Thursday, February 28, 2008

++179 the one with 5 links

I've been tagged by naiza.

The Linking Tag Rules
1. List out five favourite links - the links can be of business sites, affiliate links or whatever that suits the blogger.
2. Tag five more people to share their links, so hopefully, at the end of the tag, we would be able to share good links with each other.
3. The links MUST be clean. No X-rated sites.
4. List out only FIVE links.
5. You MUST tell FIVE people you choose.
6. Provide the link back to the person who tagged you.
7. Obviously, it should be an active link.

These links are on my favourite lists:
1. haa, so, u were wondering who are the one from bloglines was referring to your blog kan? aku lah orgnye, bloglines offered updates of updated blogs. senang, tapayah ko nak cek satu2 blog weather theyve been updated or not. [but, not all blogs dpt ditrack melalui bloglines, we can only check blogs who enabled the rss thingy]
2. on seasonly searching basis, it can be varying from local to international scene, from alternative rock to even rock kapak. mannn, i was currently into rock kapak, you know those search - laila namamu teratas, kejora, types. hehe.
3. like, ofcourse lah hehari tgk blog sendiri kan?
4. just to randomly accept request, or applications. but for now, i think request dah mencecah ke angka ratusan requests. pening dan malas dah nak layan.
5. u know i love warehouse/clearance sale upmost. :D

now, i tag these 5 bloggers, kalo rajin:
1. pojan
2. ejahat
3. ellyindahouse
4. imahan
5. ohnoaini
6. suebengkeng
7. wanieywok
8. warrie or ade or owwe
9. dela
10. lina

who cares if i list more people?

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currently feeling: pening pening muntah2 loye2 tekak dgn org yg prasan dia cun. bajet cun. ya allah plissss ah.
i wanna go to bed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

++178 the one with the cry list

1. do you know that KL's traffic jam increased exponentially with time? u started your car at 7.00am, and you'll reach office at around 7.50am, i say that's a safe exit. but, u woke up a lil bit late, and u started your car just 5 mins later than the usual time, i mean at 7.05am, and bammn, u pretty reach your office at 8 bloody 15 am. [8.15am maksod guek].
bodoh sial.
and dont! do not take LDP. LDP stands for 'lari dalam panties'. [imagine u walk in a panties, is it nice?]
*but kl's trafficjam is even better than dubai's. hehehe, according to ade, they started their traffic jam as early as 5.30am. buwahahahaha.

2. apsal tetibe OIAM dh final?????????????????????????????? bile mase AB kene eliminate? mane nk tgk seme video2 starting from top6?

3. nak karaoke!

4. i took 'the sun' copies every morning from the receptionist downstairs, only to read the last page[most of the time without turning any pages of that sport's pages], and sometimes, the horoscope page. so, whoever just recently told me about the existance of fireflyz, thank you so much for the 'malaysia hari ini boleh' terbang ke sohkui ke hape tah name tpt ituh. thank you. i swear i was very blur when u guys mentioned about it at first. firefly what?

5. my mom was rite about blaming me for not watching any 8pm news everyday. i was sooooo lazy lah.

6. i wonder whats going on, on the other side of the world. i mean that world where infatuation does count. tidak penatkah menjadi barua?

7. i need a new handbag! like really! like rite now.

8. i cant wait for friday to come. atuk promise me to bring to carl's jr. he better keep that in his mind. nakkkkkk makan carls jr!

9. payday please be hurry pretty pleaseeeeee.

10. i sound like a child now.

11. last but will not be the least of the list just yet, my mom urge me to vote on coming 8th march. help me find 10 reason to not voting. HELP!

12. the great news is, i will be going to watch our fren, akustika, performing in lines with hujan, and meet uncle hussin, and bittersweet, and the types lah, the nite before the voting thingy. i mean, wow!!!

13. wake me up when september ends, because, october is sooooo gonna rock my head off!! i just cant wait.

currently listening to: spider - buat sang puteri :D best dow lagu ni :D
currently being very very calm heheh
i wanna go dieting! pon intended.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

++177 the one with masquerade parteyyyyy

makan free ialah ai laik.
berpakaian seksi ialah ai laik too. :D
nasibaik aku gemok, kalo kurus mesti ade byk lg baju seseksi utk dipakaikan. sigh.
baru keje dah tunjuk taring.
i was being offered with the beers for more than 5 times, i promised myself that i will kick that same waiter if he ever asked again. nasibaik dia tak tanye dah.
more pictures will be uploaded in my fotopejes.
[terlalu seksi, atok bertukar menjadi naga yg jongang, lainkali jaga tatasusila!]

more fotos in my fotopages:

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currently feeling:lapar tp dh mkn dah peliknyer
i wanting the CARL'S JR burger!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

++176 the one who finally regret

work has taken its toll on me.
i am afraid to announce that i regretted moving on. tsk tsk.
a very big warning to all engineers out there, dont give up engineer-ing just yet! hehu..

