Thursday, February 25, 2010


THAT is insane, i cannot tahan diri.
i cannot take&post pictures everyday!
and i cannot tahan diri uploading only 1 picture a day.
i am not as discipline as i think i am.

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++the one with korean song 2001

i've been listening to this song since yesterday
and couldnt stop mesmerizing how we were struggling to watch this video longggggggg time ago
(around 2001 or2002 i think), ohwell, by using the dial up connection.
cant remember who found this song atfirst, i think it was owwe or pojan or sumo or urgh dunno who..

...but up till now, i still cried watching it.

those were the days when i (and also sue&jjay) always chat in the IRC #exsbp, mostly with those budak2 study jepon, and those were the zaman2 kegelapan where we used to go out with strangers, and on one of the days, while accompanying jjay to meet her chatfriend at KLCC,
i met atuk, my love, *cewah jiwang*, forever. amin. wallahualam. yaddaa-yadaa.
haha bangang ni.
dan selepas jumpe di KLCC itu, we exchanged yahoo ID and started chatting, text-ing, movie-ing, dating dan tidak dilupekan confessing. those were the days when he always get jealous too easily, takboleh org lain jeling sikit, mulelah dia rase nak betumbok.. infact dia penah cube menumbok my coursemate ituh, dan few other frens of mine.. huhukk..
tidaklah seperti sekarang, org nak mengorat pon, dia sgt alu2kan agaknye, supaya dia boleh melepaskan ku yg gemok dan tiada tande boleh kurus ni.. :( sedihnye... malam2 ku dibiarkan kesepian, blom kawen dah rase terabai, kalo dah kawen agaknye apelah nasibku. menanggung rindu yg terdalam..
sue mesti jijik giler ni. hehe. summimassen, guek agak terencat harinih.

Dodeche ar suga obso namjadurui maum
wonhar ten onjego da juni ije tonande
ironjog choumirago nonun thugbyorhadanun
gu marur midosso negen hengbogiosso

marur haji guresso nega shirhojyoda go
nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso
norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

modungor swibge da jumyon gumbang shirhjungnenunge
namjara durosso thollin mar gathjin anha
dashinun sogji anhuri maum mogo bojiman
todashi sarange munojinunge yoja ya

marur haji guresso nega shirhojyodago
nunchiga obnun nan nur boche giman hesso
norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

Onur urin heojyosso budi hengbogharago
noboda johun sarammannagir barandago
nodo darun namjarang togathe nar saranghanda go marhanten onjego
sorjighi na nega jar doenungo shirho
naboda yepun yoja manna hengboghage jar sarmyon otohge
guroda nar jongmar ijoborimyon otohge
nan irohge himdunde himduro juggenunde
ajigdo nor nomu saranghanunde

sarangur wihesoramyon modun da har su inun
yojaui chaghan bonnungur iyong hajinun marajwo
hanyojaro theona sarangbadgo sanunge
irohge himdurgo oryourjur mollasso

norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

english version
I just can't understand the hearts of men
they tell you they want you and then they leave you
this is the first time, you're special
I believed those words and I was so happy

you should have told me you didn't like me any more
but I couldn't see that and you just rushed me
although I will curse you I'll still miss you
since I am a girl, to whom love is everything

i heard that if you give up things too easily
to a man, he will get bored with you
i don't think this is wrong
a girl says that she will never be fooled again
but she will fall in love again

you should have told me you didn't like me any more
but I couldn't see that and you just rushed me
although I will curse you I'll still miss you
since I am a girl, to whom love is everything

Hey babe
the pain
it's not enough to describe how i feel
we were so happy together
but I know now
I've been blind
you told me that you'd never let me down
whenever I needed you you'd always be here
I can forgive but I cant forget
even though you hurt me
I still love you
I still love you

don't take advantage of a girl's willingness
to do anything for love
and her caring instinct
i didn't know that to be born as a girl and
to be loved was so hard
although i will curse you i'll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything
although i will curse you i'll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

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currently missing your existance cewahhh~
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


my ofismet bought me and my tablemate 2 bungkus of nasik lemak - lemak giler (sgt original nasik lemak kat kampong2) for each of us. (calculatively 4bungkus of nasik lemak for the 2 of us)
all HAIL lemak2 extravaganza~

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so much for a signboard,huh?

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Monday, February 22, 2010


today's pick: featuring amar trying to complete his hantaran :D

and me hehe, are u sure u r prettier than me? think again.

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++how to be happy for dummies

cause of sadness:
-bf cheats on u (top sadness)
-mom nagging about your age and unmarried status
-being rejected
-want samting so VERY badly, but cannot get it.
-defisitness aka gaji cipot
-mom disokong oleh makcik2 sedare penyebok
-makan with makcik penyebok jugak in the office
-kawan2 semua dah kawen, dan skrg zaman kawan2 kpd adik pule berebot2 nak kawen. ah babi.
-kazen yg baru lepas SPM pon sebok tanye bile nak kawen, ko nak makan pelempang ke budak baru belajar melancap????

how to be happy:
-eat chocolates (choose cheap-cheap chocs)
-eat rice (cheaper) and lepas makan nasik, kenyang, wahh happynyer!! lupe sekejap masalah.
-sleep (u can not think about your sadness when u sleep)
-eat again, ahhh, sooo refreshing lah eating ni..
-go out party-ing (not cost effective, but u can lose weight :D)
-go vacation (not cost effective, and it can hold up to that #days of vacation only)
-seeing & meeting with 'single' friends ONLY. kawan dah bekawen sume sebok ckp pasal anak2.
-terpikir semula about the problem, go eat! eat makes me(atleast) happy.

