Saturday, December 31, 2011

++Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to meeee
Happy birthday to me
And here i am, berbungkus didlm selimottt..
Demam yg membencikan..
Happy new year
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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Sesungguhnya waktu demam ialah waktu yg plg susah..
Susah hati kalau sakit dihari tua nanti, siapalah nak tgk2kan nanti.
Waktu yg paling ingin bermanja juga.
Mungkin anda tidak,
Tapi saye rase ye..

Haissssshhhhhhhhh susah hati.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Damn, damn, damn
What I'd do to have you here, here, here
I wish you were here
Damn, damn, damn
What I'd do to have you near, near, near
I wish you were here

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

++the one with the angst

funny thing about being mad at someone is, they dont even know that u're mad at her/him.. so stop je lah the madness tuh, tak dapat ape pon..

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orang kate, setiap yg berlaku itu ada hikmahnya.
alhamdulillah atas semua yg telah berlaku.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011


Excuse me
And I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight
And I might take you home with me if I could tonight
And baby imma make you feel so good tonight
Cause we might not get tomorrow

Tonight I will love love you tonight
Give me everything tonight
For all we know we might not get tomorrow
Let's do it tonight

Don't care what they say
All my girls they play
Nothing is enough
Till they handle love
(lets do it tonight)
I want you tonight
I want you to stay
I want you tonight

Grab somebody sexy and tell em' Hey!!!!!!!

Give me everything tonight

++the day that i die

We took a drive and
We drove through DC
To see the places we lived
Long conversations
We talked of old friends
And all the things that we did
Summer nights
Drunken fights
Mistakes we made
Did we live it right?

You know the happiest day of my life
I swear the happiest day of my life
Is the day that I died


ya allah apsal aku mengantoknyaa nihhhhhhhhhh

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i wanna be slim!!!! :((

Friday, December 16, 2011


Words. Simple as they are in all their diversity. It fails us when we need it the most. And only one thing remains, its silence.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

++My Heart Cover

calming but giving me goosebumps same time..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

++gerimis mengundang

Bukan sekejap denganmu
Bukan mainan hasratku
Engkau pun tahu niatku
Tulus dan suci
Senang benar kau ucapkan
Kau anggap itu suratan
Sikit pun riak wajahmu
Tiada terkilan

Hanya aku separuh nyawa
Menahan sebak di dada
Sedangkan kau bersahaja
Berlalu tanpa kata
Terasa diri amat terhina kau lakukan

Sia-sia kukorban selama ini
Jika kasihku, jika hatiku
Kau guris oh oh oh...
Dalam tak sedar ku menangis

++sampai bila

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
'i cannot live without him"??

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"better dpt laki panas baran, drpd dpt yg kaki perempuan"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"i cant find anyone better than him"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"he's the best, org lain sume x best"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"saye mmg mcm ni, cpt kesian kat org"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"tapi saye mmg baran, awak tau kan saye mmg mcm ni"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"dah mmg bukan jodoh"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"kite ade byk pilihan, try dan tgk lah dulu"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"keturunan saye mmg kedekot, x boleh nak watpe"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"i am too big to run, i am too heavy to run"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"belom puas enjoy, kite masih muda"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"sorry, henfon saye mati/x nampak henfon/ x cek sms/etc"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"saye kawan mcm biase je, dia yg concern lelebih, saye layan je"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"bini dia tu x keje, obsess sgt dgn laki dia, kitorg bukannye buat apepe"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"dia yg start, saye treat dia mcm kawan je"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"aku tanak rase sunyi je duduk rumah sorang2"

sampai bila nak kasi alasan
"for the sake of the children"

sampai bila??????????
kalo bukan kite sendiri yg mengubahnya.
no body is perfect, but, we can always try.
jgn jadi selfish sgt.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


siapalah aku ini untuk memintal buih yang memutih
menjadi permaidani sepertimana yg tertulis dlm novel cinta
juga mustahil bagiku menggapai bintang dilangit
menjadikan hantaran syarat utk milikimu
semua itu sungguh aku x termampu

silap aku juga kerna jatuh cinta
insan sepertimu seanggun bidadari
seharusnya aku cerminkan diriku
sebelom tirai kamar aku buka untuk mengintaimu

