Wednesday, July 1, 2009

++378 the one with transformers II

am i the only person who likes transformers II?
tho the most important part where optimus fight with the fallen was quite quick and too short to cepat2 abis.. i still like this movie. heh. i like the part when bumblebee fight at the end phase. i like the twins too :D. i dun care if megan fox is actually a man.
people are comparing to transformers I. i dont remember that one at all. not even megan fox. T_T duh serious senile.
shud watch back that movie.
and oh, i dont recall all he actions or storyline of the transformers cartoon tuh jugak, bapak dah lame giler kot, dulu tgk pon sbb itu kartun, sape je budak kecik yg tasuke tgk katun, and ahha, i dont follow the comic either. im not such a die hard fan huh.
but i like this movie.
2nd bestest movie of this year, after wolverine.

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taqiyuddin bakir said...

what do you mean megan fox is a man? in the movie he's a man or in real life?

videL kuchiki said...

taqi: in real life. rumor has it.. tatau btol tak.. keciwa now?

owwek said... die mmg ade rupe drag queen jugak la....drag queen yg super hot jugak....

cpah, aku takde lg bace/ dgr org tak suke transformers2 nih

videL kuchiki said...

owwek: hehe..aku gi tgk dgn adik ko :D and ofkos yance and the gang lah.. diorg mostly bagi komen tak begitu satisfying.. and.. tak sebest 1st one..

Pojan said...

so far sume review cakap transformer II tu best. rasanye la.

videL kuchiki said...

pojan: yeke.. hehe. aku bekwn dgn budak2 kot agaknye, diorg ramai die hard komik/actual stories kott.. ntahlah..
ko pule? whats your review?