Monday, October 19, 2015

++the one with the tvseries

im back!!!
sadly, not from somewhere only we know, but, yaknow, from the long hiatus yg x berapa nak long pon.

apart from gluing myself watching anime "one piece" at the mo (still longggg way to go), i am also trying my best to finish all the leftovers of the tvseries that i've abandoned when i was nomading at SL since my car breakdown.
and apart from that "zaman berzaman tak abis abis tvseries yg walopon xde paedah utk ditonton tp tetap aku dlod dan layan jugak" tuh
(contoh tvseries lame yg still ditengok: greys anatomy, awkward, drop dead diva, californication, girls, chasing life, married, etc etc)
(tvseries yg bagi aku x lame ok: breaking bad (dah abis), game of thrones (season break), modern family, the big bang theory, orange is the new black (pon dah break), himym(dah abis), suits, homeland, 2 broke girls, friends (re-run), mr robot, OMG banyaknye!!!)
i am also currently hooked to the latest addition to the world of the tv-addict: that are: arrow, the flash, daredevil, gotham & mr robot.

and watching michael scofield and his bro back into the flash lately, and then the flash appeared in the arrow, and arrow appeared in the flash, etc etc, i was thinking, hnmm, why not they make a film combining all of the tvseries.
and i didnt meant the avengers kind.
or maybe, yes, that kind but plus everyone else.

like maybe, there's this family (the members are from modern family),
and when they go to the hospital, it is the crew from grey's anatomy,
and when they have legal issues, the lawyers are from suits & drop dead diva,
and then they need to investigate something, there comes the people from CSI ke,
and anak dia si alex berkawan with the girls from awkward,
and then there is a journalist from chasing life covering up the news on the investigations.
and the son have to go to jail and then became friend with yada yada yada...

and it is not the scary movie type. it is a serious drama like.
ya why not?

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