Wednesday, February 11, 2015

++the one with GOT new season : the making

sorry i had to share this video.
the waiting for game of thrones 5th season has really took the sanity outta me (konon!)

the truth is, i was more overwhelmed by seeing the location of places ive been to, being the shooting location of this very new season. like seville (spain) (especially that alcazar palace!!) & also belfast (north ireland).
perasaan yg mcm high & nak nangis itu.
the same feeling when u see your own village or work place or lepak place being in an international movies.

apart from seville & belfast, the new season were also shot at croatia.
we, the GC has been battling about where's next for our 2015 vacation, and didnot come to any agreeable conclusion so far. so, i think, croatia, why not?

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