Wednesday, December 23, 2009

++456 BABI!!! + merry krismes

buat makan2 time aku takde lah?????????????


anyways. i wish u a happy krismas (to those yg menyambut lah) especially encik yance yg sudah berada didlm perut ketebang yg mcm x mungkin bace je nih, dgn ucapan "jangan gatal kotey nak mengorat stewardess!!!".
i havent naik ketebang yet :D, sajeje tuka status fesbuk cepat2 supaya ofismet tak carik :D

so long~
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Monday, December 21, 2009

++455vweek 51-2009

1. we went to perak,sri iskandar friday till saturday to witness mafa+Pake's wedding
the trip was joyful, full of laughter, and lovely alltogether. bride;s house had this bilik karaoke yg sgt superb (complete with WII for main game too). they guys cant help becoming monyet and buat mcm rumah sendiri ahjahajhahhaha.. slamber ok. seronok tapi.

2. nakkuruskan badan!!!!

3. i had my lunch at mercu UEM infront of my office nih today. during checking in (we have to provide IC number to the receptionist to go to 9th floor where the cafe is located), the girl at that desk told me that there are 9 people having the same birthday as mine.
say what??? 9 people yow!!! same exact december 31st on 1980.
9 of us are gonna hit 29 in 9days time. i was sitting there waiting for the other 8 to come around. BANYAK pulak mase aku nak betenggek kat situ kan??? hehe, i wish i could see them altogether. screaming*

4. NAKkuruskan badan.

5. i'll be going for a very very long vacation... 2 vacations exactly!!
5years of working and i had never taken this very longggg holidays!!! (accept holiday semase sambung study. tak kire ok).
im on leave from 24thdec til 3rdjanuary! yo yow!~
but actually, i'm abit cuak. byk keje la pulowk time2 gini and im gonna drop some to... owh, nobody is catching my loads. styleee annn~
matilah aku!!!

6. NAKkurussssssssss sgt!

7. i am very desperate to kuruskan badan for my vacation! i want to go skinnydip lah!! =.=">..

8. and im outta cash too!!! farklah!

9. and i think i am out of love. somebody plis gimme some hugs and kisses :(
i want some pamper. hehe. biasele lepas period, gedik sokmo.. and i dont think i can catch that during both of my vacation pon. ala sedey:(

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

++454 the one with everyday's routine at EM

tibe tejumpe balik arkaiv chatting dulu2kat ofis lame. i miss them colleagues & those happy moments. we used to diam2 mengadap pc buat keje mcm gile tp chatting with each other in the conference-chatroom altogether. all of us. each time teamlead lalu, org paling depan akan sound dan semorg minimize window chatting. bes wo.
and i missed our lunchtime, altogether satu team pegi makan ikan bakar kat PNB tuh. oiii bile nak gettogether again????

orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM tetiba aku sesak napas la
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM jom man kita refill
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM 330 dah ni
gorreng/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM baru 318
Wansu/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM orreh, nati asap msk peparu,lg sesak la..
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM apa lak asap ni
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM orang nak gi solat la
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM tgk tu fitnah akhir zaman
cp/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM buwahaha
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM btul la kata usni.. ibarat semut hitam di atas batu hitam
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM cehwah
wansu/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM hehhe..
gorreng/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM sbnr bila kita sap rokok kita sbnr berkongsi
gorreng/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM kita provide asap bagi makanan makhluk ghaib
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM btul
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM tu hubungan sesama makhluk
gorreng/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM makanan mereka datang dari tulang, asap, dan wap
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM hablum minallah hablum minannas
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM 330 ok
zuzu/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM pe2 je la..
cp/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM *:-B terkemamaa
orreh/B/Malaysia/Exx0nM hahahhaha

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

++453 the one with the digicam

u know what i miss most about having a digicam with me anywhen & anywhere?
its about having the pleasure to capture any magical or hystoric or fantastic or funny or accidental moments at whichever occasion or wherever location..
and u know that i had the very important trouble of explaining sesebuah tragedy or story-telling..
i think sometimes it is easier with a photo attached. photos acts louder than my words in this case.
this is like the eagerness to capture how massive the traffic jam is today morning.
i was stuck for more than an hour before the plaza phoenix. oh wait, not even after the toll batu 9 (tol singgit)!!! i juz wish that i cd capture how the traffic move for every 5minutes. not even an inch! *exaggerated*
and, or the beautiful view of a police mencangkung melihat tayar of his EVO-patrol-car. i mean OMG the patrolcar looks sexy as hell, but damn, the police who mencangkung to baiki his tayar is even sexier. haha.

dont speak about my lousy phone-camera, by the time the camera is ready to capture, the scene would be 5minutes behind. lembab dan pixel-less. beautiful nasha aziz can turn into rahim maarof ok.
here's an example, taken somewhere along jln sultan ismail around lastyear. tertekan with the output yet?
*but the bulk is as handsome as nick hexum kan!!! im sorry i ddnt get to capture the driver's face, serious kakkoi.

i need a new digicam, but with the flow of my cash going rite now, i think im gonna dig back my digicam-ikat-getah & have it everywhere again lah. berat pon berat lah.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

++452 the one with project videlcute latest updates

yeyyyyyyyyyyyy.. krismes present came early again this year!!!~
project videlcute is here !!!!!!! and i couldnt stop smiling today. yahu.
*bear that, due to mengejar due date, the final works was really2 messy and uncreative and semak and kucar kacir and i was puking looking at me face like 24hours..but i dunwan to membazir to put pictures of others sgt hahahaha.. its about me me me and me.

here i present the final output. me <3 <3 <3 alot.

and.. it is for mister love me..

previously on project videlcute:

*dun let me start on my birthday present yg juga came early this year. u r gonna puke.
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i wanna start on a new project. tp takdak duik. :(