Monday, February 26, 2018

++the one with tvseries update 2

hi fellow tvseries lovers!

i've done too much, terlampau bykkkkkkk, tvseries marathoning! 
and gosh, tvseries are the new movies, movies are dead (like how dead we felt towards that latest movie 'blavk panther', so bowring pfftttt)

im not gonna spoiled yah with any hint nor spoilers here, but, here are all (i think ive listed all) of the ones that i've watched. (yg boring2 or masih blom habis tgk, byk yg dah lupa juga).

i am currently at a tvseries named 'WEEDS'.


GameofThrones 9.50 (1,287,564 votes)
BreakingBad 9.50 (1,059,456 votes)
Sherlock 9.20 (625,236 votes)
StrangerThings 9.00 (448,168 votes)
Fargo 9.00 (232,237 votes)
Westworld 8.90 (250,595 votes)
Narcos 8.90 (234,943 votes)
BlackMirror 8.90 (197,763 votes)
Friends(1994) 8.9 (VOTES)
ThePunisher 8.80 (81,076 votes)
PeakyBlinders 8.80 (117,066 votes)
Dexter 8.70 (557,653 votes)
Taboo 8.60 (79,328 votes)
Hannibal 8.60 (185,465 votes)


HouseofCards(2013) 8.90 (391,356 votes)
ArrestedDevelopment 8.90 (235,044 votes)
House 8.80 (345,800 votes)
Marvel'sDaredevil 8.70 (281,942 votes)
SouthPark 8.70 (276,535 votes)
BetterCallSaul 8.70 (208,231 votes)
Shameless(US) 8.70 (143,212 votes)
SiliconValley 8.60 (86,639 votes)
Mindhunter 8.60 (70,577 votes)
AdamRuinsEverything 8.60 (3,911 votes)
Suits 8.60 (292,379 votes)
Mr.Robot 8.60 (248,232 votes)
Legion 8.50 (54,131 votes)
ModernFamily 8.50 (284,287 votes)
HowIMetYourMother 8.40 (501,663 votes)
PrisonBreak 8.40 (401,292 votes)
Homeland 8.40 (259,879 votes)
BigBangTheory,The 8.30 (591,662 votes)
KeyandPeele 8.30 (12,414 votes)
11.22.63 8.20 (51,765 votes)
TheNightManager 8.20 (50,926 votes)
OrangeIsTheNewBlack 8.20 (229,422 votes)
GilmoreGirls 8.10 (79,396 votes)
AmericanGods 8.10 (43,273 votes)
Weeds 8.00 (92,525 votes)
Marvel'sAgentCarter 8.00 (59,716 votes)
Flash(2014),The 8.00 (240,760 votes)
TheSinner 8.00 (24,960 votes)
Gotham 7.90 (170,286 votes)
Limitless 7.80 (49,899 votes)
DesignatedSurvivor 7.80 (43,425 votes)
Arrow 7.80 (349,757 votes)
12Monkeys 7.60 (28,819 votes)
Shooter 7.60 (18,994 votes)
Royals,The 7.50 (8,581 votes)
Don'tTrusttheB----inApartment23 7.30 (28,976 votes)
RulesofEngagement 7.30 (28,576 votes)
BrothersandSisters 7.30 (19,687 votes)
DirtySexyMoney 7.30 (10,904 votes)
YoungSheldon 6.70 (9,781 votes)
Taken 6.60 (5,493 votes)
AloneTogether 5.80 (358 votes)
The End of the F***ing World  8.3
LA Mante


