Tuesday, January 29, 2008

++172 the one with the cuppacakes

since ramai bertanye diYM ai,
the cuppacakes were being ordered from here: cuppacakes.blogspot.
i knew people were making cupcakes here and there and we can get them from everywhere mcm ramai giler dowh jual cupcakes ,
but i chose cuppacakes from wondermilk since 2006, simply because it just feels so like me. ehehe. the design, the taste, the everything, if u really knew me well. kekeke. sgt gedik.
and, the location pon sgt reachable.. [and they have delivery services tau].
and, i read their blog jugak.
and, nih wajib tambah, i ade dpt free cupcakes, jgn jeles lalalalala. box of 16.
and i think, i had recommended them since this.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

++171 the one with 26th years old pumpkin

1. makcik TV3 tuh jahat, i tot that the oiam will be scheduled as usual, only the broadcasting je yg ditunda, or dibuat selepas 3 months. tapi rupanya, the recording of the oiam pon juge turut dijejas. not on friday anymore, i dunno when, maybe on wednesday, as what the guard at sri pentas 2 told us. huh.

2. disappointed with that, atuk and me headed to K-Box at ss2 to join pg&baby and the gang of 7 karaoke-ing, started at around 10.30pm, rite until dawn. ok, tidak dawn, but to almost 4am, bloody 5 hours singing!
i was down with stomach-ache, 5-6kali kuar masuk toilet lah jugak, tp, what will top your saturday nite more than joining budak2 gile tuh berlepak kan?
i wonder how baby was surviving lepaking wiv them everyday, bes giler.

more photossssss:

3. my bro ajak me and atuk watched AJL at stadiumputrabktjalil yesterday. estranged menang. i might sound biased, tp, i think they deserved it. rich deserved it. estranged rocks! hehe. selain andy, ade sekor guitarist dia mcm kakoi plak nampak :D
my picture below will show u how they reporter/press/fotografer mengerumuni datok ct rite after she came in after she performed [b4 that ct dok blakang stage]. i wnder how other celebrities felt about that, agak2 diorg jeles tak ek? sbb, the scenario didnt happen to others. only to datok ct yoh.


where did we celebrated atuk's 26th betdey lastnite?
didlm hospital kerana atuk telah diserang penyakit cacing kepanasan [sbb gatal pungkoq gi makan nasi grg ketam kat williams].. dan dia telah ditembak dgn 2 das injeksyen. tahniah diatas betdey gift paling berharge anda penah dapat! i hope the promise about 'that will be the lastime u eat the nasik grg ketam' will remain, jgn ckp2 kosong.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

++170 the one with the donuts

i was just wondering, whats the different between j.co donut dgn big apple donut?

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Monday, January 21, 2008

++169 the one with sungai tua

Tell me your secrets
And ask me your questions
Oh let's go back to the start...

1. oiam.
do u know that the stage is small, dlm tv nampak besar ok.
and, u dont know how ugly the studio like, dlm tv seriyes nampak mcm gempak, sebenarnye, bumbung dia lobang sane sini, seating audience begegar dan mcm boleh roboh. hehe, tak sangke. and, i still havent figured what is AB actually. kekejap dia mcm lembut, kekejap mcm lain plak.. tp, dia comel. tsk tsk.

2.sg tua
we went to sg tua last saturday to rejuvenate ourselves. sgt best.
let the pictures speak.

more retarded photos here:

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Friday, January 18, 2008

++168 the one with rumah hidup - pecah

i'm fallin apart, i'm barely breathing
with a broken heart that's still beating
in the pain is theres healing
in your name i find meaning
so i'm holdin on, i'm holding on, i'm holding on
i'm barely holdin on to you..

almost forgotten if i ever told u that i love this song?
[[ntah2 dah penah dah letak all these videos before :-s]]
but i didnt forget that i told u i love jason wade and lifehouse kan?

