Thursday, January 3, 2013

++penang 2012 3.0

melampau betul.(utk org miskin)(org kaya takpe, depa bole naik turun penang tu everyweek kot)
but not for me.
so when i actually did went to penang for the 3rd time alredy this year itself, wowzer!
each time makan byk sgt.
the first time i went on april with sibotak, tak makan byk sgt, but hrc's food sum up all those tiny2 food for the 2nd&3rd trip.
the 2nd trip was with nyza & warrie (penang 2012 2.0)
and the 3rd one, this time around, i went with pacat (driver), irina & monni

day 1
we arrived on friday's nite (malam sabtu) and went staright to have char keuy teow. sedap juga for a non-ckt lover like me (and still i dont really like the tatste of the kuey, but the kuah was good)

day 2
breakfast roti canai cheese at rafee nasi kandar ---sedap!
jalan2 at straits quay.. love the colonial effect. and the snoopy cafe too.
lunch at nasi padang international hotel ---ikan cencaru goreng bawang hitam sedap!!
jalan2 at armenian street
makan cendol penang road ---still loving it
makan kuih udang & ais tingkap near chowrasta ---the ais tingkap is good, but not the kueh udang. i prefer the ones at alor gajah...
dinner at china house ---love love love this place. the salty caramel cheesecake is a must have. they had fine dining, assorted cakes yg sesedap, the drinks pon sedap, got live performance too! and if ure simply boring, u can head upstairs for art gallery and pool table too. and ofcourse fine place to take photos, like at every inch of the place.
supper sup hameed --- the soup was good with asam limau.

*at the end of the day, moni and sue suprised me with bday gift.. auw so sweet, dah 88 tahun kot tak penah dpt hadiah from frens. X_X

day 3
breakfast at taman sardon ---capati sedap, sandwich pon sedap, yesss, the lontong is superb too.. others, biase2 je.. sedap tapi tak tahap nak dtg balik nak makan bende tu. gitu.
lunch mee udang at ayu mee udang ---depends on everyone's taste. i still think the mee was gooooood, but many penangites ditch this. tataula. tekak lain2 kot.
had laksa janggus ---but most important food at laksa janggus is the goreng pisang. sedap!!!
had durian at pacat fren's and other buah2an tempatan too (jeruk rambutan had me choked, dont really like the taste) & had really decent amount of manggis too.

penang aku akan datang lagi!
next on list would be beriyani kapitan in claypot!!!!

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