Bonnie&Clyde(2013) 9.20 (5 votes)
ThisIsUs 8.80 (48,931 votes)
Billions 8.40 (37,688 votes)
Scrubs 8.40 (211,528 votes)
13ReasonsWhy 8.30 (151,069 votes)
HowtoGetAwaywithMurder 8.20 (86,539 votes)
Chuck 8.20 (115,165 votes)
HappyEndings 7.70 (31,397 votes)
WeddingBand 7.70 (1,814 votes)
TheDefenders 7.60 (52,905 votes)
Awkward 7.60 (39,315 votes)
Heroes 7.60 (211,880 votes)
Grey'sAnatomy 7.60 (186,966 votes)
LoveBites 7.50 (2,225 votes)
GossipGirl 7.40 (129,078 votes)
Marvel'sAvengersAssemble 7.10 (4,777 votes)
CrazyOnes,The 7.10 (11,174 votes)
CougarTown 7.00 (37,505 votes)
Girlfriends'GuidetoDivorce 6.90 (2,803 votes)
NoOrdinaryFamily 6.90 (15,352 votes)
Exes,The 6.80 (4,480 votes)
2BrokeGirls 6.70 (79,856 votes)
FriendswithBenefits 6.70 (3,078 votes)
PerfectCouples 6.50 (2,342 votes)
MarryMe(2014) 6.40 (2,990 votes)
BestFriendsForever 6.40 (1,324 votes)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

++The one who wants to write

wow its been awhile & i've just finished reading pattypattyboomboom's blog. byk rupanya update dia. rajin ko patttypattyboomboom memblog yeh!
and she's given me some sort of motivation to write.
till date, i'm always

skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttaahhhhhhh (bunyi cd rosak)

ive written the above lastweek or lastlastweek kot!
and i dont have the time, and just save a darft and bam! today during lunch, i just have to saw again this entry and yah, there goes my motivation to write tuh.
KE LAUT sebenarnya
sekejap je rasa motivational to write, and then i had something to do and then i totally forgot that i have that 1 motivation. pfftt.

okla so today i start.

and today i wanna write about my new year's resolution, that is to drink less sugar-ry drink.
its been around 2weeks now that i took my coffee without sugar during breakfast (during officehour)(during weekend however, i automatically changed into my old self, kopi manis gelas besar! OK i will start the weekend bound soon too! must! #JanjiJanjiPalsuSiVIDEL)

and since i've been reading an article about how to lose weight (rajin kali ini, normally i made a hard pass to all articles i recieved), the summary of that article were:

(THIS IS ONLY APPLIED to people who are stubborn and lazy and dont normally doing diet/exercise regularly atau dlm bahasa melayunya, ialah mereka2 yg buat bende separuh jalan seperti aku)

1) we will not lose weight if we cut down our calories watsoever or exercise or both, because we will be starving and end up eat more.
2) our body has an initial benchmark weight. if our current weigh is 100kg, it will maintain that benchmark no matter how much exercise/diet we did until that diet/exercise successful in lowing down the current benchmark. contoh kalo ko maintain exercise dan diet sampai la turun 30kg from 100kg, so your new benchmark is 70kg, it will maintain at that benchmark pula kali ini hingga u hit another benchmark yg mmg kene betul2 lawan benchmark terdahulu.
if u are a hangat2 tahi ayam person, u might lose some weight during your diet/exercise timezone, but u will gain back all that once u lose grip of your diet/exercise tuh.
a benchmark weight is where u will not gain/lose weight eventho u eat like an elephant.
tu sbb org kurus2 tu mkn byk cemana pon dia tetap maintain at certain weight.
3) and another reason for that benchmark weight is due to our hormonal insulin. everybody has their own hormonal insulin which will answer accorldingly to their weight. if u fat, you might have a higher insulin level.
4) so to lose weight is to lower the insulin level.
5) only by losing the insulin level can lower back your benchmark weight.
6) and the easiest way to lower down your insulin level, apart from eatling healthy food, no sugar, not fast food and processed food, is by fasting.
7) it is good if you can do normal muslim-like fasting, that is to fast between the sunrise and sunset
8) but if u r the kind of lemah iman (like me)(who cannot see food, especially in office whr people always like to bring food and asked u to eat), u can try the 16hours diet. that is to not eat anything between your dinner and the next lunch. meaning, to skip your breakfast.
yes, thats the easiest diet i can find now. and this one isnot suitable for thin people, i) u r thin, why do u wanna follow onggemok2 ni? and ii) your food storage in your body is so thin, im afraid that u wont sustained long. but if u can fast easily during ramadhan, why not?
9) u can drink as much water as u can but with no sugar.

sekian sahaja sharing utk kali ini.
i'll post my progress if i am at success.
if nada, paham2lah yg aku gagal lagi ahahahahhahah


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

++the one who redo this old thing

entahlah. i felt like doing quizzes again.
malas nak citer kesah2 sensasi kehidopan ini, cukuplah aku update dgn kuiz2 merepek gini deh.

