Wednesday, August 29, 2007

++114 the day that i cant wait

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currently feeling: sleepy
i wanna eat nasi lemak ayam goreng.

Monday, August 27, 2007

++113 the millionaire sisters

well, the picture was taken during our final gathering at our old compound at pwtc ituh, that was before our school had to be transferred to cyberjaya ground in year 2003 kot. kot. kot.
being jakon myself, i took picture with that kompressor, s class, yay,
and at the earliest days of working, people like me [seorang yg bukan anak hartawan mahupon jutawan], screamed, of course, with who wouldnt want to drive a kompressor yo! very the kakkoii. rumours were, its our senior's car [lastime, we called her kak keme (kak akmar)], and well, mestilah kami rase ituh ialah maybe kereta bapak nye.
not until rumours splitting around about her success in being in unit trust's line, and about her million-aire status ohoho.
well, u wouldnt biliv it, but u can read here:
and here
and here
shyt, i am sooo jealous iewwwwwwwwwwww!!!~
this entry here is not about being tumpang her glemer or anywhat, but, her success made me think again about 'oh how can i become a millionaire, i mean, i'm a girl kan, susah kot nak jadi millionaire kan ke?'
tsk tsk, mcm dlm citer rat-tat-too-e, 'anyone can cook', i think, kak keme here has the rite to say 'anyone can become a millionaire' dok?

with that, atukkkk, jom kite biken bisnes cepatttttttt!!!~

semangat semangat.

ps:ratatouille adalah sgt best!

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currently feeling: bersemangat nak buat bisnes, hehehe
i wanna be: a millionaire!~

Friday, August 24, 2007

++112 the one who loves cheesecake

very quick updates

1. very tired la these days, i overslept while taking a nap lasnite [nap lah sgt kalo sampai 3 jam ke?], i woke up to find out that redribbon had finished jamming [which i already promised to go to, sori mr.atuk], and they were at the usual mamak already, uwaaaaa:(( only atuk knew how much i wanted to eat the mamak's nasi lemak ayam goreng lasnite :((. how come i din hear my handphone. lousy!~

2. to all jap-deroma-freaks, i'm currently watching hanazakari no kimitachi e [jap version, bukan taiwan version yg dah finale ituh].. andd, sad thing, my current direct-dlod website is locked! shyt, malas betullah nk tunggu torrent lembab :( hukhukkk...

3. somebody scary wrote a fly-letter [surat layang = fly letter, boleh?], and slipped it under my front door this morning [or mbe lasnite, dunno]. and incase u wonder, it is not good-to-read letter, this is something sex-maniac's thing. OAG cepatlah balikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :(( i am scared to death, i think imma sleep at your house tonite [yes u, come pick me up].

3. anddd, ehhehe, i made a cheesecake hehehe, hehehe, heeeeeee :D

currently listening to:jojo - beautiful girls [reply]
currently feeling:scared scareddddddd
i wanna see u, cpt cpt cpt

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

++111 the 3 things

Three names you go by?
1. has1fah
2. che pah
3. videl

Three physical things you like about yourself?
1. My fingers kot
2. My teeth
3. erm, thefnckkkk, aku tatau dowhhh, my tititittt?

Three physical things you don’t like about yourself?
1. My TUMMY =(
2. My butt
3. My height [hehehe, apsal? tak puas hati kah?]

Three parts of your heritage?
1. malay
2. malay
3. lil bit of chinese kot [moyang2 sahaja][eh, moyang ke monyang? tetibe tatau cemane nak eja]

Three things you can’t stand?
1. org yg poyo dan berlagak bagos
2. reptiles, all kinds.
3. kebusukan dan kekotoran

Three things that scare you?
1. reptiles again
2. hantu :D mmg sgt takut wor
3. death

Three of your favourite shows?
1. anything live-performanced, alternative rock one lagi bagus.
2. adakah prison break & heroes considered shows?
3. kalo bukan, erm, i oso like to watch people dancing :D, lagi kakkoiii lagi stim, emmpphhh umpphhh arghhh pupupupppp

Three of your favourite Japanese animes?
1. bleach
2. naruto
3. sinchan bleh?

