Wednesday, February 25, 2015

++the one with the camera and lenses

i need a new camera
or maybe a gopro
or maybe a new iphone
or maybe wide angle lens

no money.

jual bulu. lelong lelong. ade sape mahu beli bulu?

when i first thinking of buying a gopro, i thought it is just mehhh, kecik kottt, mesti murah kot.
but looking down how far the price hike now, i slowly fade away and merangkak ke arah lens.
wide angle lens. vs fish eye lens. i dunno where to begin.
and what's this shit about aperture. and mm. and focal length. and blalaladah.
im fncked.
and then, the hysterical laughter came in, when i look at them prices.
gila mahallllllllll.
the cheapest so far is 2k.

but then, hello again my wallet. she is so skinny i should eat maggy for 3years.

lelong lelong, sape nak beli bulu again, lelong lelong.

selamat jalan lah gamba cantik.

currently listening to:thinking out loud
currently feeling:stressssssss
i wanna be:rich!!!

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