Thursday, July 28, 2016

++The one who is melankolik

I know right.
Yesterday i was so furious about everything.
From swearing of getting way toooo many (repetitive) photos of the shooting tragedy at setapak that were send from many different groups in whatsap (yeah same pictures and videos shared by so many people fucking thinking that they were the first ones getting it so the need to passing it!!)
And then i was furious at sooo many boomerang videos that urghh soooo yesterday and sooo annoyinggg
And then the selfies with the snapchat's filters. Urghhhhh! I know i am one of those who felt really pretty especially using the flower on the head filter tuh, but do u have to instagram thenm? Sekali cukop la. Tayahla bajet lawa nak insta kan sokmo.
Simpan sendiri or share between close friends maybe in whatsapp or the snapchat itself. Dont annoys other people lah.

I know right! I was sooo bitter yesterday.

And tonite. Tonite i am sooo melancholic.
With so many old emotional conversations running in my mind. Like the question from R lastlastwik: videl, why are u still here? Kau sgt sabar kan?
And the unanswered msg.
And the unorganized store room. This one, majorly.

I am unpredicted and so so so melancholy.

And i felt like i deserve a vacation.

Sebenarnya, my cycle is here. Hiatus!

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