Wednesday, February 25, 2009

++322 the one with bukit tinjau di tengahmalambute

1. there's this huge transformation (re-organization) in the whole department, which will effect the whole building. i think there'll be major physical movement from one floor to another too, only not yet being implemented. the new department i'm into scares the shit out of me. most of the people are either bosses, or bosses's bosses. diriku tapak sulaiman gile babi. i cant even smell what's my future will look like. susah dowh nak naik kalau beginih. or shud i juz remarks, there's no future for me here. huhuhu.

2. about jason mraz. finallyyyyy, someone has written something that i wanted to express long time ago. time kasehlah sue kerana tapayah susah2 aku nak memikirkan ayat. read: exactly sue.
sue ni mmg up to date sikit bebanding guek, dulu, dia jugaklah antara elemen yg mengbuatkan aku suke u&i both tuh sbb blog dia dok bubuh bgm tuh. cranberries, lifehouse, coldplay, tuh sume tuh dia gak pengaroh guek.. pening2 kepale lah kirenye dgr dia dok ulang2 lagu krenberis tuh dulu tuh, sampai aku beli kaset dia.. she's like my 2nd boyfriend hehehe.. (eja is 3rd boyfriend sbb eja suke pengaruh lagu set2 jiwang sikit)
ah wateva.

3. ever heard about bukit tinjau? or lookout point they called. kat ampang ateh bukit menuju ke hulu langat sanun tuh. somebody dragged us to that lookout point lastweek, at tengah2 malam bute. dah nak tido nak tinjau apenyer?

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++321 i will be

was recommended by si bengkenggg. besss gilerrr..
I Will Be

There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me

All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye and now I know
How far you'd go

I know I let you down
But it's not like that now
This time I'll never let you go

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly

You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe, cause you're here with me

And if I let you down
I'll turn it all around
Cause I would never let you go

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

Cause without you I cant sleep
I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You're all I've got, you're all I want

And without you I don't know what I'd do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here with me, do you see,
You're all I need

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

++320 the one with waffle

*excuse the bibir kering. pciture henfon, no quality.
org sebok ber-boxing day, kitorang sebok makan waffle. seriyes sedappppp..
jom pergi oxford street.

panaz! dan nak makan waffle eskrem!
budak2 main dota dota dota. grrrrrrrr.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

++319 25 randoms things about videl

was tagged by peachy:here and elle:here and elle again here and wankacuk here and yoye here.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag up to 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.
OHH this is so 'kacang'.