Monday, December 12, 2011

++the one with cleanliness

Org tua2 bilang, kalo nak tgk anak dara tu pembersih or not, tinjau toilet dia.
If bersih, konfemmm..
Ni toilet pon bekulat, ade hati mengaku kau pembersih... Hek eleh.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

++Holes inside :(

When all that you've tried, leaves nothing but holes inside,
It seems like you're wired, to stay here held in time,
Cos nothing seems to change, oh no.
No nothing's gonna change, at all.
I can see it in your face, the hope has gone astray.
But if you hold tight, shadows will be lost in the light.
Oh cos sometimes, fate and your dreams can collide.
So don't walk away from me,
Don't walk away from me,
Don't walk away from me.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

++K, I miss you!!

Dear k,
I really deeply impatiently miss u!!!
I miss u i miss u i miss u :(((((((((

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Friday, December 9, 2011

++the one who forgive easily

we talked alot lately. me & s.
the other day, we talked about depressions.
how we had handled depressions.
some people cant control themselves, they went higher than just crying. they went over cutting themselves up, wrist cutting for instance. sleeping pill. drugs abuse. drinking much. fighting over the urge to jump off a cliff.

some people like s, they isolated themselves in the room. they cant eat. tak lalu makan katenyer. they locked themselves up and they cried million tears. dont even have the appetite to watch tv.

me, on the other hand, eat, eat and eat. i eat, drink, sleep infront of the TV, on the couch. thanx to the iphone. no need to walk anywhere. one moment im awake, ill go digging the refridgerator to find foods. if im hungry i cant sleep. sleeping is the fastest remedy towards thinking which literally strucking migrain to the head. tv is always on the music channels mode. no heavy csi drama can do justice to the heart.

s said, maybe u r not being that broken, maybe the palat the ex did was not that max.
i said, oh man! u dont know. the palat he did was the palatnest of all the palats in the world. u'll commit suicide to these types of palats (literally again). its just that i am a person who handled it slowly. not extremely. and actually, its because i am already kebal to his palats. mcm hati kering gituh.

should i be able to feel hati basah?

i was asking myself, one day, a new man will make me happy, i promise. but, can i give him a wet heart.
am i gonna became this hati kering always?
and forgive people easily as always?
what will happen if he knows my weakness, at forgiving?
will he treat me like the ex treat me?

"Dan bersegeralah kamu kepada ampunan dari Tuhanmu dan kepada surga yang luasnya seluas langit dan bumi, yang disediakan untuk orang-orang yang bertakwa. (Yaitu) orang-orang yag menafkahkan (hartanya), baik diwaktu lapang maupun di waktu sempit, dan orang-orang yang menahan amarahnya dan memaafkan (kesalahan) orang, Allah menyukai orang-orang yang berbuat baik. Dan (juga) orang yang apabila melakukan perbuatan keji atau menganiaya diri sendiri, mereka ingat akan Allah, lalu memohon ampun terhadap dosa-dosa mereka, dan siapa lagi yang dapat mengampuni dosa selain Allah. Dan mereka tidak meneruskan perbuatan kejinya itu, sedang mereka mengetahui. Mereka itu balasannya ialah ampunan dari Tuhan mereka dan surga yang mengalir di bawahnya sungai-sungai, sedang mereka kekal di dalamnya, dan itulah sebaik-baik pahala orang yang beramal. (Qs. Ali Imran 133-136)."

insha allah. wallahualam.

plus, i'm always at the lowest confident mode all the time.
a friend said, 'ko mmg suke rase org taksuke ko, rase org benci ko, rase itu rase ini'
truth is, yes, im always feeling small. like im ugly. im slow. im poor. im this im that. i have very low self esteem. i always felt like people dont like me.
how some people can look into a mirror and said 'cantiknye saye or hemsemnye saye'
and asked me "lawa tak saye? or hebat tak saye?"
bukan main2 or gurau2.
is beyond my capabilities.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

