Wednesday, September 28, 2011

++the one who has already grown up

somebody googled the bbq picture in the link below and i read it back from the feedjit.
read this:

and these are what happened nowadays:
1) karaoke are almost impossible. not even for once in3 months!
everybody with each/own's excuse/s. the most we can gather were like 4 people and the usuals. its either me xyz zhaf, or me xyz and pasangan suami isteri ama&nana.. itupon if only we had any makan2 session before and then we proceed to karaoke. jgn harap la nak ajak karaoke semate2.

2) jamming? make it once in a year! or maybe they didnot invite me anymore.

3) weekend gateway what? we hardly see each other even at the most middle mall of all the places in klang valley pon!!: midvalley megamall (i consider this is the center of all the places we live in: ampang/k4jang/d4mansara/subang)

4) lepak, toksah harap.

5) online gaming. it was ages since then. cuma beberape hari ni we started again, playing rose-online.
i do hope it can kill boring times as i did recently subscribed the unifi package under the company.
so, there goes.

6) movies: only the few 5stars movies, if not, tgk je la sorang2 kat cineleisure tu.

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++home office

kau mampoo?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

++the marriages

Even good marriages fail.
One minute you're standing on solid ground.
The next minute... you're not.
And there's always two versions...
and theirs.
Both versions start the same way, though.
Both start with two people falling in love.

Nobody gets married
thinking it's gonna fail.
You think yours is the one that's gonna make it.
And so it always comes as a shock...
the moment when you realize, it's over.
One minute you're standing on solid ground.
The next minute you're not.

Do you have what it takes?
If your marriage is in trouble,
can you weather the storm?
When the ground gives way...
and your world collapses...
Maybe you just need to have faith...
And trust that you can
survive this together.
Maybe you just need to hold on tight...
And no matter what...
Don't let go.
When my mother left my father,
she didn't tell him she was leaving
and taking me with her
until we'd landed on
the other side of the country.
In those days,
it was called family troubles.
Today it'd be called kidnapping.

You think that true love is the only thing
that can crush your heart...
the thing that will take your life
and light it up...
or destroy it.
you become a mother.

from greys anatomy s8ep01&02

Sunday, September 25, 2011

++the crying

Menangis. Tiba tiba.
Padahal baru balik dari long vacation ke hanoi.
Seeking solace lah sangat!!!
Ni sume salah greys anatomy! I hate derek shepherd!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

++the one with archie part2

so i have very tight budget this month, and month after
and after after, and so on..
and i went to digital mall to fix archie (instead of replacing him)
and tadaa, here i am blogging on him. hahaha, hehehe..
had to buy a new adaptor (eh adaptor doesnt worth few penny only these days,
especially for the old model like archie tau) but alis, better than buying a new laptop.
hehe again. relief.

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++the one with the talk box

We just discover the talk box apps today, and everybody was so jakon i wish i can upload their voices in the talk box above here!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

++the one with baju kurung same

picture was taken on this year's aidilfitri.
the funny thing is, sue said that the baju kurung we wore that day (almost the same pattern of cloth) is an 'IN' thing now.
i bought that kain 4-5years back, and it cost me only rm20 (if im not mistaken).
tak funny eh?

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Monday, September 12, 2011


someone is singing this song at an openhouse (or probably a kenduri, am not sure which)
at one of my fren's openhouse's neighbour..
it was giving me a goosebumps really, the sweetness voice plus the good musician, plus the tremendous sound system kot.
makcik rumah sebelah (the owner) siap lambai2 suruh dtg masuk rumah... erk + gulp..

to be honest, ive never heard this song before...
best la pulopp...

Berhembus angin malam
Mencengkam menghempas
Membelai wajah aku
Itulah kenangan yang terakhir darimu

Kudekati dirimu kau diam
Tersungging senyuman di bibirmu
Itulah senyuman yang terakhir darimu

Alam yang jadi saksi
Kau serahkan jiwa raga
Angin tetap berhembus
Tak henti

Walaupun sampai akhir hayatku
Tapi tak lagi kau berada di sisiku
Oh... angin malam bawalah daku
Kepadanya... oh... oh...

there! 3 posts in a row! sangap giler kot.