1. people call me 'has1fah' during primary school, 'has' during secondary school. then, my kakak angkat started to call me 'che pah' and everybody in the school started to follow. except small number of besties. and, now that i'm already 5 years working, i am either che pah, has1fah, cp, or kakngah.
2. people said that my blog influenced them to ber-blog. dulu2 lah. sekarang dah ramai giler kot yg ber-blog.
3. people told me that my face looks familiar. every new-fren always told me that helo.
4. people told me that i look fat now. why so sudden?
5. my besties/exbesties are mostly single and unmarried yet. yey. (read: imah, sue, irina, mazni, monno, elle)
6. i spend almost most of the weekends at cyberjaya. i spend most of the 2008 weekends at muti4ra d4mansara (sejak kak ann pindah balik sabah). i spend most of the 2007 weekends at pantai dalam rumah kak ann.
7. i love musics.
8. i played online game. ROSE online specifically, and also ikariam.
9. i dont mind buying pirated stuff as long as it looks cantik dan tidak over. i'll just grab it, dunno duncare. mcm beli dvd pirate gak ah.
10. and of kos i dont mind buying cheap stuff too. i dig warehouse sale/s. hehe. seluar zara kat warehouse sale rm59.90, lantaklah kan kalo itu brg warehouse.
11. i am allergic of seafood (actually), tp, aku degil dan TIDAK pernah berpuasa drpd seafood.
12. i hate reptiles, and worms. sgt cilaker geli.
13. i hate people who are slow on the road during peak-hours. ko kalo nak besiar2 tayah nak besiar2 pkol 7-9am ok.
14. my handphone has been mute-d for 6 months now (kire nasib lah tuh kalo ade org telepon dan aku dpt rase getarannya. kalo tak tuh, akan bederetlah miss-call), and i think i dont have problem waking up for works without the alarm. (hp kan alarm clock). 2-3 kali je telajak tido. its like a natural alarm. (kalo bukan working days, this natural alarm akan turn off secara otometik. pelik)
15. i love being pampered. who doesnt lah kan.
16. i hate myself for loving someone too much.
17. saye taksuke balik kg. tp, saye sayang parents and the whole family saye. how can u judge people yg taksuke balik kg sebagai anak yg tak sayang makbapak???
18. my parents suka dtg kl melawat anak2 (hence no.17).
19. saye membesar di t4mpin n9, pindah kpil4h after 15years old when i've already spending the time in ssp-kl. so, i dont have any single friend at kg itu. (hence no.17, again).
20. my digicam has been dying on me. mcm coma. kdg2 bleh pakai, kdg2 taboleh. she's been acting all numb and dumb since the adoptance (adeke pekataan adoptance??:D) of atuk's D90. i think she's beind jealous and insecure. doh!
21. people are complaining that i didnot take much pictures and then blog about it nowadays. huhui.
22. i wish i am shorter. while people are wishing they were taller. i am 167cm, and i think this heightness makes me cuak with heights. pulowk dah.
23. i love live performances. (i must have written this so many times)
24. i've been imagining what if someday, liverpool dtg malaysia the same exact day(and time lah konon2nye) with coldplay or lifehouse. which one i'll catch.
25. people who pretend they dont know me (yg mmg nampak sgt belakon), ialah bangang. owh thats not about me. thats about people i simply menyampah.

there. thats 25 of it.
well then again, i have many more list about me. from the blog. it is actually not hard at all to even list back down 25 from them. voila to the power of blogging.

OK, 1st 10 are from HERE
another 7 from HERE
AND another 8 from here

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

++318 the one with the old screen captures

atuk was asking for our old pictures (screen shots) of our online gaming and i found these, from the old blog:
*videl*kuchiki*rukia*: dan inih
then, i started to read those old entries.
i mean, whats with those tulisan warnewarni wey?? (not as obvious as budak2 baru nak up punyer blog lah ofkos), but, hey, i did that those days?
and whats with tulisan kecik tulisan besar too???

dont think thats cool.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

++317 sunburst final line-up

nah amek ko. wadehel?


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

++316 the dirty sexy money

the father is a filthy rich father, who owns some big company and the family is the richest family in newyork. expect that the father, is someone who always secure his sons and daughters, always do whatever it takes (even money and his power) to protect the family and their company.
one of his son, whois already married to a beautifullady, is campaigning for president post, and at the same time had an affair with another woman(a him). yes correct, a bapok.
so, one day, the beautiful wife found out about the bapok and getting all crazy and stressed and hypertension. not only she was agonizing about her hasben cheated behind her back, having a mistress and an affair and all that, but the fact that the mistress is actually not a real woman, made her depress even more.
at one point of her stress level, she became numb and didnt speak a word, and then came this one moment when she cannot tahan anymore that she took the husband's golf stick and swing to the husband while he was bathing. the golf stick hit the shower glass, and they fight a lil bit, the moment she second-swinged the stick, she slipped and bamm, fall on the floor. she died.
the son, who at that moment is in crucial hatred of his father,
(tgh lancarkan mogok terhadap bapak dia, sbb bapak dia suh pujuk the wife when that bapak found out about that bapok and of kos bapak dia dgn kerasnye suruh dia tinggalkan the bapok.)
the son who seriously biliv he has the right to love whoever he wants and he didnt want any interception from his father or anyone else about his lovelife had left his father with the courtesy of "i'm on my own and i dont need your help at all" had to finally made a phone call to that father because he was in deep shit lah kan. dunno what to do. only his father know best.