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

++167 the one with birthday video and oiam tickets

ngihihihi gatai
pasang kuat2 dan dgr si oag dgn tak malunye ajak waiter tuh 'join lah the club'

on a very different note,
yesterday i went to tv3 to take the oiam tickets, so, when i arrived and asked the person there on how many tickets a person can take, that person asked me back:
"awak nak berape teket?"
i was very determine in my heart that i only needed 2 tickets, one for me, one for atuk, but thats what my heart talking, not my mouth, mulutku gatal berkate:
"nak 4 tiket boleh?"
that person dgn maraknye berkate:
"4 tiket????"
i was actually gabra jugak ah time ni, sbb terase mcm demanding, tapi, u know what that person then said?
she said: "8 tikett pon akak boleh bahgi!!!"
so, hehe, i got 8 tickets to one in a million minggu inih, 4 taken, another 4, ade sape2 beminat nak gi ushar awal ashari tak? :D
ok, very very lame.
jom aaaa pegi woi, seres dgr di tv tidak setanding dgr secare live.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

++166 the one with williams

..dan buat seorang perindu..
penantian hanyalah waktu, dikamus hatiku tiada istilah jemu.. huuuu

do u biliv that there are mamak-stalls out there who use pelaris in their stalls?
i do biliv, because, sumtimes, as much as i already knew that the mamak-stall didnt provide my needed amount of awesomeness in their foods, there still goes my temptation to redoing food tasting at the same exact stall. not that i/we didnt being warned. sick cycle carousel. at least that's what i've been thinking kot, ke kitorg ni mmg kuat makan? :D

this one, insya allah tak pakai pelaris kot sbb nasi grg ketam dia mmg sedap sampai nak nangis. buttt, make sure u are hungry enuff to order anything, because biliv me, even my very big stomach pon tidak dpt menampong makanan di sebuah pinggannya.

meatball lasagna

mango juice dia - a must try! sedap!

nasi grg ketam ni pon a must try! sgt sedap!

atuk gigi jongang, and san.

budak2 pemalas dan gemok. sajeje blurkan muke, berani buat tak berani tanggung :-"

currently listening to: jacklyn victor & rio febrian - ceritera cinta
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i wanna be: budak baik. :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

++165 the one who wants

Kau boleh acuhkan diriku Dan anggap ku tak ada
Tapi takkan merubah perasaanku Kepadamu
Kuyakin pasti suatu saatSemua kan terjadi
Kau kan mencintaikuDan tak akan pernah melepasku

Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Selalu bersedia bahagiakanmu
Apa pun terjadi Kujanjikan aku ada

Kau boleh jauhi diriku Namun kupercaya
Kau kan mencintaiku Dan tak akan pernah melepasku

Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Aku yang rela terluka Untuk masa lalu

i think rony got a beautiful voice, only that he doesnt have killer/notkiller-but-sweet look. but, he is the one who made me crave for this song.
i put rony's version in embedded video from utube below, u go search the original song from once at utube sendiri.

tihihi, whats wrong with me being obsessed over watching oiam u ask?
guek mmg suke tgk org nyanyi2 ni. takboleh nak buat ape.

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currently feeling:gembire sedikit sebanyak. takut juga sedikit sebanyak tapi tidak perlu memikir kerana ia bukanlah sesuatu yg cantik.
i wanna be:

Monday, January 14, 2008

++164 the one with oiam2 & hujan at 8tv anniversary

gelak tawa tangisan hiba kenangan kita masa di dunia
alangkah indahnya jika kita mampu hidup selamanya

i vote ayu. ehehe.
shila is also ok, but, sumtimes i felt that she is over doing it.
AB is also ok, but sumtimes i felt confused, dont u think he is some kind of split personality type of person? sometimes he is this macho guy who sang really well, but when it comes to speaking behind the scene, he looks like this sissy guy.
confuse betul. tetibe mcm nyanyi plak lagu time is running out, mcm whahhh power sial mamat ni, tetibe mcm bercakap mcm alala lembut gitu. pelik.
tapi, sgt suke dia menyanyi, he is this very confident and very comfortable on stage person who sang really2 well. setakat inilah.
another one is shone, this guy, biase je kot takat nih, fact is, laswik during the top 10 show, pojan sms me saying that he looks like atuk. toinggg, pangkah terus.

