Friday, July 31, 2009

++396 the one with a tabligh guy & anak2 yatim

atuk, me and elle were having dinner at medanseleraidaman yesterday evening when a tabligh guy approached us.
he stood in front of the 3 of us, and say salam.
both me and elle menjawab separuh berbisik, takkanlah aku nak jawab kuat2 pulak kan.
he still stood there and bagi salam lagi, and looked furiously at atuk.
i was like, omg ape kene org ni, kalo org tanak jawab salam ko pon, tapayahlah nak marah kot.

he looked at me and elle and asked "he is not muslim??"
he asked secara biadabnye, and sounded like atuk is deaf or something. nak tanye atuk, tanye lah kat muka dia. eeee geramnye akuu..
sangat biadab OK!. i therefore terus menimbolkan kebencian terhadap this tabligh guy sewaktu itu jugak.

and then, he started all his mukadimah about these afghanistan children lah, bla bla bla.. sorry ye, u put a very very rude attitude during introduction lagi dah, jgn harap aku nak menderma.
both me and elle menggeleng2 kepala and said sorry, tak berminat.
he didnt blah. he got angry instead. "youre muslim? why not donate for muslim???"
eeeeeeee, bencinye aku dgn kelakuannnnnn diaaaaaa.

and we still menggeleng and he finally turn back and still membebel2 tak puas hati sbb kitorg tak donate.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

++395 the one who dunno what married is?

i've been meaning to write this entry for quite some attemp actually, tp, adalah tehenti ditgh2 berpikir, kerana takut menyinggung mana mana pihak.

people, not only once, not only twice, but almost trillion times have been asking the same very question, that, u sure know. "When am i going to get married."
that, i dont bother sgt lah kot (kdg2 mcm buat bodo sudeyyy).
butt, precisely then, came this 2nd top off question above that later question, which is, "kau dan atuk tu bile nak kawen"

for fast, i think only one, people has been meaning to know when we'll be breaking up (again). because we broke off like what? 888times?
why people want to exactly know when we'll be getting married?
are they 'muak' melihat kami? or they are already tired of all the dramas in our life? or simply because they tak sabar nk dengar kitorg break?

i dunno why i felt emo this time that i dare to write this one out.
tp, adalah rasa terhina sometimes.
especially when people are judging. ofkosss, i, too, was being all curious of when will we get married, but then, adakah wajib apabila kita telah bersama berdua kesana kemari berdua utk akhirnya berkahwin berdua?
ofkosssssssss, i wanted to marry him. if he ever propose.
tapi, dont lah put the pressure on my shoulder by questioning about us, sometimes, about the religion tuh sume.
poning la kopalo ayo ni aaa.
kdg2 rase malu dgn soalan2 mcm tu. its like people are laughing at me, like people are trying to prove to me that we will never gonna work out. that we wont succeed in whatever we are trying to accomplish.
its not like they were asking the man, ask me buat ape?

ah kalo kawen, kawen. kalo x kawen, kite beli dildo je nanti.
(*tak tak, tu ayat tu tipu, aku nak kawen! ok! nak ade anak nak ade femili!)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

++394 the one with the perfect man/woman

talking about finding your mr/mrs. right.
watch this out. sedih T_T.

by our beloved yasmin ahmad.

and this is the making,

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Monday, July 27, 2009

++393 the one with 25th july

1. congratulations to peachy yg baru mengeluarkan baby boy on 25th july 2009.
peachy if u read this, sorry couldnt visit u at wad c313 huhu. max1s sucks, (obviously), shaa tried to call actually, but, cannot get thru my phone, and, hehe, aku sebenanye segan nak gi visit without geng. :D

visited peachy on monday morning, she looks so happy, her husband more, bak kate ofismet2 ku, x pernah tgk emil so happy and bersinar2 dan sgt teruja menceritakan how the doctor mengeluarkan bayi:p
2. happy 29th birthday to mrs owwe XD.
3. lepak2 at 'LEPAQ' cafe was good. i heart that place, as much as i heart live performances. the girl who wears oldschool specky with square square shirt plus slimfit bermuda is very cool. i like her song too. i wish i can lepak dan beborak2 with her.
not to mention too, i heart that kinda cafe. the cafe i've always dreamt of.
huhu, see see somebody has always came out first before me. pity my no money pocket. T_T like duhh.
but i had one more additional idea to spark up that kind of cafe, but, i sure keep it to my secret, for my very own cafe suatu hari nanti. 8->.
4. i kinda heart this song that i'm replaying like million times, too,
that is: enrique feat ciara - taking back my love. (ko pe hal ni che pah? dah takde lagu lain ke??? i especially like the part when enrique jerit name ciara,then ciara jerit name enrique tuh :D:D hahahaha apedehal?)
5. i spent the weekend over at sg L0ng, k4jang. and maybe the weekend coming jugak. owh terasa KL sunggoh jawuh T_T.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

++392 the one with the memories

If you read this, even if we don't speak often, post a comment with a memory of you and I. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. When you're finished, post this paragraph on your own blog and you'll be surprised at what people remember about you.
( pleasant surprise I hope :)) )

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

++391 blogger issue

can browse + dah!!!

++390 the one with the RIP hatdis

anyone knows how to diagnose my unreadable external hard-disk takkkk???
the swith ON LED is still indicating the 'green light', but, the harddisk seems to not functioning. mcm x berpusing.

GOODBYE PICTURES!!! THOUSANDS OF PICTURES. that makes it thousands of very2 deep memories :((
GOODBYE MP3s. and VIDEOS. especially the ones atuk recorded he strumming guitar for me :((

my beloved kinky hatdis is now R.I.P., he decided to follow michael jackson, i guess. T_T.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

++389 the one with kenduri makan makan

1. sakit pinggang bahu tulang belakang buntut peha dan semualah seluruh badanku!!!
2. makteh cyber called to cancell my order of 'nasik putih+ayam msk merah+kari daging+kailan grg ikan masen+buahtembikai+air' at 4pm! pagi nye mase aku call at 11am to check on the foods status dia tanak pulak ckp taboleh buat kan??? geram betul. lagi 3 jam nak start majlis br nak telepon!
so kami telah menjadi menggelabah ubi (ai sorang je menggelabah actually, atuk rilek2 je mandi secare tenang dan tabah menghadapai cabaran itu).
akhirnye, kami membuat keputusan mengorder drpd kedai di hadapan rumah kakcyn tersebut.
alhamdulillah, si tukang masak tersebut sedia terime tempahan lasminit ituh.
3. BUT still, the majlis yassin went well (utk a beginner mcm ai). thanx u all for coming.
thanx juge kpd pak imam grunge yg diimport khas drpd bandar utama tuh yg bace doa yassin pakai suke2 hati je :)) tp as long as ikhlas dan lahir drpd hati, sudah memadai.

selamat mentontoni pictures yg ade je kat fesbuk tu.

MACIBAIII, tepakse uplod secare manual kerana vtunnel ni disable picture upload punyer function. demit demit.

try try

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