Monday, June 25, 2007

++083 the weekend gateway

1. port dickson was so warm. i think i need longer period at the beach., and i need the east-cost vacation lah.. tsk tsk.. mom was so nice to sponsor this vacation & also my journey back to kl :D. but, i owe atuk some money :( for the 'going-to-pokdiksen' journey.
2. somebody from k4jang is gonna scream the hell out :-ss, am so scared of that bengkeng-girl. she called me on saturday morning asking for penang-gateway, while im bz cuddling lalala. and i dun think she reads this. yay!
3. i dun understand this song '30 seconds to mars - the kill'. but, i think i like it. heh.
4. somebody at cyberia condo was attempting a suicide last saturday, jumping from 10th floor. a blogger who happend to be there took some of the girl pictures and posted it in his blog. [i've seen the pictures, but somehow, today, the blogger had blurred the girl's face]..
tsk tsk, kesian the girl. and maybe her family. bodoh mmg tetap bodoh, love hurts i know, biaselah tuh, kite pon kadang2 terbuat jugak kan bebende bongok bile terlalu pressure. but then, what rite do we have to over-criticise that poor girl kan? like, perluke ckp the girl 'betina pukimak?'. ntahlah. nauzubillah.
5. nah, gambar untuk tatapan anda. no, ini bukan gamba budak nak bunuh diri tuh, ini gamba2 aku :p

ps: sudahkah anda membeli teket movie tranformer dung dungg? ehehe, saye sudah beli yay yay.
currently listening to: 30 seconds to mars - the kill
currently feeling: sleepy
i wanna be: with atuk :(

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