++the one with hrc

saya tulis mengenai keinsafan pada 1december tapi saya kalah
pergi semuala ketempat berdansa itu pada 3december.
saya kalah! dgn godaan.. dan hiburan.
lagipon housemate saya pergi tidur dgn org lain.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

++Romeo Juliet Part 1

bagus banget ni donk

and find the continution at youtube...


one part of love is sweet and easy, something we fall into and are swept away by. But the other part is hard: it requires discipline, willpower, and opening your heart again and again to someone with whom you are angry, can't stand, and do not like.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

++selamat hari raye

Selamat hari raya!
Syukur dah selesai bayar hutang2 puasa utk tahun ini dan esok akan beraya
Sudah terbayang yong tau fu di sooka.


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"If you should ever need me Unfailingly I will return to your arms And unburden your heart And if you should remember That we belong together Never be ashamed. Call my name tell me I'm the one you treasure."

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Monday, December 5, 2011


masa utk menjadi diri yg suram
yg mencungkil2 hujung alas tilam
dan menahan rindu kepalang
masa utk sering termenung sendiri
menyedari byknya tipu helah dan rayuan dan kejadian2 susulan
dan cercaan dan kejian dan umpatan dan gelakkan
dan sesalan

masa untuk jalan terus lintasi masa itu
dan lawati masa yg baru yg indah yg bahagia yg riang
yg tak memperlekehkan keadaan

masalahnya dgn masa ialah
samada selama 9 tahun kami telah bersama
atau selama setahun kami berpisah ini..
ialah it took courage to finally set down the glass..

i am becoming u now. l.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

++Ombak Rindu

Adira :
Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Hafiz :
Tuhan aku tahu banyak dosa ku
Hanya ingat Kamu kala duka ku
Namun hanya Kamu yang mampu membuka
Pintu hatinya untuk cintaku

Adira :
Malam kau bawalah rinduku
Untuk dirinya yang jauh dari ku
Agar dia tidak kesepian
Selalu rasa ada cinta agung

Hafiz :
Hujan bawa air mata ku
Yang mengalir membasuh luka ku
Agar dia tahu ku terseksa
Tanpa cinta dia di hatiku

Hafiz & Adira :
Hanya mampu terserah
Moga cahaya di penanti

Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya

Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


read this on sham's wall, cant help thinking, ya rabbi, insha allah, i'll do my very best...

Sham Kamikaze
'Masih segar dalam ingatan kita peristiwa Tsunami di Acheh pada 2004. Setelah berlakunya peristiwa tersebut, sekumpulan hamba Allah secara sukarela telah membuat usaha mencari mayat. Setelah selesai kerja pemburuan mayat,mereka ada masalah utk mengecam mayat tersebut adalah orang Islam/bukan Islam. Akhirnya, mereka bermesyuarat & membuat keputusan utk mengebumikan mayat mengikut pakaian yg dipakai. Jika pakaian org Islam, maka ia akan dikebumikan mengikut cara Islam. Sama kes di Bopal, waktu malapetaka kebocoran gas ribuan mayat bergelimpangan. Yg Hindu nak dibakar, yg Islam nak di sembahyangkan. Keputusannya, lelaki berjanggut disolatkan yg lain dibakar. Bayangkan jika berlaku letupan bom di kelab2 malam atau di pentas tarian (zumba, ballet dan sebagainya) di negara kita. Bagaimana untuk mengecam mayat tersebut kerana pakaian wanita Islam dan bukan Islam sama sahaja. Moralnya, pakaikanlah pakaian orang Islam kpd kita dan anak2 kita dan mohonlah kepada Allah agar dimatikan dalam pakaian orang Islam.'
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baby steps has1fah...
salam maal hijrah & awal muharram to all..
marilah kite same2 behijrah..