle town

4th day
as usual, camwhoring b4 our journey

at yanchep park

at lancelin sand dunes before sand boarding

sand borading at lancelins and dunes

picnic/lunch at lancelin beach

waiting for our train at edgewater station towards perth city towards harbor city factory outlet

main2 dgn kangaroo secare takot2 at caversham park

currently listening to:FLY FM
my feeling during the whole trip: awesome!!!
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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