Monday, October 28, 2013

++This one should be in here

I am feeling really2 sad and down and sad and downnnn😭😭😭

My aunt died yesterday
Of cancer
Something wasnt in the family heritance before
I am so scared
And sad too
This one was the one who frequent our home in tamp1n during my primary school
And she is the rock type
Who went and bang her head on to the kind of pujaan 10 nescafe rock kapaks.
Sometimes she went with us to those funfair gigs.
I just love her.

And i am sad typing this.

She is the rajin type too especially during kenduri. Even atuk reckon her, said, makcik awak yg tu rajin.

And to witness how well her husband treated her during her final month,
Urgh ull cried million tears if not billions. She was in a good hand i have to say. Even until her final moments.

I dunno what to say, she went away 42 days after her sister.
Mom said that after her sister, she didnt eat. She lost her urge and willingness to fight her cancer.

Cannot write further, shattered hands.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

++mimpi sedih malam tadi

mimpi sedih
tersentak dan terus terjaga

dan aku terus ke tesco beli groceries mencecah rm200.
bukan utk family, utk single yg hidup sendiri.
mood memasak telah mari.

*saje nak update pengguna2 samsung & apple

Friday, October 25, 2013

++TBBT s07e06

howard sang (together with the whole team(penny & leonard & raj & amy & sheldon) to bernadette on their 1st anniversary:

♪ If I didn't have you ♪♪ Life would be blue
♪ I'd be Dr. Who without the TARDIS ♪
♪ A candle without a wick
♪ A Watson without a Crick
♪ I'd be one of my outfits without a dick-ie ♪
♪ I'd be cheese without the mac ♪
♪ Jobs without the Wozniak
♪ I'd be solving exponential equations ♪
♪ That use bases not found on your calculator ♪
♪ Making it much harder to crack ♪
♪ I'd be an atom without a bomb ♪
♪ A dot without the com
♪ And I'd probably still live with my mom ♪
♪ And he'd probably still live with his mom ♪
♪ Ever since I met you, you turned my world around ♪
♪ You supported all my dreams and all my hopes ♪
♪ You're like uranium-235 and I'm uranium-238 ♪
♪ Almost inseparable isotopes
♪ I couldn't have imagined ♪
♪ How good my life would get ♪ From the moment ♪ That I met you
♪ Bernadette

♪ If I didn't have you ♪ ♪ Life would be dreary
♪ I'd be string theory without any string ♪
♪ I'd be binary code without a one ♪
♪ A cathode ray tube without an electron gun ♪
♪ I'd be Firefly, Buffy and Avengers without Joss Whedon ♪
♪ I'd speak a lot more Klingon ♪♪ Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam
♪ And he'd definitely still live with his mom ♪
♪ You turned my world around
♪ You're my best friend and my lover ♪
♪ We're like changing electric and magnetic fields ♪
♪ You can't have one ♪♪ Without the other
♪ I couldn't have imagined ♪♪ how good my life would get
♪ From the moment that I met you ♪
♪ Bernadette
♪ Oh, we couldn't have imagined ♪
♪ How good our lives would get
♪ From the moment that we met you ♪
♪ Bernadette.

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
never have i cried wathing the big bang theory.

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++the one who preferred home over the hypes

i had a quick lunch today with J
and a topic about how we spend the weekend came up
we both agree that we rather sit at home and lazying around nowadays.
and online shopping.
are we old or are we old?

and to think that i even ordered a sofa bed online.


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

++si bimbo berckp tentang telco part 2

sambungan. bosan kan topik blog pasal ilmu ni. hehe, tp nak jugak share.
berikut ialah beza2 antara semua service2 yg anda dpt.
nanti kalo mak2 kt kg tanyo apo tu 3G dik? ha ekau lukihkanlah table bawah niha:
2G: gsm gprs edge
3G: umts, hsdpa, hspa, hspa+
4G: LTE, wimax 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Metallica - Master Of Puppets live Seattle 1989

pagi2 dah buat saiko dgr lagu metal2. tak paham aku.
maybe aku rindu sgt nak tgk org jamming. bunyi kuat in the studio.
bukan! bukan mcm dgr kat youtube. nak dlm soundproof room, nak jantung bedegup kencang itu.

Metallica - Master of Puppets (Live) [Quebec Magnetic]

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

++si bimbo berckp tentang telco part1

in general, this is for bimbos.
i hope no technical person will encounter this blog hehehe. (takot aku merepek2 je)

1st of all, why are telco companies, in malaysia especially, are *losing revenues year by year, company XX for instance, used to be the most succesful & richest company when we first know about data in mobile services almost above 10years ago, even the ceo was one of the richest man in world that time, but why, now, this XX company is not anymore.

