Monday, April 6, 2009

++334 the one with the pokdiksen short notice trip

1. ex-ExxMob-DM+QA gathering @ samuri satey k4jang. husni open table. thanx husni:D
2. went back to cyberia after that to send atuk's satey, hence the curfew yeh girls.
3. and while struggling the mind on what movie to watch, at around 12.45 midnite that same nite, pg called atuk to ajak pergi pokdiksen. confused, but excited at the same time.
maka, di ambang malam2 bute, another crazy nite out, ke pokdiksen lah kami, 2 cars, 5 guys and 2 girls. myself, atuk, pg, baby, amar, donnie and aie.
what we did? melepak diatas tikar di tepi pantai dibawah cahaya purnama sambil main teka2 movie mcm win lose or draw gitu gitu. sedar sedar dah azan subuh. and we headed back to cyberjaya around 630am and had breakfast at a&w seremban and reached cyber around 830am dan tidor berjaya.

samuri satey k4jang pictures:

and ofkos gamba2 di pokdiksen

currently listening to:simon and garfunkel - bridge over troubled water
currently feeling:sleepy like mad cow? the hell?
i wanna be:tough. tidak lembik seperti agar2

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