2.8tv birthday parteyyy
frankly, i didnt know about the party, we didnt know, we did for once saw the stage being brought up semase polang menengok wayang, last wednesday [that was pretty dah lame ek, bapak awalnye diorg buat stage?]
so lasnite when we saw pop shuvit menderam deram in the television and also knowing that HUJAN! and meet uncle hussin and bittersweet will also perform, apelagasss, we quickly grabbed car-key towards one utama. [we were already in quite a proper dressing because we were actually wanna hit ikea and tesco].
so, here goes.. a very low quality capturing from far away. sgt ramai org. especially budak2 baru nak up. dan budak2 yg dok mengadap boipren dia instead of ngadap stage, rase nak je aku sekeh, ko dtg nak tgk hujan ke ko nak mengadap dan mengusap2 dada tidak bidang balak tidak seksi ko tuh wey??
[dan ade juwer beberape my ex-student, omg, terpakse menyorok]

hujan sgt best! rase mcm nak pegi bekenalan. [mlm ni tido awal sikit, boleh mimpi]

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

++163 the one with oa's betdey

happy birthday o'a
ko dah pandai melompat2 dan jatuh, aku baru tehegeh2 nak kuar drpd perot mak aku. =p

here's our video at bora asmara on your betdey. hehe, suara atuk paling bising. mmg mcm makcik2.

more sengals photos here:

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i wanna be:loved.

Friday, January 4, 2008

++162 the one with the new year ahead

What the hell is A.D.D?
My friends say I should act my age
Whats my age again? whats my age again?

as what i've remembered:
a year full of friend's wedding =)) oa's engagement, laily's big reception, eye-t's, inn's, owwe's newborn, aisyah's, zura's, awin's, my uncle's, kakmasa's, din's, bumah's, kakeda's and many others that i cant attend.
became fatter. sinner.
good charlotte's concert. estranged launch. starlite movie. new hair cut&color.
liverpool memberikan kemenangan kpd manyuck on final champs league =p blah.
redribbon's unperformanced in audiowarfare.
2 times tuka tepon. nokia n80. dopod 838pro.
2 times pokdiksen vacation. penang trip. singapore trip. kelabing. few new friends.
discover a heart-shaped mole on right thigh hehe. and a 2-dotted-mole on right hand, exactly the same shape like atuk's.
printed nearly 400 pcs of pictures [s'like 1/10 of overall nak print punye pictures kekekeke].
still havent got the clue on when to get married.
tiada sebarang saving walaupon rm100. masih berhutang kereta 3443 itu. berjaya mendapat pengurangan bayaran hutang mara kpd 10% =.=". masih belom memeleki sebrg hartanah.
birthday celebration yg very meaningful.
dan menggali2 jauh kedalam lagi didlm hubungan tidak sah T_T.

the achievement:
baked cheesecake, apple crumble, choc cake, banana cake, cuppacakes, trifle, donut, few cookies.
succeeded in getting a new job and getting a counter-back from current job.
way to go has1fah!~

my wish:
we all dont take what belong to others & we all live happily ever after.
currently listening to:blink 182 - what's my age again?
currently feeling monotous. very very monotous like a single straight line like that.
i wanna be: richer, slimmer, stronger, better ah ah ah

