Monday, February 23, 2015

++the one with the next vacation

yay!!! 2015 's vacation has been sorted out. (notyet. baru confirm the country je dah kaychiohhhh) hehehehe
but, MMTK is not gonna be with us. sad :(.
so we had to do our own itineraries (yea, she's been the one behind all of our travelogues)
i just started on my 1st day at XXX country, and, now, i am here.
susah siot buat iteneri!
or remeh.
or both.

but, i just found out that the traveler, that we encountered at korea lastime, also was at ireland during my stay. jeng jeng jeng.
takde jodoh mmg tak berjumpa!


currently listening to:peterpan - bintang di syurga
currently feeling:bingung
i wanna watch moviess!!!!!!

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