1) when the traffic was mostly voice, (2005 & below), the revenue over the cost of the infrastructure are much more higher. (dah more, higher lak)(bimbo).
2) after 2005, traffics are going to the data pattern.
users are introduced to more entertaining UI, frenster, fotopages, the great facebook came around 2006/7, then twitter, then instagram, keek, whatsapp, etc etc. semua nya data.
voice traffics (cheap infrastructure, high revenue) are getting stagnant, & mostly saturated.
data traffics (expensive infrastructure, not so high revenue) going exponential.
at some point of time, the network cost exceeds the revenue.

volume of traffics (data) are getting higher, the cost of traditional infrastructure also getting higher,
but the revenue, nada. stagnant. (tu sbb that richest man lari dari the company, bukan pergi ke another telco company, but, out of the technology altogether)
sebab apa? sbb users are getting cheaper & cheaper services, they see data as a cheap services. data plan strategy between telcos are competing well. semua nak kasi package paling murah, it's not healthy for the telco companies, but, if i am a customer too i still want the cheapest package too. so, no complain there.

so when i heard people complaining (mostly in fb) about how a rich company ni, network coverage mcm sial lah, at certain area, x reti2 ke nak buat something, bla bla bla,
i can imagine the face of the engineers in certain department yg struggle to give the best coverage, struggle cut PO/PR for sites upgrade ke, tambah itu tambah ini, and its not as easy, sometimes there were budget cut because of some other department sibuk pakai duit for marketing, sometimes tetibe ade VIP from other site complain so there goes that budget for that site into that other site, sometimes tetibe ade vandalism in other site (ni mmg paling pundek),  and so on.

of course, there are always a budget from that small revenue, but, the traffics volume are getting fnking overflown that no better service provider can cope with the upgrading costs.
upgrading cost for the existing network tuh satu,
upgrading cost for the new technology tuh lagi satu.

if people complain and if they are tired of it, they can go to the extend of suggesting you to change service provider je.

the basic fundamental in data services (in 3G network) is, the more people in the same area using the same service provider, the worst the network became.
a site serving an area based on their power level, the more user around the area using any data services at the same time will make their power level distributed amongst the users, so, sorang dpt sikit power je, so makin slow le intenet ittew.
bila ramai org in the same area complains about the slow serving site, telco engineers akan mengupgrade dgn menambah power level contohnye, (ade lagi upgrade2 lain, maleh nak taip)(sebenanye dah lupe),
and after a while, ramai lagi tetibe user baru duduk area tu, or ramai user dah teraddicted kpd utube channel k-droma tuh, so, slow lah semule, so upgrade lah lagi,
sehinggalah dah xbleh upgrade apo2 dah, ekau poie lah pindah rumah hahahhaha.
(actually, boleh lagi, tambah new site, or tambah rnc, but totally different case&cost, maha karya cinta, byk lagi kawasan2 strategy yg perlu duit utk upgrade yg 1st phase tadi, semuanye dependable.)
(contohnye kawasan kg acik tuhaaaa, node-B (site) pon takdoooooooooo)

(why havent i complained about it? walopon kdg2 rase sakit jiwa diatas ketiadaan intenet, tp, kdg2 rase alala tenang & aman juwer hehehe. and i know my village is a remote area, x layak & x mendtgkan revenuee so tidak dipandang utk di buat apapa ahahahahhaha)


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Monday, October 21, 2013

++No title

Sedihnyeeee huhuhuhuuuu
I nidddd vacationnnnnn

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

++The one with murtabak singapore

I love this one. Murtabak singapore..
the price is around 6 dollar sekeping..
normally ai pesan kat runiz yg suke blk singapore tuh
(mcm selalu sgt la kan padahal baru 2 kali je sbb baru tau kesedapannya) ,
but few said that there is a gerai selling this at shah alam kot.
the size is a magic pan large size. besar gila.
aku yg mkn byk ni pon kene mkn 2kali baru abis semua.
it is a total diff with our local murtabak, no isi bawang yg melimpahruah no no, daging semata.
lagi sedap dari roti daging!

++Your body is a wonderland

Something 'bout the way the hair falls in your face
I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase
You tell me where to go and though I might leave to find it
I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it

you want love?
We'll make it
Swim in a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break 'em
This is bound to be a while

Your body is a wonderland

++the one with the property

if you're looking for an investment in property business, i think this one is a good one.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

++the one with periok

i brought back mom's periok to office today.
the rendang was frozen together with this periok (sbb pemalas kan), and mom had hard times nak pisahkan the rendang from the periok, so she decided to let the periok go together.
bayangkan cemane ai bawak pi ofis kan.
tekejot mak kau.

yes, to panaskan lauk selama berhari2. jimat belanja!

++Hao Xin Fen Shou

astagaaa... tadi aku ade bende nak ckp sini, tp, skrg dah lupa...
haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. menyesal tak bukak blog ai nih? hehehe
ok biar daku pegi beristighfar utk mencuba mengingatinya sebentar....

okla ai mmg dah tua nampaknya dah lupa nak tulis apa..
tp tertgk pula video lama... mari mari mari masuk, salam saye dulu:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


you left me without a thought in my head
i guess it's worth it to weigh they difference
but i won't drive until you tell me it's fine
to follow the lines where we had said goodbye

++tunjukkan padaku

Tenangkan resahku,
Saat langkahku terasa berat,
Teduhkan jiwaku,
Saat matahari bersinar terlalu pijar,
Karena dirimu satu -satunya yang kuandalkan,
Saat diriku tak mampu berdiri di sini sendiri,..