Thursday, January 3, 2008

++161 the one with the gay

omaigod omaigod..
new year has just started but i already wanted to talk about other people. sungguh tidak manis sekali.
but kenot tahan. sampai je rumah terus memblog secare ghairah.
u know, my journey back from office to home will have to make me to U-turn near the LDP junction, and there's this steep slope near that area.
everyday around my going back time [around 6.30pm], there'll be few buruh kasar from negara jiran walking on this steep slope to their penempatan [maybe around penchala area over there]..
biaselah bile pekeje2 asing bejalan balik, ade yg laju, ade yg slow.. normally, everybody with their own business..
andddd, guess who else is in the gang? there's this gay couple walking together and holding hands.. wa cakap luh! sgt romantis.. sometimes the other half will tarik the other half, u know, mcm aksi pilem hindustan gituh.
[yearite, its not the first time we coincidentally bumped into them].
i mean, i'm ok with certain types of gay couple, those jambu face with another mahmudalib4shah lookalike kan.. or jambu wiv jambu, or badan gagah wiv badan gagah, but this one i saw, they were buruh kasar from negara jiran. yg bukan sahaje nampak spt matrempit, tetapi juge nampak sgt busuk OK. can u imagine what type of people are they?
:(( menangis.
i cant even imagine.
geli ok.
[ok i lied, i imagined, and i illustrated them on the sketch above, damn]

i shud've been capturing their picture kan, susah lah pulak nak u-turn n take picture at the same time.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

++160 the new year eve 2008

Last year's wishes Are this year's apologies
Every last time I come home I take my last chance
To burn a bridge or two

I only keep myself this sick in the head
Cause I know how the words get you

1. my birthday celebration went sweet and simple sahajos @ naili's place, uptown.
2. i tot baskin robbin is giving 31% discount on the cakes too :( but no. :(..
so, we just bought the one from secret recipe je :(. .
3. thanx to mr.atuk for sponsoring the cake. :* ciomm.
4. upon arriving at the front desk [sgtlah front desknyer] of naili's, the auntie there took our cake away :((.. reason being, they will serve it later, after our dinner. so, ok, off we went to the selected gazebo lah..
selepas kekenyangn, we were asking for the cakes lah, mcm agak lembab gak ah cake tuh nak sampai, 2-3 tawaf toilet pon x sampai2.. kitorg siap pikir ntah2 dia dah gi serve the cakes to other customers. :(
tetapi ramalan kami tidak benar belaka, suddenly muzik yg berupa bryan adams' collections tetibe bertukar kpd sebuah alunan garau 'happy birthday tuyu.. happy birthday tuyu..'.. bughukk lah sgt bunyinyer..
and there came this guy yg dok serve2 kitorg tadi tuh dtg mengbawak kek dipasang lilin yg banyak sekali.
i br 17 lah, kenape ade byk sgt lilin tuh :D.
begitulah seadanye peristiwa semalam. malu, tapi, syok gak. mesti org sekeliling menyampah. takpelah, bukan selalu.
5. many thanxxx to oag and zul and a1nul and mai and atuk, [the usuals, geng2 karaoke] yg sudi memeriahkan majlis.
6. rite after that, we all went straight lah to watch the countdown kan, tapi jalan jamm mcm chilake, simpang nak masuk muti4ra d4mansara tuh dia pegi tutup, mcm chilake betul tak boleh balik rumah secare normal, tepakse gi u-turn kat palmspring..
so, when we actually arrived at home, dah nak countdown dah sgt, so, we just parked the car at our house and walked towards the curve. dan, selamat tahun baru 2008!!! the fireworks adelah sgt memberahikan.
7. we lepak at our fav. almadina rite after that.

sekian, nota tahun baru.

oh, mestilah ade byk gamba :D. ai kan gigam. japgi uplod.

plis stop scrolling if u are a camwhore-allergic.

waiter bertugas pembawe kek..

choc indulgence..



aksi2 remaje yg mengambil gamba sendiri :D.. ahahhaa mai nih..

tgk fireworks jatuh atas kepale ai..


pon boleyyyyy. bile lagi nak amek gamba kat sini kan :D

more fotossssss:

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