++mimpi sedih

tak pernah lepas dari penderitaan..
mimpi yang kini terjadi...

kauuuuuuuuu pergi setelah aku serahkan kasi suci
itulah nasib diriku.....

++the one with the laptop selections

should buy the ones yg ber gayak?:

or agak affordable (pon still kena swipe wang keras) but more features (like the hdd capacity & dvd/rw) like these?

or shud buy the damn camera first?
ah pokaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lah ahkakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Friday, September 9, 2011

++the one with relocation

And it's official!!
My small group of team will be relocating to subang hitech effectively on 15th september!!! :(((((((((
Some might be enjoying this moment but i hate it!!!!
Its not only 2x the current distance, but also, more jam..
Im here at this new location now for an intoductory meeting and i felt as tho im operationing from a remote area (yea i know exaggerate giler)..
But u know, no malls nearby, subang parade/empire subang is a toll away, kedai makan mostly driving distance..
Dahla a new shopping mall at the previous location baru nak siap:((
X dapek ahkak nak jadi perasmi nya..:((
I guess im gonna master bukit raja jusco mall after this..
For those who dont understand, subang hitech bukanlah kat subang yg happening ya, ianya adalah di area batu tiga yakni selepas tol rm1.10 if ure from federal hiway..
Yeap, menyesal lak cancel beli a condo at menara u (me and xyz had deposited 3k each for 2 units of condo befpre the d4mansara's settlement.. Unit 717&718 yg tinggal kenangan haizzzzz)

Haiiii, besnye kalo kaya dan boleh beli rumah kat semua tempat dan ade driver so i wont nag even kene relocate to kelantan sekalipon!!!
Hashtag tweetdrive that!!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

++the one with archie

YES! my laptop, the old one, the 8(and a half) years old archie,
the surviving 14" rm4800 2004 acer laptop,
the 24hours on (sometimes up to 5days in a row tidak switch off) sweet big thing,
my bedtime buddy, my sweet sour salty rusty partner during sad or happy times since forever,
the witness to the ups and downs of little circle love-life of videl-kuchiki almost all the time! (not to mention, the longest witness to my sexlife (not that i am actively involved))
is dead!!!


why archie? why? why do u have to leave me at this time,
when the FTTH home broadband (aka unifi) is justtt around the corner
(installation date nextweek)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Videlkuchiki is an exclusive word.
Videl and kuchiki came from a different anime altogether.
And if u still just as blur, videl is a character in dragonball
While kuchiki came from a character name kuchiki rukia in an anime named bleach..
Unless if its for kuchiki rukia, yeah, that wasnt exclusive..
So, if ure coming looking for videlkuchiki, ure coming looking for me.
Or rather stalking (if ure not a friend)..
Why dont u add me in the ym and we can really talk? (unless, ofcourse, if ure an enemy)..

Well then again, who would google me? Exclysively.
(i know thats a typo but im lazy to erase, leceh doh erasing from this iphone)

Bgm: neyo mad

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


'You put your arms around me
and I believe that it's easier for you to let me go'

Monday, September 5, 2011

++aidilfitri 2011

its funny, really
we all met during one of the cousin's wedding the other day, and my aunt asked us what theme for this year's raya?
for us, we chose grey color and we already did sent to the tailor (that time, it was June already)..
and both my maksu & maktih said they want to do grey too, so we can take family picture together during the raya.
i tot they wont be serious, tapi, bila menjelang pagi raya, i saw one of the cousin coming with the grey color baju melayu (this time not with his family, but with his friends).. so, we asked him, whether his whole family is wearing the same color, and he said yeah.
so, ok, pada sebelah petang nye, they all came to my house and gather and wow, they all were wearing grey outfits.
and here came the picture...
beautiful aidilfitri i must say.
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