Thursday, February 25, 2016

++the one with lombok gili trawangan

im back!
i loveeee gili trawangan!

so basically, below are our final expenditures.

mur mur kan?
the budget above doesnt include our air tickets.
activities were island hopping & snorkeling, & balinese massage.

we got return flight ticket from airasia at a price of rm227.08 lastyear during promo.
mur mur kan? hehe

i will tell the story for each day at different entry than this, but here is the summary of the expenditures there:
*all cost stated below will be in IDR (indonesian rupiah) & per person (unless stated otherwise)
*the exchange rate was at rm313 per1,000,000 IDRupiah. (so, 10,000IDR = rm3.13)


day1: lombok international airport to mataram, stay in mataram.
-public bus from airport to mataram: 25,000 perperson.
-taxi from mataram bus station to hotel: 25,000/3 = 8,333 perperson.

day2: mataram to gili trawangan. stay in gili trawangan
-took taxi from hotel (mataram) to bangsal (jetty to giliT): 120,000/3 = 40,000perperson
-public boat from bangsal jetty to giliTrawangan = 15,000 + (7500entry to giliT) = 22,500 perperson.
as mentioned in my insta: 
We opted public boat instead of speedboat because we were poor liddatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. We rather spend the money on food and luxury room. Speedboat are around 300-400,000idr perboat (around100-120,000perperson), took 15-30mins from bangsal jetty to gili trawangan, while publicboat cost us only 15,000idr (around rm5) perperson and took around 40-50mins time. Ok ajew. Takde benda nak dikejar and the vacation mmg santai2 aja tidak pon merencana nak melawat sini sana sgt.
-took cidomo from giliT jetty to hotel: 100,000/3 = 33,333 perperson
-rent a bike at 8pm (return at day3 at 730pm) = 50,000perperson

day3: stay in gili trawangan, island hopping (gili trawangan to gili meno to gili air)
-took the rented bike from hotel to giliT jetty
-island hopping package (boat, life jacket, snorkel, mask, guide) 100,000 perperson.

day4: gili trawangan back to bangsal back to airport:
took cidomo from hotel to giliT jetty: 80,000/3 = 26,667perperson
public boat from giliT jetty to bangsal jetty = 15,000perperson
taxi from bangsal jetty to lombok airport (stopover at sesagu souvenirshop & lunch at restoren nada alam nyaman) = 400,000/3 = 133,333
*ralat: taxi ni 320,000 je, tp, imah sedekah another 80,000 so jadi 400,000.


1nite stay at minabi guesthouse 450k+3%(paid by cc))/3 
= 154,500 perperson for 1night.
(we had to take 2 rooms(for 4pax) because there were no triple room). but it is cheap nevertheless.

day2 to day4:
We (4pax) actually prebooked ananda private pool villa (a 2bedroom villa with private pool) at first, but someone decided to burndown her lombok tix for another event, cis!!! 
So we had to find another accommodation.
We chose #giliteakresort at the sunset beach because:
-private beach (at sunset beach, it is quieter this side as compared to the other side because that side lines up the night market and all the happening bars).
-we can always rent the bike for 50,000idr perday if we wanted to go to the happening side. 
It is only around 10mins by bike..
-nice deep swimming pool (but unfortunately it is under construction during our stay), but the beach is always there
-all the staff were really friendly and helpful! Love them!
-food at their cafe were also delicious. Kalo malas pergi cari food, u can always dine here sahaja.
-the sky roof shower! Takot but love.
-it is located near ombak sunset resort (whr all the "must-take-photo-here" swings are). Boleh jln kaki je gi situ utk amek gamba.
-the price is quite cheap for a luxury resort like this, it got 8.++rating in with good reviews.We got 3.2juta rupiah (rm1100) for 2rooms for 2nites (actually for 4pax but thr were only 3of us, so tepaksa bahagi 3 lah). Still ok la. 
= 1,100,000 perperson for 2 nights.

fnb : it was already 9pm, most shops & mataram mall (walking distance from hotel) were already closed by the time, so, x dpt nk makan luar, luckily we did brought wendy burgers from klia2, so we only ate the burgers. and then we bought drinks & toiletteries at a mart nearby.
breakfast included at the hotel.
lunch at WR ibu Dewi (sedap giler) 25,000 perperson.
mocktail at hotel 25,000
mocktail at ombak sunset watching 38,000
dinner at the night market (seafood) around 155,000 perperson.
breakfast provided by hotel.
lunch at gili air (gogo cafe) 70,000perperson
fruits 10,000perperson
dinner from wr ibu dewi 35,000perperson
minumpetang: terang bulan & alpukat 25,000 + 25,000 = 50,000 perperson
balinese massage 1hour 150,000perperson.
breakfast provided by hotel
lunch at rm nada alam nyaman 256,000/3 = 85,333perperson

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy valentines day😘😘😘!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

++the one with tampi tampi

tampi tampi is located at semporna area, sabah. about 2hours drive from tawau.
the last time we went to tampi2, i didnt bring clothes and had the experienced jumping into the sea.
but this time i was ready. the platform specially made for jumping into the water is still utuh there.
so, bear with me, the pictures here are mostly me jumping.

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