a glass of milo each morning takes the psiko-doctor away.

love is cuppacakes, kan?

nasibaik kite dianugerahkan weekends yg 2 hari utk mengjerit2 mengeluarkan bengang.
[yup. the 3rd time 5hours karaoke-ing again]

more fotos from my fotopages:

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currently feeling: mengantuk
i wanna be: a supermodel

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

++175 the one who wants a bouquet of flowers

NAKkkkLAH DPT BUNGA ON VALENTINES DAY!!!!\me tidak pedulikan semua amaran mengenai kechelakaan dan kononnya kemurtadan menyambut hari valentines.
nak bunge nak bunge. .
tak mungkin dapat.. itu pasti..
terase seperti mahu ke hutan dan memetik bunga2 liar..
dan kemudian makan megi goreng bersamasama.
dan kemudian tidur.

nak mandi kejap. mandi tidak wajib.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

++174 the one with the cny

first of all, happy chinese new year all.
LOTss of things happen this whole week, i can only summarize. for of course future ref. la. la.

1. last saturday, strolled along BB to sg wang plaza to finally arrived at pavillion with the boyfriends [read: atuk dan kawan2 pake donnie aie wee].
that was my first time to pavillion, they boyriends kept on making jokes about getting inside versace or atleast calvin klein. none of us dare. gelak mcm nak mati.

2. i was atfirst din see that coming, i went to cyberjaya single handed. no clothes, only the baju tidur i was wearing. so, i ended up at pavillion with atuk's tshirt and trousers [if thats what we called the seluar baggy kaler hijau.]
its a guy day out anyways, so, wearing like they men counted.

3. still picture me with the baju tidur only, they then decided to smacked sunway lagoon the next day. shit. terpakselah berbaju lelaki lagi sekali. but sunway lagoon was the best happyness ever. we rocked sunway lagoon. sunway lagoon yg mendung pagi itu menjadi cerah bekoz of the 9 of us. he. he. perasan.
atuk&amar drove the new hackett toy there. see video below.

4. about work. nothing much. met my junior who has worked there for 3 years. 8-x. and oh, i work at the same floor n dept with my bespren's ex-boypren who claimed that he had already noticed me since day 1 but too confused to say hi to me because he tot that i have a master in engineering. [and because i'm fatter, damnit].

5. went for 5 hours karaoke session with redribbon&groupies again. ohnoaini cant wait to throw mic into my mouth again :D. segan dowh dgn korang. 10 org tuh. :D alasan.
photos here:

6. pictures for u to not see because they may contains nudity :-"

as usual, more photos in myfotopages here:

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i wanna be:rich!

Friday, February 1, 2008

++173 the one with the migration

and i lay my head back down..
and i lift my hands and prayyyyy, to be only yours
prayyyyy to be only yours

erm, dunno how to start this.
i'm migrating, i will be working in the new company soon.
and i might add, migrating here means not only changing from a company to another one, but, will also involves all the perspective of working. the jobscope, the field, the routine, the environment, the everything. 'slike i was changing a job from a decent doctor and becoming a lawyer, no i'm not a doctor, and no i'm not becoming a lawyer, dun suit me well in both.

the new routine will require me to wake up at atleast around 6.30am in the morning, because work start as early as 8am.
8 bloody AM?? i din even get up at that time, my current job is only 10minutes drive away, and it starts at 9am. tu pon, bile dah kol 9am baru tehegehhegeh nak kluar rumah.. huhuhu. so, silelah congak pkol berape i normally wake up kan..
tsk tsk, thats huge transformation man.

ok, dont let me start on the work wardrobe. its a jeans&t-shirt transformation to shirt&trousers? and shoes? holishit mmg mcm nak matihlah guek inin pak.

my first job dulu, we had to wear uniform to work. the first few days, mmg mcm haram memaki the management, who would want to wear uniform pergi keje kan, mcm skolah plak. but, after the first phase, sgt bersyukur plak.
lucky that we engineers were not being stricted to wear the uniforms if we went out to the sites or if we got outside meeting [which occured most of the time], so, pade hari2 yg malas nak kluar pegi site, we don have to sit atleast 30mins infront of the cupboard trying to pick the rite clothes for the day. altho u might say we can just grab and wear anything, but after awhile mesti ko akan bosan jugak dgn segale baju2 ko tuh.
[unapplicable utk org2 yg byk duit yg tiap bulan beli 30 pasang baju baru]

speaking of work wardrobe, anyone has any better idea where to quickly buy cheap plus not sexy working clothes ah? [dun mention baju kurung yeh, i had never wear bj kurung to works, except semase menjadi lecturer, tu pon 2 kali je kot]

currently listening to: switchfoot only hope
currently staying awake for 2 days.
i wanna go to sungai! or beach! or genting highland will do kot.