Monday, September 28, 2009

++420 the one with aidilfitri 2009

selamat hari raye
maaf zahir batin
we still have another 2 weeks for raya. invite me to your open house.:p

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currently feeling:na
i wanna be:na

Saturday, September 26, 2009


its been a while.kan.
how does it feel when u feel 'betrayed' and u dun have the guts to move?
i wish i can fly. like rite now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

++418 the 6th ramadhan buffet 2009

this time around, mr manager azim would like us to try his new found tpt makan sedap at one utama, the name is SEOUL garden. due to last minute arrangement, he couldnt get OU and Bangsar's branch, but, IOIMall branch. takesahlah, asalkan dpt makan.
the price is RM35++, pokpekpakpok campo tax n freeflow of air, jadiklah RM43.
i especially like the kambing bakar. tp, xbleh makan byk2 nanti aku terbang naik ke awan.
selamat jalan~

picture source: videl's sony compact cam berikatkan getah

currently listening to:21 guns
currently feeling:menanti waktu bebuke dgn penoh keinsafan :p
it's been a while :(

++417 the 5th ramadan buffet

was at hilton again, with er1csson. makan free ai laik.

pictures for u to hate, for me to keep. selamat menahan lapar~

picture source: videl's sony compact digicam ikat getah
currently listening to:21 guns
currently feeling:lapar cptlahhhhhhh kol 7pm!!!
i wanna be:a supermodel~