Thursday, January 10, 2013

++the one who just turned 23++ haha

wow. i'm officially *cough*23*cough*
instead of having a partayy and whatnot, i went to the office on my birthday :(
i was sad. but no one wants to celebrate my bday :((
(padahal, adela sedikit sesi makan2 bersame dgn cheerios,
and lepak2 at gloria jeans with teman2 rapat diofis)

but, people that i care the most, semuanya wish lambatttttttttt gilaaaaaaaaa
i am not the type that will remind people about my birthday,
and not that i wished that someone or anyone would actually throw me a party or whatevs,
tp, wish pon lambattttt, cemanooooo???
(baru je new year dah ade negative issues, be positive videl!!!)

but then i got this bbmusicmania tickets from farina (ex-sspians) and wow,
i dont have a friend to bring along, the perks of always ajak ex bf sahaja pergi ke konsert2,
ni lah padahnye. and i tagged warrie but she cancelled at the last minute,
so, i texted back farina to join her and the gang.
and boy, was i lucky.
she was at the hotel, with sheila on 7. YA! with actual members of so7!
dibilik brian (the drummer) precisely. mak basahhhhh noxx. hahahahah
(yup, his wife & anak were there too, jgnlah anda risau pula ya)
(mak tatap basahhhh)
but when i reached the hotel after work, duta (vocalist so7) has already departed to the concert venue.
so x dapek eden nak begamba2 dgn duta :(
went to brian's room and sempat tumpang toilet kahkahkah.
yada yada yada..

went to the final countdown's concert. the gig started at 4pm actually,
tp sbb kami tegarkan so7, we went there quite late, siap sempat lepak dulu kt kedai so7 merchandise dulu kt luar stadium.
basically we missed amirjahari, bunkface, sofaz, joeflizzow & kartel, etc etc
sempat tgk gogerilla (aizat), hujan, and ofkosss yg ditunggu2 altho they started their performance right after the countdown: sheila on 7 !! yay!!
sgttttttttttttttt sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
and the fact that they sang mostly old songs yg we can singalong (the crowd wasnt very big, but everyone mcm singalong) sgt membahagiakn.
that was only the beginning.
we went back to the hotel rite after that,
anddddddddd yayyyyyyyyy dpt begamba dgn duta kuh. dan eross kuh...
 dan.. we ended lepak at almadina (mamak near my home tuh)
makan roti canai dgn duta yow. ko ponah ko? eden ni festaim makan dgn artis, mestilah jakonnnnnnnnn... *sambil kaki kuis2 tanah kemaluan*

thanx farina!

oklah let the pic speaks...

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