Ceritakan sayang,
Hari-hari yang t'lah kaulalui,
Katakanlah sayang
Semua hal yang kaubenci dari diriku,

Cobalah... cobalah...
Tuk mengerti keadaan ini,
Aku rapuh... saat kau tinggalkan,

Bangunkan tidurku,
Bila kauterjaga lebih dulu,..
Dan bergegaslah sayang,
Kita isi makna indahnya hari ini,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

++the one who is a hoarder

hi everyone, i am a hoarder.
and, i have a loooooooooooooooong list of unwanted things/stuff in my home and i have wayyyyy looooooooong list of the olddddddddd stuffs
i still hanged the exes pictures on my wall, i still keep all his clothes and all the movie tics we went together!
saikooooooooooooo giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i kept all the yongtaufu container, i kept all the paperbags.
i still kept all the readers digest collections! to which i have never read!
i kept my old curtains, my old pillowcases, my old shirts my old pants my superold scarves!!!
scary kau.
i didnot know how and when and how?? can u throw away your precious things?
oklah i did throw away some, but i still kept most.
my 3rd room is now occupied by my silly stuff.

and u know what?
i kept my old frenster too.
i saved it the lastime we were in it, and i can ss it to prove it.


now that frenster has shutdown, i kinda miss it

i think need therapy for my hoarding problem nih.
no wonder i cant letgo easily. i tend to sayanggggggggggg to throw away T_T

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Monday, October 7, 2013

++Kenangan Terindah

bila yg tertulis untukku
adalah yg terbaik untukmu
kan ku jadikan kau kenangan
yg terindah dlm hidupku
namun takkan mudah bagiku
menghilangkan jejak hidupmu
yg telah terukir abadi
sebagai kenangan yg terindah...

Friday, October 4, 2013

++set down your glass

Just close your eyes
And count to five
Let's craft the only thing we know into surprise

Set down your glass
I painted this
To look like you and me forever as we're now

And I'm shaking then I'm still
When your eyes meet mine I lose simple skills
Like to tell you all I want is now

You sing and I'm killed
I'm just not the same
As I was a year ago and each minute since then

My jumper tears
As we take it off
And you say you'll sew me good as new and I know you will

And I'm shaken then I'm still
When your eyes meet mine I lose simple skills
Like to tell you all I want is now..

++ST12 - Saat Terakhir | VC Trinity

suara sengau mcm selsema itu! menitis2 air mata dipagi jumaat..
"arwah" itu baik org nya...

Tak pernah terpikir olehku 
Tak sedikitpun ku bayangkan
 Kau akan pergi tinggalkan kusendiri
Begitu sulit kubayangkan 
Begitu sakit ku rasakan 
Kau akan pergi tinggalkan ku sendiri
Dibawah batu nisan kini 
Kau tlah sandarkan 
Kasih sayang kamu begitu dalam 
sungguh ku tak sanggup
 Ini terjadi karna ku sangat cinta

*Inilah saat terakhirku melihat kamu
 Jatuh air mataku menangis pilu
 Hanya mampu ucapkan 
Selamat jalan kasih

#Satu jam saja kutelah bisa 
cintai kamu;kamu;kamu di hatiku
 Namun bagiku melupaknmu 
butuh waktuku seumur hidup 
Satu jam saja kutelah bisa 
sayangi kamu... di hatiku
 Namun bagiku melupakanmu 
butuh waktuku seumur hidupdi nanti ku......

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

++the one with the rm900 wage

so imah has been (hehe) spamming us with this article of a girl who lives with a minimum wage of rm900 a month and dare us to take the bet to live accordingly too.
read here:
what a false hope, how can someone live on a rm900 monthly wages? rm900 monthly means rm30 daily for meals/transportations/expenditure.
an outing to a fancy cafe per 1 meal a day pon dah can cost us around rm50 kan. cemane pulak nak live with only rm30 a day (tu tak termasok tolls & gas kan)..

but kami yg aneh ni tetap menyahut seruan imah ituh.. (but of course kan) hehehe.

so below are the things that'll be counted in the rm900 spendings:
meals, transportations (tolls/minyak/lrt/ktm/etc), any daily expenditures (shopping ke, groceries ke, online groupon ke, medicals ke, karaoke ke, spa ke, kaler kuku ke, dandan rambut ke)

things that'll not be counted:
committed loans (car loan, house loan), committed bills, basic monthly adjustmentslah (mcm duit rental ke, duit kasi mak ke, duit kasi anak buah ke, duit zakat ke)

we started at 1st october (ya baru je 2 hari hehehe, mmg taktahu apakah arah tujuan nya akan berjaya tak), but the mastermind had already datang meracon kitorg dgn sale sane sini, kurang asammmmmmmmmm!!!!

and now she's struggling to find ways to sabotage irina's budgetary. shaitannnn! hahahaha

but anyways, what do we get from this betting if not only helping us saving more money for our next trip, yes, entertainment:

so kamon girls (and boys, err, rasenye xde org lelaki bace blog saye), doakan kami berjaya!
and if u want my share of the final results, just stay tune!
and this is my sample of iphone apps used for this tracking:

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