so what happen next?
did he made a phone call and tell the police of the real reason why her wife died, simply.
or did he cover it up and make another story, so the case wont be so visible.
like, making up another story of why the sudden death.
(go watch "dirty sexy money" for your ending)

people will always find a way to jatuhkan him and the family. he was campaigining for a presidential post, remember?
he already had enemy in the run,
if he told press that the wife died of slipping thru the bathroom floor, the enemy will start to dig about the wife and the moment they knew about the fight between the son and the wife (they had to appear as a harmony hasben and wife in public because no president shud show their family crisis in public, no?), then, they will dig about the 3rd person, and the moment they find out about the 3rd person is a bapok, what worse could it be.
imagining our president have an affair with a bapok, what would u say?
so after all, the father's barrier in the first place should be obligued right?
i mean, at first, i dont give a fucking care if our president sodomize people, but then, if i allow my president to sodomize people, means i also allow, in the future, another president, do the same exact sin to people. if not sodomizing, maybe, he raped under-age girl? i dunno.
what is 'having a bapok mistress' gottah do with a good leadership man.

i have a lot more to write butthen i need to do urgent works lah pulowk.

dirty sexy money, if not awesome by the way the drama lies, i think, it is awesome in the way they interpret political view of the richest man. learn people, dont just condemn.

i shud make the folks watch this, tapi, they watch typical malay drama on TV everynite, so, camane mata nak terbukak? balik2 hidop UMNO, hidop UMNO.
ponek ah eden.

*ps: once again, im not against govern, and im not pro-pembangkang either.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

++315 the "lobuk lobak jatuh eyh"

kat kampung aku ade satu telahan, once a person died, another 6 will follow. in the same kariah. (kariah = mcm satu DUN kot).
so, that'll make 7 persons die in one season in one kariah.
or 3. so, in one season its either 3, or 7. if i remember correctly.
i wouldnt biliv it if it is not as per what've been happening during my uncle's season. belom kering kubur pakcik aku, another one followed. of kos u wouldnt really realize, but that time, i was on holidays at kg.
bak kate makcik aku "lobuk lobak jatuh eh"
(kalo musim buah, "lobuk lobak jatuh eh" membawa maksod buah jatuh secara hebbatnya).
so, i told about my atuk sebelah rumah kat kg died lastweek kan, unfortunately, lastnight, another close one died. Innalillah & alfatihah to her.
i must've not relate the season back at kampung with her, because this close one is rite here in KL, but can this happen in a season for people around me?
huh. maybe i was being too carried away with the thought of losing people around.

anyway, to my dear, i know i know, u are being all secretive and acting like nothing happen and pretend to be happy and all that when u told me about the news, and i know deep down in your heart u r crying blood and keep on blaming yourself for what happen. lets just hope that everything's happen, happen for a reason.
i'm here if u want me.
cant help crying when i told atuk about that lastnight.
and cant wait till today's end to see u.
love u so much.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

++314 the one who dont do diet

I know that i have not so many reader here.
but, if u happen to read, and if u live around muti4ra d4mansara
(++d4mansaraperdana/palmspring/pelangid4mansara the furthest).
lets go kick ass at tasik the curve everynite jommmm..
i takotlah sorang2.. :-s

*kick ass = jogging :D

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

++313 the one with niza&laili bday bbq

Main Chef: pgnotjohn & hildy(ouch, tatau nak eja nama dia)
haa kau, hamek gamba ayam.


ketua chef=p


grrrrrrr... baby kebulur sampai rase nak makan perot pgnotjohn

pake nye turn lak bakar ayam


jojoe: peneraju utama..

atuk mengipas secara ghairah..

udang (yg dipancing oleh laily&hildy)

laily the betdey girl dan tuanpunya rumah..

sampai hangus wey.

kemeremen ramai mengalahkan photoshoot. dan yg baju pink-oren ialah niza the betdeygirl juga.

ikan bawal (pon hasil tangkapan pancingan laily)

kucing yg gebosh. comel giler. tp aku taakot nak pegang.


mcm kanak2 riang. pgnotjohn & jojoe.

chef tak bertauliah..

tatau nak tulis ape dah.

ash & me.

ikanini syedaps.




kekbetdey laily&nizanizzie

makan secara bekuarge..

lepas makan tgk shallow hal sampai sudah.

kenyang sampai pening kepala?

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