Wednesday, November 28, 2007

++147 the one with pancakes lagi

we gain extra fats instead of burning them [i still think karaoke-ing is one way of burning fats :D]
becoz thecurve redbox is fully booked :(. tensyerrrrnye.
nasib ko lah paddington, house of pancakes. rezeki kamu agaknye.
thanx to oag for the brunch :* luv u emmuah.

hehe from fotopages...

currently listening to:estranged-itu kamu. [was soooo glad they could make it to the final of AJL2007, i actually screamed of joy dihadapan err kakak2 atuk, malu]
currently finishing a presentation slide, but couldnt help feeling bored.
i wanna be: rich n slim without doing anything. :

Friday, November 23, 2007

++146 the one who's back in malaysia

im back
penat nak mampos
i couldnt find hady mirza :(, he's avoiding me because i'm chubby. hehehe. hady mirza :(.
already discovered orchard road, i think the road is exactly like oxford road in london.. only longer?
sooo many pictures awaiting, be ready to puke ehehe.

departed from aeroline checkout point at one utama, convenient huh, with the price of rm80, ade makan, ade pramugara:D, selimut n bantal. only slower than aeroplane :-s

island resort, eastcost parkway. sgt jauh drpd citycentre, tsk tsk, ape buleh buat, all hotels [even hotel 81] nearest to citycentre all fully booked due to asian summit.

with the colleague.

lepas pigi kije, lepak area jalan sultan, area kampong glam cafe.

ketekonan mengbace map 8-x

naseb dtg mengbawe jalanjalan..

hujan pule di malam kejadian nak jalan2..

@ bugis street. syurga souvenir.


habes hebat

sekitar hari ituh.

mulakan hari berikutnye dgn mengambil gamba window view.

didepan pekerjaan.

lepas keje, jalang2 di raffles city shopping centre. near cityhall.

remaja yg menghairankan. cara melepak yg ketara berbeda dgn remaja rempit di malaysia. mereka ini berlatih tarian dan aku ialah berminat nak join. :-s

with s0o's fren.

merlion, tugu mermaid_lion yg diagung2kan rakyat spore.

bakal the biggest casino royale in asia, in the making.

spore city, from my point of view.

a live performace near the esplanade area.

kite minommmm duluw.


err, s0o isap rokok, aku amek gamba.

@esplanade shopping mall.

esplanade building, a theatre emporium. the girl in the above-above picture told me they called the building lu lian building, i hardly pronounce for 3-4times until my colleague told me the name is durian building. buawahahahhahahha.

pork mall anyone? park :D

a must go shop each country that i visited.

the orchard road. wrong timing, wait till boxing day for the gala-spree kot.

singapore town view from mount Faber.

balik bilik dan bersedia utk mati sehingge subuh.

aksi majalah mangga, ce wah.

pergi mencarik teket polang ke malaysia dipagi yg esok..

@delifrance, harbourfront centre mall

currently listening to:yellowcard - my only one
currently feeling:i mish atuk so much
i wanna be:a supermodel