Wednesday, February 3, 2016

++the one with tawau 2015

hi there.
this is about tawau 2015.

i was at the chocs & sweets counter at KLIA, waiting for KP to pay for her chocs when i saw a big bowl of free candies & chocs. i asked the cashier, can i have 1?
she then said: "ambikla dik, ambik bebyk pon takpe"
so i slowly pick afew. she then said "ambikla lagi, ade byk lagi stok"
i told her, 'ala x muat tangan, ade plastik tak"
she then took out a plastik bag and i slowly pick 1by1 candies, dia tatahan lalu merampas that plastic bag from me and zasss, menuang semua chocs & candies from that big bowl into my bag. ahahahahhahahahaha. i was happy!

a view from my seat.

reached tawau. tawau from above.

the members busy playing cards.

this is buras. it tasted like lemang, but less lemak. i preferred lemang.

muka happy pegang ikan besar gila babi.


went lepak at tastetwo.

special tarts for the celebration. the tarts were specially made actually, it was not for raya or any party, it was ordered normally for wedding gifts. rm1 each. mahal weh.

and then somebody brought back udang besar2. besar gila babi.

bergambar sahaja, with KU 's lobsters. i heard this one cost rm50 each now, dulu lagi murah, skrg dah mahal dah, but still cheaper than semenanjung.

the famous pisang cheese! i never really like the ones selling in KL. i love tawau's pisang cheese because they are not soggy or memuakkan.

watching only.

at night, supper be like.

sayap is also sedap.

ikan merah masak sos plum

i followed KA to a wedding.

the wedding reception is quite different from ours in semenanjung.. the guests all lined up and go up on the stage to shake hands with the bride/groom (tidak ku gambarkannya)

and melepak2 at tvt

ikan merah masak mangga by KM

i joined KA for zumba class...

went to watch starwars with them..

zumba again..

the nephew cook a delicious nasi goreng for all the uncles that night.

surprise cake kekononnye.

this pulut panggang versi gemok is called gorgos.

went lepak at tvt again..

they celebrated newyear eve.

lepak makan...

a bbq nite at TVT

the lobster was sooooo yummy.

some leftover from the bbq. ketams! i brought back byk gila to KL.

byebye tawau :(

KU fetched us.

lepak at paparich.

my version of ketam masak cossss

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