side effect:
-gain weight
-extra sadness due to the gaining of weight
-people critisize your size, sadness again.
-people reject u due to your current size, upper sadness!

the mathematics

if {(cause of sadness + side effect > how to be happy), "bunoh diri je lah"}
else if (u r damn lucky, "bitch")

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Sunday, February 21, 2010


lepak2 @ po'sen, k4jang

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i wanna i wanna !!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


of shisha + movie + lepak2

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Friday, February 19, 2010

++the one who eat rice

my problem is i cannot avoid rice
lastnite while sitting in the car ontheway towards the dining place,
i was thinking silently, "nak makan bihun sup ke bihun tomyam ek"
but when we reached the place, i saw nana&amar's nasi lauk daging masak halia and telor bungkus there, kecur terus air liur.
i ordered nasik grg kg instead of my 'makan bihun' mission.
damn, this is killing me.
i must avoid seeing rice i think.

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of love and patch

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


today's picture featuring my own sms
i still keep the year 2005's texts!!!
boy, i am still the same.
do u keep that old smses?

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i wanna go back and schleep!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


quench your thirst?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


acara biase selepas setiap kenduri yg dianjurkan. T_T

Sunday, February 14, 2010


aq1dd's kenduri cukur jambol + aqiqah

Saturday, February 13, 2010


on valentines nite, i was back at kg preparing for aq1d's kenduri cukor jambul + aqiqah

our intended bunga api on valentines nite.. tp x sempat capture sangat. T_T

Friday, February 12, 2010

++the one with valentines day

before its too late, i wd like to wish chinese readers HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
gong xi fa chai :D

and to all lovers,
here's my v gift so far :p

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++479 videl-002

today's picture featuring the sun newspaper today.
lookit the right bottom corner, lovely isnt it :D
ofkos people can reckon which competitor it refers to,
but not to british extend of remarking the actual competitor's name there.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

++478 project 2010 kick-off videl-001

my new year resolution starts today, i was being inspired by the blog i read just now.
im gonna capture and post a picture a day!
yippie, thats gonna take a moment there in my daily memory, its not easy to wake up and remember that i have to take picture today! and i cant say where this is going, but lets kick-off now.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

++477 kecewa

sedikit waktu yg kau miliki
luangkanlah untukku
harap secepatnya datangi aku
sekali ini ku mohon padamu
ada yg ingin ku sampaikan
hampa kesal dan amarah
seluruhnya ada dibenakku
tandai seketika
hati yg tak terbalas
oleh cintamu

ku ingin marahhhhh
tapi kuhanyalah sendiri di siniiiiii
ingin kutujukan pada siapa saja yg ada
bahwa hatiku kecewa
sedetik menunggumu disini
seperti seharian
berkali kulihat jam ditangan
demi membunuh waktu
tak kulihat tanda kehadiranmu
yg semakin meyakiniku
kau tak datang

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

++476 the one with the low confidence

i have a very low self confidence
i am afraid of what people would say/would've said
i am unconfident with my own height, and weight, and body
i am afraid to look at mywholeself in the mirror
i sometimes hate me
especially when people kutuk or cerca or hina me up-front T_T
i felt so down
and unsecure all the time
thats why i have never tried anything beyond the low-confidence-level

i tend to have a high tolerance to bad temper, but very very low self confidence.
thats a +ve to -ve energy.
so, im neutral.

thank god

that's a very quick flow of mood-swing!

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Monday, February 8, 2010


this is like a desease in me
im feeling abnormal
oh shit

and somebody kutuk me in the facebook picture
THAT my friend, make me feel bad even more. thank you lah.

scary life

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

++474 atuk's 28th

helohai sape disaneeeeeeee
i have no updates as of this moment, but, incase u havent heard, we celebrated atuk's 28th birthday last thursday at tony romas.
i almost forgotten already about how well the plan went,
i arrived early to buy some party packs, tp, kepale telah pening didlm jayajusco. i think udara didlm jusco ialah macam kering and unventilized properly or something. mcm kurang oksigen, or mbe im juz plain hungry. nasibaik tak pemsan disituh.
so, i juz grab some stufss and duduk lame gile at the toilet area.
and then we all had to wait to be seated sbb fully booked and we were on the waiting list.
and then, the waiter didnot followed my instruction, i wanted them to go out with the cake semasa kami tgh makan, bukan selepas semorg telah makan. T_T
tapi, nasibaik they had their birthday celebration routines as well, so, there goes process membuli birthday boy.. tambah jugak dgn our own rancangan to make him embarrassed. heh heh.
and.. i must write this, tony roma's ribs there were to die for, i wouldnt mind membazir rm50 again for that dish. like seriously.

oklah. gamba here..!/album.php?aid=154116&id=602761009

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

++473 the one with todays quotes

"dont apologize if u r going to do the same mistake again..
dont thank when u dont really mean it..
dont feel so proud when u r at the top but u make others down..
dont tell that u r happy when u tend to make others feel bad..
dont give people hope when u r going to shit them later..
dont accept when u r going to throw them back..
dont expect the best when u cant take the worst..
dont ask when u dont want to appreciate it..
dont make others your specimen when u cant accept the result.."

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