Three of your favourite current songs?
3 is sooooooo under-rated. my current fav is atleast 10 songs.

Three movies you can watch over and over again?
1. 50 first dates [walopon br tgk 2 kali je kot]
2. she's all that hehehe typicalnyer.
3. semua jenis sequals. ocean11, spideys, potc dll..

Three movies you would like to watch?
1. rat-ta-tou-e
2. the invasion = sbb ade nicole kidman :"> = blushes sbb nicole kidman tuh ai sebenanye :">
3. the bourne ultimatum = ni mmg lamat lagi tapi tak sabar nk tgk plis.

Three of your everyday essentials?
1. sembahyang :-" [mcm poyo je nih, mcmlah alim sgt/cukup sgt, tapi it's an essentials, sungguh nih]
2. ber-sms wiv atuk :-??
3. mandi dan makan? kot.

Three things that you are wearing right now?
1. white scarf [as usual]
2. white shirt [yg sudah lusoh dan berusia beberapa tahun gajah]
3. darkblue jeans
4. aku tak kire, aku nak gak tambah nih, white plump shoes.

Three things you want in a relationship?
1. your words! everything in your words. faithfulness, dan kawasan yg sewaktu dgnnye.
2. Nice surprises :D
3. An unbreakable bond till death do us apart

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
1. pipi yg sedap :-"
2. badan yg sedap :D
3. buntut yg sedap :))
[semuanya diatas hanyalah tipu, =)), as long as he looks so clean and so wangi hingge rase nak ciom sudah memadai.]

Three bad habits?
1. err, pemalas sgt nak mampos pemalasnye nih, bace/tgk news pon malas, inikan pula nak bace bebende ilmiah lain. bace gosip je sukee.
2. suka tidur yg tak ingat dunia sehingge melebihi waktu piawaian antarabangsa
3. kuat melantok. duh.

Three of your favourite hobbies?
1. go/watch/listen to musics, live performances, or atlis winamp.
2. watch japanese movies/deromas/animes
3. Surfing net when i got nothing to do

Three careers you’re considering or currently pursuing?
1. supermodel [:D my ass]
2. nak keje gomen sgt sgt :D [tnb&telekom pon sgt ok dah][yeap, sgt typical malay, tp, ianya adalah kerana utk mase depan yg semerlang terbilang gemilang kekeke]
3. tapi, tingin nak ade ir.has1fah. puuhuuuhuuu, tapi ammat malesh insya allah. :D

Three places you want to go on vacation?
1. europe, anywhere oso can :(
2. indon, anywhere oso can, bandung ke bali ke mane2 ar, x kesah
3. malaysian islands: redang or sipadan or perhentian or tawau :D [tawau bukan island, i know :-"]

Three kid’s names you like?
1. i had no idea, really.
2. prolly err ermm anything start with 'H' hehehe.. and ade huruf 'q', tapi nak anak name nasha :D cemane tuh? takkan jadik hqnasha kot? =))
bodo nih..
3. kalo atuk nak convert, nak kene letak name ape ek :-s [saye amat harap u skip this line plis]

Three things you want to do before you die?
1. memiliki cafe ber stage [yakni ade live performance disittew].. eww
2. memiliki sebijik suami dan sebuah anakanak dan live happily ever after
3. menjejaki kaki ke tanah suci, amin.

Three things that you are stereotypically a [girl]?
1. memiliki sepasang teets :-"
2. menghadapi sebuah kitaran pms :-?? tiap2 bulan.
3. menggemari lelaki2 kacak seperti brekpik, scotfield, tomkruz, takukimu, keanu, chrismartin dan tidak dilupekan ako mustapha. :D

Initials of three crushes?
1. y
2. b
3. j

Three people you tag to do this?
1. elly-hakunamatata
2. lina-sexyinred
3. dela-pussyfooting

currently listening on-air
currently feeling:takutttttttttt sbb telah terkuakkan pintu toilet org didlm :-ss
i wanna be:invisible :-ss

Monday, August 20, 2007

++110 the one with the dark love?

ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun
meskipun tiada satu org pun yang tahu
ku mencintaimu sedalam - dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

Ku tahu ku takkan selalu ada untukmu
Disaat engkau merindukan diriku
Kutahu ku takkan bisa memberikanmu
Waktu yang panjang dalam hidupku

yakinla bahwa engkau adalah cintaku
yang ku cari slama ini dalam hidupku
dan hanya pada mu ku berikan sisa cintaku
yang panjang dalam hidupku

ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun
meskipun tiada satu org pun yang tahu
ku mencintaimu sedalam - dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

ooooooo....ku mencintaimu sedalam - dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku
ku mencintaimu lebih dari apa pun
meskipun tiada satu org pun yang tahu
ku mencintaimu sedalam - dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku
kekasih gelapku terang bangatttt

currently listening to: ungu - kekasih gelapku
currently feeling: lek lek
i mish yew atuk yg br berpisah dipagi tadi.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

++109 the one with the apple crumble

bloghopping, besides giving u an extra knowledge and extra gossips, inside/outside country, it also helps u to add extra calories to your body :D
i read iza's blog [iza ini tidak kenalku, tapi dia kenal mrs.imran, yg bolehlah, kenallah jugak ai nih *blushes*]..

that's where i found this apple crumble recipe, and, u know how much i heart apple crumble rite?
so, i tried lasnite. mmg sgt sgt sgt divineeeeeeeeeee huhuhuhhh, expecially when served rite after baked, semasa panas, with scoop/s of ice-cream. menangis perut i melihatnya. tsk tsk. i soooo need an extra exercise. kot. :D

and, nih gambar drpd henfon, buruknyeeeee camera henfon ni!!! ni yg rase nak tuka henfon lagi nihhhhhh.

recipe courtesy from videojug
4 cooking apples
250 g white sugar
200 g plain white flour
120 g butter
1 clove or cinnamon stick
Firstly, peel and core the apples and roughly dice them into chunks.
Put the apple chunks into a pan, add three quarters of the sugar, the cinnamon stick or clove and cover.
Allow to stew gently for half an hour, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Check that the fruit is cooked by mashing it a bit with the wooden spoon. The apples should be soft but not puréed.
Put the apples into the serving dish and allow to cool.

Make the crumble
Mix the white flour, remaining sugar and the butter with your fingers in a bowl until it becomes like a breadcrumb consistency.
Set the temperature of the oven to 150ºC (300ºF/ gas mark 2).
Cover the stewed apples with the crumble topping, without pressing down.Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown and crunchy.
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currently feeling:kenyang nak mampos
i wanna see atuk

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

++108 the missing space eh?

Di daun yang ikut mengalir lembut terbawa sungai ke ujung mata
Dan aku mulai takut terbawa cinta menghirup rindu yang sesakkan dada
Jalanku hampa dan ku sentuh dia, terasa hangat di dalam hati
Kupegang erat dan kuhalangi waktu, tak urung jua ku lihatnya pergi

Tak pernah kuragu dan selalu kuingat kerlingan matamu dan sentuhan hangat
Ku saat itu takut mencari makna, tumbuhkan rasa yang sesakkan dada

(*) Kau datang dan pergi begitu saja, semua ku terima apa adanya
Mata terpejam dan hati menggumam, di ruang rindu kita bertemu

currently listening to:letto - ruang rindu
currently feeling:sad :( tsk tsk
i wanna buy an imac [pengaruh imah]

Monday, August 13, 2007

++107 the one with the port dickson, again?

i've been longing swimming2 at pulau perhentian or any pulau, nada budget.
pokdiksen pon boleh, lah.
dekat dan cepat dan murah dan ade tempat tinggal.
turutan gambar kucar kacir.
now, u guess whr did i get peace-sign from :D.
kemana tumpahnya kuah jika tidak ke nasi.

currently listening to:utada hikaru - flavor of life
currently feeling:i miss yuh atuk
i wanna go back to pokdiksen and swim2 again ah

Friday, August 10, 2007

++106 the one who's sad

to my dearest mrs.honeybee,
i knew u have been miserably miserable these past few days,
and i would like u to know that i'll support you,
in whatever the decision u choose to end with,
even if i hate him so much now,
i know u r the strongest girlfriend i've ever had.
altho i am the one who cant stop crying about what happened, not u, but, i know u want the best out of these, and u deserve to choose what will make u happy. i'll support u, i'll support u!!! and i'll stand by u.

