Wednesday, November 21, 2007

++145 the one from eastcost parkway, island resort, singapore.

free wifi rawks big time.
i lurve marina beach at my view, but i havent touch the sand.
time is super-limited, to many work. i am sooo stressed.
i have yet to discover orchard road, but, i dun think i can find the time.
my iron is smaller than my hp, omg.

here, me in front of masjid sultan, near arab street..

will be back soon, keep loving me tau :*
currently listening to:utada hikaru-flavor of life
currently feeling:i miss atuk badly badly badly
i wanna be:home!


Anonymous said...

pah..blah...!! p singapore ..xsound aku!blah ar pah! ;)

Anonymous said...

wahhh..yuh ke spore kah? kijer ker poyer2? ehehehe...neway smpat tak soping2 tak? kat area jln ala2 masjid india tu..then ada mall nama mustafa kot erk! apo sentosa island tak? ^_^ syiok oo soping devices....

videLcute said...

isaida: lasminet woooooooo
mayond: kijer lahhhhh tsk tsk tsk :| very the tiring woooooo.. tak sempat soping, more to takde duit sebenanye :D...