Monday, July 27, 2009

++393 the one with 25th july

1. congratulations to peachy yg baru mengeluarkan baby boy on 25th july 2009.
peachy if u read this, sorry couldnt visit u at wad c313 huhu. max1s sucks, (obviously), shaa tried to call actually, but, cannot get thru my phone, and, hehe, aku sebenanye segan nak gi visit without geng. :D

visited peachy on monday morning, she looks so happy, her husband more, bak kate ofismet2 ku, x pernah tgk emil so happy and bersinar2 dan sgt teruja menceritakan how the doctor mengeluarkan bayi:p
2. happy 29th birthday to mrs owwe XD.
3. lepak2 at 'LEPAQ' cafe was good. i heart that place, as much as i heart live performances. the girl who wears oldschool specky with square square shirt plus slimfit bermuda is very cool. i like her song too. i wish i can lepak dan beborak2 with her.
not to mention too, i heart that kinda cafe. the cafe i've always dreamt of.
huhu, see see somebody has always came out first before me. pity my no money pocket. T_T like duhh.
but i had one more additional idea to spark up that kind of cafe, but, i sure keep it to my secret, for my very own cafe suatu hari nanti. 8->.
4. i kinda heart this song that i'm replaying like million times, too,
that is: enrique feat ciara - taking back my love. (ko pe hal ni che pah? dah takde lagu lain ke??? i especially like the part when enrique jerit name ciara,then ciara jerit name enrique tuh :D:D hahahaha apedehal?)
5. i spent the weekend over at sg L0ng, k4jang. and maybe the weekend coming jugak. owh terasa KL sunggoh jawuh T_T.

currently listening to:enrique ciara - taking back my love
currently feeling:hehe br kol 930am tp da lapar?
i wanna be:home sooonnnnn.. malam ini dpt tidur di tilam empukkkk amm amm amm aummmmm~


owwek said...

eh tak sedar ade wish utk saya....sangkiyukkkk

videL kuchiki said...

yo welkammmmmm.
another year to begin with the big '3'. hehu!