and listen, ' Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang itu, melainkan dgn kesanggupannya ' -albaqarah, 286.

please come back very soon.

to all girls out there, just think and think, whenever it comes to ruin other people's life.

currently listening to: girls aloud - i'll stand by you
currently feeling: saddddddddd for her
i wanna be: a witch!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

++105 the one with the new shoes

Present perfume?
Ralph blue by Ralph Lauren, and CK be, dua2 pakai supaya org disekeliling pening. :D

Present shampoo?
Pantene rawatan kulit kapla.

Present favorite song?
Plain white t's - hey there delilah

Last food you ate?
mini-towel pand, seperti yg ditulis di sticker pembungkusnya [sebenarnye ia adalah kek pandan bergulung krim hmkay?]. beli di carefour midveli selasa lalu.

Last song you sang?
hehehe, mestilah hey there delilah.

Last gift you received?
A ring from atuk, a bracelet from his sis. eh, i bought myself an ankle bracelet at midvalley, itu considered tak?

Last game you enjoyed playing?
main tekateki at sudugapu lasnite :-??

Last time you had your hair cut?
last 2 weeks, i wanna cut like posh spice, but, i've become beckam instead :((. teruknye potongan inih!!!
tapi agak comel juge kihkihkih.

Last alcohol drink you drank?
tidak pernah.

Present pet?

Last book you read?
hehehe buku manual handphone baru :D

Last birthday party attended?
kak ann's son : khaer's @ desa aman. tapi dia bukanlah mcm party pon kot.

Last thing you do before you go to sleep?
sms atuk, dan mampos sampai pagi esok.

Last thing you bought?
gelang kaki di midveli.

Last mall you visited?
the curve with atuk, he bought new shoes. lasnite.

Last movie you watched?
simpsons @ cineleisure with atuk, lasnite.

Last time you cried?
Last night when he went back. mcm biaser, gedik.

Present people you hate?
someone name orochi. hi :D, u who ah?

Last person you texted?
kaklong, asking her to go balik kg, but she got xm next week huh.

Last person you talked to?
amy - my officemate :-??

Present crush?
sape lagi kan.

Last person you were last with?
maksodnye? lems plak otak aku nih.

currently listening to: plain white t's - hey there delilah
currently feeling: nak teberak
i wanna be: a supermodel~

Monday, August 6, 2007

++104 the flyfm flirty a ten thirty

did u hear the fly.flm flirty at 10.30 just now????
i was in car.. back from desa aman to send atuk to kak ann's.
well, i dun think i want to elaborate what's on today's flirty @ 10.30, people might want to scream 'wake up siti!' to the girl, but, all i wanna say is, babi nye ko shahril!!!!!!!!! hohoho.. i feel like kicking his big ass, u dun have to give watever hope to a girl, i dont care, people might wanna think that the girl is stupid or even if she is clever, u dun have any rite to give false hope! tolonglah!
that's all. babi ar lu shahril.

the djs at flyflm telah terkedu and at the same time cant do anything, they even brought new conversation on-air regarding the siti-shahril issue, and wanted people to call to comment and discuss. huhuhu.

ok, aku emo. tapi, aku kesian dow kat siti, siti, i hope u r not the 'siti' that i knew of. amin.

oklah, ramai nampaknye yg tak dgr fly.flm flirty at tenthirty lasnite. ini serba sedikit cemane citer dia, please keep in mind that im not a good storytella. mmg sgt.

this girl, siti, called flyfm flirty at tenthirty to ask her bf out on a date, because, she wants to apologize lah. the past 3-4 days, siti and her bf didnt talk much, her bf din wanna answer her call, buat dek kat sms dia, then the yesterday, they got into this huge fight and siti is accusing his bf got a scandal during his recent trip to phuket with his boyfriends. [ok, pegi phuket dgn rakan2 lelaki, for me, sgt merunsingkan otakku, sgt sgt].
pastu, bf siti [name:shahril] ckp, trust me lah, i dont have any scandal lah, bla bla bla.. so, lasnite siti telah rasa bersalah and called flyfm flirty @ 10.30 ni kan, ajak bf on a date. mcm sweet, but, i wont do that kot, hehe, yet, i already was pissed by the shahril doing. he didnt even call/sms langsung while he was at phuket. [with his bfs, ntah2 dia dgn awek lain, pundek ah]..
the djs told siti, maybe he cant make call, u know phuket kan.. then this siti cakap, no, he bought the phuket simkad [atau brg yg sewaktu dgnnye, i dunno]. so, that's another issue kan.

