Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The one with phuket

#throwback entry.
This drypack bag bring back memories.

We were kinda broke when we were at phuket.
One, for being scammed into expensive island hopping package that werent satisfying at all.
Two, for spending money on the wasting pingpong show.
And three, for bringing only rm500 but expected the trip will be as cheap as kohlipe trip.

Apart from has to withdraw another rm200 using nyz4's card there, we were still broke on the last day.
But, i happened to walk by this drypack bag that day.
And i was like, i wanttttt :(( nangis kat situ.
And i was left with only few baht and we had to do quick kutipan kilat there. 
I cant remember how much was the cost but we dig into every pennies even the coins that we had just to buy this one.

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