Thursday, February 26, 2015

++the one with the fb request

berdebar debar & seram
is when someone you maybe admire. added u. in facebook. but then cancelled it.
(nangih jujuq jujuq ayormate)
i mean, i recieved the notification in the email, and in the push notification on phone.
but when i open my facebook apps, nothing's there.

kenapa? uwaaaaa :((

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

++the one with the camera and lenses

i need a new camera
or maybe a gopro
or maybe a new iphone
or maybe wide angle lens

no money.

jual bulu. lelong lelong. ade sape mahu beli bulu?

when i first thinking of buying a gopro, i thought it is just mehhh, kecik kottt, mesti murah kot.
but looking down how far the price hike now, i slowly fade away and merangkak ke arah lens.
wide angle lens. vs fish eye lens. i dunno where to begin.
and what's this shit about aperture. and mm. and focal length. and blalaladah.
im fncked.
and then, the hysterical laughter came in, when i look at them prices.
gila mahallllllllll.
the cheapest so far is 2k.

but then, hello again my wallet. she is so skinny i should eat maggy for 3years.

lelong lelong, sape nak beli bulu again, lelong lelong.

selamat jalan lah gamba cantik.

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i wanna be:rich!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

++the one with the next vacation

yay!!! 2015 's vacation has been sorted out. (notyet. baru confirm the country je dah kaychiohhhh) hehehehe
but, MMTK is not gonna be with us. sad :(.
so we had to do our own itineraries (yea, she's been the one behind all of our travelogues)
i just started on my 1st day at XXX country, and, now, i am here.
susah siot buat iteneri!
or remeh.
or both.

but, i just found out that the traveler, that we encountered at korea lastime, also was at ireland during my stay. jeng jeng jeng.
takde jodoh mmg tak berjumpa!


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i wanna watch moviess!!!!!!

++the one with the whatsapp groups

it's a good thing we have that whatsapp (or anything relevant apps) nowadays.
the thing people shared (mostly referred to my ex-schoolmate's) shocked the hell outta me.

there was one day when most of the married ones bitter-telling about their partner's, well, behaviors.
sometimes, they make me felt glad i havent settled for anyone (or anyone havent settled with me) yet.
but of course, only sometimes.

but still. Allah knows what's best for me.
and for you too.

if u hate me, stop reading and bitch-telling people about me.

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i wanna be:at home spring cleaning.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

++the one with GOT new season : the making

sorry i had to share this video.
the waiting for game of thrones 5th season has really took the sanity outta me (konon!)

the truth is, i was more overwhelmed by seeing the location of places ive been to, being the shooting location of this very new season. like seville (spain) (especially that alcazar palace!!) & also belfast (north ireland).
perasaan yg mcm high & nak nangis itu.
the same feeling when u see your own village or work place or lepak place being in an international movies.

apart from seville & belfast, the new season were also shot at croatia.
we, the GC has been battling about where's next for our 2015 vacation, and didnot come to any agreeable conclusion so far. so, i think, croatia, why not?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

perasaannya yg sgt rinduuuu.
dan rase sgt sgt x cukup!
too many things, too little time.
if i could turn back time.
dan doing things right.
nak pergi lagi. sbb sungguh rase sungguh x cukup.