1. Living arrangement?
Menyewa di rumah flat di tepi bandar. alone for now.

2. What book are you reading now?
beli je rajin, i havent, never, finished reading any. im so lazy.

3. What's on your mouse pad?
not using one.

4. Favourite board game?
dulu2 sukela main monopoly. skrg, hnmmm, dah lama giler tak main, tataula suke ape. omg this type of quiz is soooo not for me. (dah tu kenape ko gi buat lagi hah???)

5. Favourite magazine?
dulu aku suke la all those entertainment mags. pernah subscribe few mcm KLue, galaxy ke ape bende tah lelain. skrg, i'll just read anything dlm phone, or is it everybody?

6. Favourite smells?
skrg suke giler bau eucalyptus. dasar village people.

7. Favourite sound?
ikot mood, same like everybody else. kalo tgh jiwa kacau, nak yg emo emo aje, kalo tgh happy, rase cam nak yg kuat2 yg sampai pecah gegendang telinga dan kalo bole yg live live tuh. dah lamaaaaaaaaaa siotttttttttttt tak pergi dgr live performancesssssssssss. FINE!

8. Worst feeling in the world?
being lied to. tp dah sampai lali pulak. takpelah, Allah kan ada. Dia jaga aku sokmo, walopon sampai tahap jatuh meraung ke ruang paling dalam sekalipon.

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
"keje ke ari ni?"
dan cek phone. tp kekdg x sempat pon nak cek, sbb sokmo bangun lambat dan terus g mandi.

10. Favourite colour?
pastel colors & white (for now)(ini sokmo berubah2)

11. How many rings before you answer the phone?
normally secepatnya if i am available at the time.

12. Name of future child?
anything starts with v. vendetta ke, vanilla ke, videl ke. =p hihik.

13. Most important thing in life?

14. Favourite foods?
nasik with lauk. nasi lemak kecik yg xde lauk walopon sedap still aku x suke kalo xde disertakan dgn apepe lauk.

15. Do you like to drive fast?
dulu ya skrg tidak lagi (gitu)

16. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
not anymore. skrg tido dgn jantanz. haha kidding.

17. What was your first car?
kelisa biru

18. Ultimate car/truck?
jeep wrangler rubicon or bmw x6. sandi oh!

19. If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?
dead taknak la. kalo alive, aku nak sgt jumpe dan pelok awok jason wade. amm amm.

20. Favourite alcoholic drink?
red wine

20. Favourite Drinks?
milo. celaka betol sape yg viralkan video takboleh minum milo sbb milo byk gula tuh!!!

21. What is your zodiac sign?

22. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yes. apsal? x boleke?

23. If you could have any job what would it be?
Anything yg kejenye rilek gila tp gaji bekepok2 dan byk benefits pulak tuh. Amin.

24. Ever been in love?
yes and currently in love with budak yg muda 888tahun dari aku! omg im a cougar!

26. Favorite movies?
masih american history x, kill bill2, dll

27. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
main blasah je

28. What is under your bed?
some old cds and dust. alot of dust.

29. Favourite number?

30. Favourite sports to watch?
Football & anything ade org hensem dan katang. dan bermcm2 kesukanan yg ade lawan2 between Malaysia dan negara lain2 yg mendtgkan semangat kenegaraan.

ok, ive deleted the other 3 more questions. bye.

Friday, February 2, 2018


Housemate pindah lagi.
I need a new housemate! (Or geng makan)

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