Thursday, May 29, 2008

++205 the one who appear in our tabloid :D

korangggg... go grab this month issue of URTV [edisi 722 [1-15 jun 2008]]
kihkihkih.. rubiks army and ofkos atuk was featured in the magazine lah..
[ok, sgt lame ok utk beli urtv,but urtv is better than majalah aksi AF =p hehehe]

*recap: persembahan bertenaga vokalis & gitaris rubiks army. kembang lah tuh burger tuh.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

++204 the one with internet xs at the office finally.

finally, blogging from the office.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

++203 the one with the pam atenden

so after the walkaton, we went to lepak2 minom makan at nearest pelita. then instead of going back to the office, we jalan2 round kl, and dropped by at our colleage's ex-school nearby and lepak2 awhile. then, barulah polang ke office and took a shower at the gym. after that, i went to the workshop to fix the bumper of my car. and after that, my friend ajak lepak makan at medan ikan bakar kg baru.
so ok, kami pon pegi makan disitu.
while browsing the laukpauk utk diamek, a guy approached and asked me:
"hai, keje esso mane?" sambil tersenyum gelenya sekali.
ape? asal pakai tshirt ade cop esso, means keje esso lah? kalo aku pakai tshirt cop carlsberg, aku keje carlsberg lah kan??
well, that dont make me any clear of what is the intention of the question just yet.
i smiled secare ikhlas and continued browsing lah.
then, the guy is still there waiting to tembak anoher soalan lah..
"btol ke keje pam attenden nih?"
i choked.
ape?? org ppan takbleh keje pam atenden kah??
and for the record, i told him, yelah, salahke?
balik ke meja and i told the friends, gelak mcm nak mampos.
so, now i'm officially a pam attenden, sungguh bangla sekali.

'hai, hijau ka? merah ka?'

i cant wait to show u the picture of this pam atenden.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

++202 the one with the walkaton

i called him just now. few times. i threaten him that i'll report to the police. ok, pastu, he bring me to the workshop. his workshop. belakang bangunan magnum kat puduraya...
dah siap dah.. hmm, ketok dan tarik. brape ringgit? tatau..
hm.. ape lagi..
tu jer..
tadi ade walkaton. anak boss ialah hemsem.
sekian sahaje.
selamat beramal.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

++201 the one with the accident

babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii btollahhhhhhhhh
i wasnt on the phone, nor typing sms. i swear i wasnt daydreaming too.
i was focused on the road. [besides some wild imagination on where to go, what to do tonite]. tibe2, bammm, sebuah kete besar kale hitam dan bekilau2, i can spell the plate number here if i want to. dia hentam kuat ok, semua org dlm bangunan kluar tgk [hehe tak ramai, 2-3 org je :D]. tekejot ahkak sekejap. mcm ade bomb meletop ke ape kat blakang nih? kalo lemah jantung, dah mampos dah gwek.
if u happen to witness seorg budak comel with gaun biru duduk bercekak pinggang di berdekatan the ruums just now, yep, akulah tuh yg tgh mengamok. eeeeeeeeeee geramnye, whatdehell r u thinking wey?? jalan jam takkan boleh langgar org jugakk kott?? bodoh lahhhhhhhhhhh..
my bumper, jatuh tapi takdelah tecabot terus, tapi penyek kedepan. his front bumbper tuh retak dan ade sebuah lobang bulat berbentuk reverse-sensor aku. bodoh bodoh.
eeeeeeeeeeeeee sekali lagi. whats more stupid? gwe tak sampai hati plak nak amek the only rm in his wallet [rm 50 je, i checked his wallet ok], because he is only a driver. kesian. bayangkan bini dia, kesian kesian, bayangkan anak dia, kesian kesian..
terase nak report polis, tp, kat mane balai polis ek?? ruums aku tau lah kot. hatrok cafe aku tau lah kot. balai kat mane wey? jalan jam patotkah pegi balai?
bukit aman tuh masok dia katmane wey?
huhu, malangnye daku :(. sudah jatuh ditimpe tangge :(.
terase hati berbalam balam, umpama malam tampa bintang. ok aku dh start merepek.
sekian, cacian untuk hari inih.

oh ya, kpd kereta2 budiman yg tlg hon hon di tepi ruums tadik, STFU yo'll!!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

++200 ok tak siap lagik

they were flying shell's signboard's high when he suddenly dumped this cinderella.
not high enuff to make her really break her bone of her wings.
but high enuff to make her crawl after that.
she creeped for awhile, not so long lah, but it took her several months.
then, she found this really big eagle who thought her how to fly again.
this time, really2 high, she even flew all the way to the moon.
higher and higher each and every day.
one day, he decided to fly away from her, leaving this cinderella alone again.
the cinderella pening abit. dunno what to do.
she tried to

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Friday, May 9, 2008

++200 the one with ironman 25

1. i hope i'll be getting more time to blog and bloghopping by the end of this month, or moving towards nextmonth, i hope i hope.
goodbye disaster. goodbye. err, but i really felt sad to leave them, the guys&girls. the best teammates ever.

2. one day, my colleagues and i went to UOA to have our lunch there. in order to reach UOA, we hv to pass thru KL convention centre, and there's this foodcourt below this building lah..
while walking down the escalator, i thought i saw my bespren 'eja' sedang membeli air di fudkot tersebut diatas, so from afar, i already mencanak2 melajukan langkah towards this 'eja' sambil menyebut2 'e'ja! e'ja! haliza!'..
my colleagues: oth & olle both followed me towards the 'e'ja! e'ja! haliza!' tuh.. but, after being quite close to the abovementioned 'eja' tuh, i realised that she's not 'e'ja' my bespren tuh.. salah lah org.
so, instead of moving towards that 'e'ja', i cornered myself, automatik membengkongkan langkah ke arah lain sbb dah tau dah salah org.
butttt, the other two colleagues: oth&olle secara begitu yakinkan tercegat didepan 'e'ja yg salah' ituh dan tekebil2. i swear i laughed out loud from far tgk mereka berdua ituh. the 'eja yg salah' pon turut terkebil2 melihat kedua2 oth&olle. from that day, whenever one of us cube nak ckp 'eh tuh mcm kwn aku' from far, eventho we surely recognize the person from far, we will still call he/she 'haliza'. 'haa, haliza tuh'.. 'haa haliza haliza'
*hehehe e'ja if u read this, sori, name ko agak glemer dow kat ofis aku, :D

3. this one, is an old story, but i need to write this, we went to watch ironman on the 1st day it was shown at cinema: last-last-wednesday-30th march, andd, guess how many tickets that our manager of the event [read:aie le saga] bought?? 25 fnking tickets. fnking 3 rows. hehe over lah nak letak 4 letter words, tapi, nak tunjukkan betape meriahnye lah konon. begegar sebentar gsc al4manda tersebut.

4. aku sgt suke ironman, kenape korg tak suke citer tuh ek?

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Monday, May 5, 2008

++199 the one with steamboat

we all had a conference everyday [via IM] eversince our boss left us to houston last 2 weeks.
everyday discussing how to spend our money and make us a little more poorer. heh.
from a steamboat hunting, to a barbeque at sg tua, to the latest: genting climbing. ntah jadi ntah tak, mungkin tak jadi. because we were planning like different plan like everyday. asalkan ade org cadangkan apepe projek je, semorg mesti setuju. hampeh ah.
well, i think i'm gonna miss them all.
here's the long overdue pictures of us celebrating first-day boss not around @ a steamboat place at bangi [near san fransisco pizza area]. the price is rm16 perhead, boleh makan hingge muntah.

more fotos from my fotopages:

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