so ok lah, the dj called shahril nih.
at first, when the djs introduce themselves, shahril sudah start menggeletek giggles kemaluan. ko pehal, mamat sundal. eeeeee. geram aku nih. maybe he thought someone wanna asked him out agaknye.
pastu, dj pon ckp ah: hehe shahril, this is not what u think, this is something different.. so shahril, do u have a gf?
shahril: no.
dj: so, when is the lastime u were in any relationship?
shahril: hnm, last 2 years or so..
dj: so, recently, before u went to phuket, do u have any gf?
shahril: err, no..
dj2 telah start tekedu dan rase bersalah kot bertanye begitu. huhu. but then, then they started telling the shahril about siti, and about her intention to bring him on a date, about her guilt of accusing him of having another scandal. and this shahril pon sudah start menggelabah ubi agaknye. dia mcm "ooo, aaa i knew her"
then, siti was on the other line, and was listening to the conversation between them kan, then, apabila sudah sampai turn siti utk bersuara, siti pon telah menaga dan berkata :"tanak ngaku kite ade hubungan ke???"
then shahril sudah takut " err, its not like that, i'm still thinking of this relationship"
kejadah weyyyyyyyy. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
pastu, ape2 ntah lagi, cant remember, but after shahril has put off the line, the dj asked siti lah, how long they've been together. siti said: 4 months.
pastu dj tanye siti, how do u feel rite now?
siti said: im a bit dissapointedlah, especially when he said he dun have a gf. why is he doing this to me. all this while he said dia sayang siti. [siti ni tak byk ckp omputih, dia byk cakap malay]

so, when both them sudah meletakkan telepon, the dj pon ckp, "she handled that pretty well, if im in her shoes, knowing my bf who tidak mengaku ade gf, i'll sure kill him. urghhh. "--ayat dj, not mine.
dan the dj telah mengajak pendengar menelepon dan mengkomen mengenai siti-shahril itu, and as far as i was listening, semua caller ialah membenci shahril secare maksima.

i think, i'll never understand man.

currently listening to: samsons - kisah tak sempurna
currently feeling: kesian si siti
i wanna be: a cleric, i wanna spell those player.

Friday, August 3, 2007

++103 the one who gets lucky

hari semalam dalam sejarah.
remember when my laptop suddenly crash???
it was because of the harddisk disfunctionality, so then i bought new harddisk for the laptop lah,
and at the same time, tried the crashed-harddisk with external casing. i tried almost everyday for one whole month. and then, i never touch the harddisk again.
benci melihatnya, i lost too many data to even recalled what were the datas, but one of the most important ones was the pictures @ intanfarina's wedding, which occured the day before it crashed.

but, yesterday, i tried again. for at least after a year kot. just before i plugin the usb cable, i throwed the harddisk on the floor first. sajeje, buat pandai. then, i plugged the usb cable in, and yayyyyyyyyy, tiba2 boleh pula mengaccess one partition of the harddisk lah. the partition where i stored all the pictures and mp3s. sugoiiiiiiii!!!~
perlukah aku menangis? yaaa, i cried with joy. so, hehehe, terpaksele tunjuk gamba2 lama ni, @ intanfarina's wedding, june 2006. and, please note my cheek differences. skrg ialah mcm 3inch tembam-er. o shyt.

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currently feeling:i mish yuh
i wanna be rich!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

++102 the perintang boleh laras

sebab 'perintang boleh laras' lah kan? kenape org nak google perintang boleh laras?
dan, bagaimanakah such words can link-up to my blog deyyyy??

currently listening to: candy lu - hau xin fen fen shou
currently feeling: scared
i wanna be: a spy.